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Are the Lions the ideal first opponent?

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The Bears will unveil a new offense, at home, against a team that won just two games last season.

Sounds like a good tune-up, right?

But, this may be exactly why the Detroit Lions are not a good way to open the season.

Not that the Bears have a say, but the Lions are a dangerous opening day opponent.

The Lions are a much improved team, given their aggressive offseason. The game is at Soldier Field. And the fan base -- it appears -- is already on edge.

A loss, in any fashion, might put a pall on the season.

And the Lions last road win? Oct. 28... at Soldier Field, with the Lions winning 16-7.

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With GB or MN we know they are a good team and the level of effort it will take. Lions have lot of unknowns and it looks like they are heading in the right direction with the defensive line changes and offensive acquisitions.

By the way do you know how the Bears practices have gone this week

They tried to work the schedule, but Slippery Rock was already playing Cheyney of Pennsylvania this weekend.

There is no such thing as a safe opponent in the NFL. This offseason has already lasted about 6 years so it's time to see what they have. “A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for.” William Shedd.

I hope the Bears dont go in cocky thinking they can just run over the poor Lions, because they will get their hiney's kicked.



'Might put a pall on the season'? Might?..haha. Sean, a loss to the Lions at home would start a wildfire of panic that would be insurmountable. With the Cowboys next week, and then the pack at home the following week, it would be devestating. As I said yesterday in another post, they have to beat the Lions soundly.

I doubt the Bears are going in cocky after their preseason Jeff.

Looking at the two teams I can see them having the smae game plan on defense. Lions could go cover 4 and force the downfield first Bears offense to play the short game, this will give their D-LINE more chances to hit Cutler and more time sense the the QB reads deep first in this offense.

At the same chance the Bears may play Quarters and try to make the young big armed Stafford play short as well, force him to be smart and patient and takaway the deep threat. It will also give the D-Line more time to get to Stafford.

The Lions have some really nice young talent on offense, and have proven when healthy they can score on the Bears D. The Bears new offense has struggled so far and the O-Line could be a real mess. If they can't keep up with the Lions young offense which features better recievers, a better line and maybe even a better back that the Bears this team is done. If the Bears new offense can't light up the worst back 7 in the nfl then they are in real bad shape and you can pretty much kiss the season goodbye.

Any bets as to who will sack Cutler first? I am taking Suh that guy is scary good. Corey Williams may also nail him first.

It's been six years sense the Bears had a home opener. 6 years, and they last time they had a home opener it was against the Lions and the Lions won.

The Saints would be the ideal opponent - pit the Bears against the best and see how the Bears really measure up. Facing the Lions is a no-win situation for us Bear fans. We get an unsatisfying win versus a weak opponent, or a deflating loss to a weak opponent. The Bears should have at least 3 losses after the first 4 games and look for Matt Forte and company to average LESS THAN 100 yards per game.

Sean, you say.. "The Lions are a much improved team, given their aggressive offseason." I'm sorry, but the Bears were more aggressive this offseason, and got better players than the Lions too. It's funny, nobody says "The Bears are a much improved team, given their aggressive offseason". I'll go far as to bet you that Major Wright is a bigger impact for the Bears than Suh is for the Lions.
I have two words for all you Naysayers and Disbelievers.......WE'LL SEE!! GO BEARS!!

you neglected to mention that the Lions last road win came in 2008.

...LOL...I had to take out my contacts, clean them off and re-read the statement above about Major Wright vs. Suh. Oh wow...I will take that bet for as much money as you want to lose. Wright isn't even going to be the most dominant rookie safey in his division. That will be Morgan Burnett of the packers. And obviously you weren't watching any preseason games where Suh threw 1st string guards and centers around like old tires. While Wright was on the sidelines with a...PINKY injury, Suh was impressing everyone. And yes, by FAR the lions had the better offseason. Suh cancels out Peppers, Jahvid Best cancels out Taylor, then there's Vandenbosch, Scheffler, Sims, {Who the Bears wanted, but got "pantsed" again by another division rival} Burleson {who is better than probably all of the Bear's WR's}.
The Bears got Peppers whose motor runs at about half open 50% of the time. An injured TE that was hurt before he got here. They also got an undersized CB who is good for nickel back at best, and a 30 year old RB. Then they get their shorts handed to them by drafting Wright. They also told us that Wooten was a 1st round talent that fell to the 4th round. This guy couldn't be found in the preseason with a search party. And forget about your 5th round pick. Olive Oyle from the Popeye cartoon has bigger arms than him.
I wish the Bears had an offseason like the Lions. And just because you gulp the "koolaid" and have your lips planted on JA's backside does not make you a fan. It makes you delusional.

Well I wrote this long response to Tripper, then hit preview and Gearhead posted something to close to what I wrote. Thank you for wasting my time. Oh well Dito to what he wrote. I won't go as far with the Angelo comment because I am suppose to be a new kinder Creighton.

But really Suh vs. Wright, what are you thinking? Just D-Line vs a safety is a bad comparison to begin with. A young Ed Reed and maybe you can make and argument. Have you seen how they line him up, he plays all 4 Line positions, the last guy I saw do that was named Reggie White. He lines up wide at DT jut like White used to as well. I don't think he is as good as White but he is darn good. Their is a reason people say he is best DT to come out in over a decade.

Olin Kruetz is not known for praising other teams players, even he said Suh looks good.

However Gearhead missed Corey Williams. Let me tell you something he got misused with Browns, he was a beast for the Packers in their 4-3 a couple years back.

He is right Trip, yo ukinda are all up in the Koolaid, and you don;t even know the flavor.

Bears should handle the Lions at home no problem, if they don;t or the Lions play them tough, you might have problem. You wanna brag about the Bears, let them get at least 10 wins make the playoffs and beat some actual contenders. Last I checked picking a team that is favored by 6 is not exactly a stretch is it? Let them beat the Cowboys and then fans can have some legit hope for a change.

By the way the Bears had Burnnet ranked above Wright, that's why the Pack jumped them.

3 new defensive line starters, 1 new offensive line starter, 3 new starters in the secondary, 1 new starter at LB, 1 new starting RB, 1 new starting WR, and 1 new starting TE say Detroit was pretty aggressive.

If the Bears don't win by at least 14 points, it's a bad game for them. If they lose, it's a disaster.

But I don't know about Dallas, their offense looked non-existent in the preseason. The first string couldn't even score the first two or three games. Not that I think the Bears will beat them, but they might not be as good as people think. Or they could just be experimenting, waiting for the real games. I guess we'll see soon.


The reason no one is saying that the bears are a much improved team is because they aren't. Funny...that fans like you are still brainwashed by the bears organization into thinking that they will have a great year. That trick won't work anymore on most fans.
One suggestion for you.....WAKE UP!!!!!!


lol...I didn't forget C. Williams. The post you see above was the 3rd one I typed out and by that time I was P**ed and tired..Stupid computer jumped off line 2X. The first post {that didn't make it through} had all of the Bears off season moves listed in a column with a comment on the right next to each one. Then I had all of the Lions offseason moves listed and a comment to the side.

Example: Nate Burleson {Same size as Earl Bennett except better}

Williams is a poor mans Haynesworth. Basically they had the same stats last year. And I think you know from my posts what sort of fan of Burnett's I was/am. Trust me, I do hope Wright is a 10 X all pro, but my guess is that he's going to show some great football skills, but at his size might end up being on the sideline as much as he's in the defensive backfield.

Gearheadboy, creighton, whoever.......WE'LL SEE!!
Creighton, on one blog you say Bears will lose, now you say they should handle Lions, no problem. Come on, Dude, what side of the fence are you on??
GO BEARS, no matter what these fair weather fans say!!'re such a smart guy, great fan, and you know all yet you remain anonymous....YOU WAKE UP!!

I guess playing the Lions first is not all that bad. When perfecting a new offense, playing weaker teams that give you a chance to iron out the bugs and wrinkles without losing the game is a good thing.Of course, if you lose to a weak team, that might have a detrimental effect on the confidence level, but getting annihilated by a great team can have an even worse effect. I prefer to delay reality checks with wins over weaker opponents, giving the youngsters a chance to improve before being outplayed and out-talented by the top players.

Tripper what are you talking about? I never said the Bears will lose this game. I have said the lines could upset them and that the Bears shouldn't sleep on this team because they improved.

I also said I could see the Lions taking a game from the Bears this year. Which I could. Their is difference between voicing an opinion and making a prediction. Please show me where I said the Lions will beat the Bears in this game, and make sure it is me this time. I only post on two sites man and we all know their is more than on Creighton.

The Bears should handle the Lions, however that doesn't mean the Lions are not good enough to win. They are. I still think the Lions could upset the Bears and I think they may take there home game. Do you understand any form of Logic at all? You know lots of people think the Lions improved. Because they have. The Bears may have gotten better in some areas, but got worse in others. Special Teams has lost a lot of major players this year, depth on the D-Line is thinner than ever. Safety is once again a weak spot, and the O-Line is no better than it was last year, in fact it may be worse because of the system the Bears now use which requires more protection for longer periods.

Oh and it's Fare weather fan thank you very much. And yes I do enjoy nice weather, call me crazy. What kind of weather are you a fan of?

By the way month ago you where calling me grass hopper, now I am fare weather fan? Hmmm make up your mind. Actually you feel free to change your opinion all you want that's your right.

Man someone didn't get his bottle this morning, whose a grumpy boy? Now go off to school and work on your reading comp. I don;t actually think you understand everything I or some others say so we need to get that worked up a little bit.

Gearhead I like Wright too it's just if I had a choice between him or Suh for the Bears I am taking Suh. He did have the same stats as Big Al, except he only started two games, and was in a 3-4. He was a situational guy and he did that well. I would check out his 06 and 07 stats, when he played in a 4-3. 14 sacks in 18 games started. He is a poor mans Hayneswoth, when Haynesworth is in shape. Cuase right now Williams looks pretty good and he plays between Suh and Bosch. Who do you double? At 6-4 325 and being in good shape with an explosive first step, Garza is going to have his hands full. Suh lines up away fro mthe Center o neither side of the ball.

Then with the Lions they are going to play a lot of two TE sets, BP is going to spend time chipping and blocking Peppers while TS forces Urlacher to cover him and pulls him out of the middle. That leaves Best playing short, NB playing lateral and Johnson playing vertical. They are going to be hard to cover.

If they win,"Great!" If they lose,"This SUCKS!" But regardless, I will support my team! GO BEARS!!!!!!

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