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Angelo on fringe players: "We want to use tape as the barometer"

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Much of the roster is already set, but Bears general manager Jerry Angelo and the coaching and scouting staffs will use tonight's preseason finale to figure out how to pare their roster from 75 to 53 players.

"We probably have more decisions with this roster, than past rosters, with those fringe players," he said, "and some of it will be decided tonight. We want to use tape as the barometer, not our gut feelings.

"So we want to get through this game, and a lot of those fringe players will play a lot of football tonight, and some of those will be answered."

Angelo also said the team will not keep four quarterbacks, and he suggested that Todd Collins would be the backup. That means sixth-round pick Dan LeFevour will not make the roster.

Angelo also said he doesn't think rookie Major Wright will be able to start right away, given the time he's missed.

"He was on course,... maybe he would have been that exception to the rule, as a rookie, that could come in and start," Angelo said. "Safety is a tough position to come in and start at. It's not like the corner position."

Other thoughts:

* Angelo on not starting Jay Cutler tonight: "You could look at it from a couple perspectives. Obviously, with the performance we had last week it makes sense. Why not end on a feel good in the preseason when you have the chance? On the other side of it, we got Todd late in the process and he still needs playing time. Injuries happen. You want to get him up to speed as well. I understand it. It's a call. You can go either way with it. This is the way we chose to go and hopefully it's the best thing for us now and the immediate future."

* Angelo with more thoughts on the o-line: "Protection is protection. Can we count on these five guys, or do we need to help this guy or that guy? It's going to change some of the things maybe you're going to do from a scheme standpoint and from a play-calling standpoint but if you don't find out now, you certainly don't want to find out in your opener. We'll just have to see. We're having growing pains. That comes with change. All these things are common. Now, what we need to do, again, is figure out who we are, and then adjust accordingly, and I have a lot of confidence in our coaches that they are going to do that."

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The offense is only as good as the O-line allows it to be Mr. Angelo. How about applying your philosophy there for a change and stop trying to "cut and paste" guys on the line.

It's not popular and most everyone here will complain about it, but it's time to use some 1st and 2nd round picks on O-linemen.

BTW, Chris Williams will be fine and will be our best lineman this year. Stop fussing over him.

Duct or Scotch?

You babies have been crying for a long time that the bears need younger players on the O line. Now you have them and you cry they are now not good enough. Stop!!!!

With underlying injuries often masking a players ability to be his true PROFESSIONALLY ATHLETIC SELF, it's safe to say Mr. Jerry Angelo is the most overrated Bear.

Sorry Pumpkin but get a clue, people said younger cause they guys retiring and at the end of their careers and better. It wasn't just one it was both. Crazy as it sounds Bear fans wanted the line to get get younger and better. Did you think fans where like lets get younger and worse? Seems like anyone who would think like that might be a little crazy.

younger guys on line?kruetz?garza?shaffer?did anyone notice the line played better without kruetz last night?yes i know it was cleveland but we did play arizona and they have a bad defense of line too.kruetz cant snap the ball in shotgun formation is why turner never used it he gets beat alot and makes the guards look bad like they blue there assignment.


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