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Aikman: 'Take the points'

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Troy Aikman appeared on the "Mully and Hanley" show on Monday morning and had this to say about Lovie Smith's decision to go for it instead of kicking the field goal in the fourth quarter.

"There's no doubt you have to take the points there and take the lead," Aikman said.

The Fox analyst also talked about players stepping onto the field in a show of union solidarity before the game.

"I do think that the players have made a mistake," he said. "The fans that are coming out and supporting the game, they don't want to be reminded that this is a business. I mean, they're out there getting away from their own realities and trying to be entertained for a weekend. You've got millionaires fighting against billionaires and the fans that are attending those games and paying exorbitant prices to go watch them, they don't want to be reminded that there are some problems within the labor agreement. It's unfortunate."

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Obviously you take the points, unless of course you have a pair.

Nobody is talking about the fact that the Bears eventually took advantage of the great field position and got the score. The Lions went three and out and punted to give a short field. Maynard pinned them deep again and the Lions went three and out and punted short. This time the Bears scored.

How about this notion? The Bears will be a better team next week because their coach believed in them last week but they let him down. That is a very powerful incentive to improve. If you take the field goal that may be just the opposite.

Shut up Aikman! I can't believe we get the worst crew of Aikman/Buck for the upcoming game. The mute button will be on for this one!


There needs to be a litmus test of basic football knowledge before you're allowed to post on here. Wow. "The Bear's will be a better team because Lovie believed in them." HAHAHA. They are professionals, this isn't high school football. Did going for it "pump" up the defense on the last drive of Detroit? No.
The real issue was the play calling on the goal line. you try 1 or 2 times to pound the ball between the tackles, but how about when you come up behind center and see 8 defenders between your two tackles you audible out to a fake to Forte and your VERY atheltic QB rolls out and strolls into the end zone. That whole goal line scenario was Lovie/Martz trying to show the football world that they do have a legit O-line. It backfired.
BTW, Aikman is the best analyst in the game. He's won 3 SB's, knows the in's and out's of the game and he was right. Take the 3. There was no guarantee that the Bears were going to score. They had the ball several times in the second half in Detroit territory but shot themselves in the foot.

Oh god no, Aikman doing a Dallas game in Dallas?! I hope not. Maybe I can put the SAP on and listen in Spanish.

Sorry, Dudes, but you take the points and play with the lead. Your defense is playing pretty good and you are facing an offense that is playing with a second string QB. You gave the offense three tries to score, they couldn't, so you put your oversized ego in your back pocket and kick the field goal.

The NFL is about winning.

The Bears were lucky to win this game (e.g., if more cameras were in operation during this game, we might have had a better angle on Forte's run down the sideline -- it appeared he actually stepped on the line just as the sideline ref was turning his head up field).

Let's see -- running backs only have to wave the football over an imaginary goal line or one of the pylons, but receivers have to get two feet down, one knee, and their butt, but it is still not a catch unless they also stand up, do jumping jacks and slam dunk the ball over the cross bar? What a joke!

Btw, if a runner crosses the imaginary goal line and loses control of the ball, it is STILL a TD (even though he didn't retain control of the ball thru the running process).

It's a double standard.

Yes, I like that the Bears won, but the "fairness" of the win leaves an unpleasant taste.

The way the deffense was playing I would do the samething IF the offense wouldn't have struggled the whole game to score before that. The offense wasn't scoring with awesome field position the whole game. There is no way you go for it. YOU TAKE THE POINTS AND THE LEAD! Bad coaching very bad

you ALWAYS take the points!!!! the game was toooooo close to not get the points!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It think all that the "go for it" move by Lovie proved is that he does not have any faith in his defense. He basically felt that with the small lead that the field goal would have provided, it wouldn't be enough to win the game.

So, it is not about him "believing" in the O-line. It is about him NOT believing in the D!!

If Lovie really believed in his defense he would have taken the 3 points and let the D protect the 2 point lead. The offense had scored ZERO second half points up to then, and had just failed to gain 1 yard in 3 tries. If this had happened in the first half I'd be fine with it, but with only 9 minutes left in the game, you take the lead when you have the chance.
There's a difference between ballsy and brainless, and Lovie showed once again which one he is.

MsBears is right actually. I can just imagine the outrage if the Lions had kicked a field goal to win the game. "Oh, if Lovie had cojones we'd have never lost" Better yet, "Cowher would have punched it in, no doubt."
Hindsight is always easier of course, but I agree that Lovie showing faith actually does mean something. Sometimes playing safe gets you burned-- witness the Lions' last drive...

Tom Aikman is the best analyst in the game.

But if you want another point of view here is Jim Miller. A former Bear QB who thought Lovie's move was grounds for termination. In fact nobody but a couple of guys on this board thought it was a smart move. Everyone else and I mean everyone else thought it was one of the biggest bone headed moves they have every seen.

Ms you don't just take the points you take the lead. Also and let be clear, who pulls their linemen on a goal line stand? Let me also point it out to you that if Johnson makes that TD you are gonna want those 3 points. The offense had no problem moving the ball between the 20's. In fact the final TD to Forte was not in the red zone. They would have still three and outed the Lions after the kick trapped them deep and had good field position.

Make no mistake two guys carried the Bears offense all day and that was Cutler and Forte. Everyone else was mediocre to bad. Oh except Taylor to, he didn;t run great, but he is the best blocker we have on offense and the only guy who can pick up a blitz.

Posted the wrong link. This the Jim Miller one,

The other one is good to if want a good laugh. Angry Detroit broadcaster talking about the non-catch catch.

Aikman is right, simply because it was the fourth quarter - time and circumstances were not on the Bears' side then and they were struggling offensively. Chicago was dominating defensively so the smart thing to do was take a two-point lead to gain even more momentum and fire up the crowd. Then let the defense play with a lead for a change.

Don't lose hope Lovie-haters, Da Bears should still lose to Dallas, Green Bay, and the Giants for a 1-3 start to the season. And of course, the Bears will average LESS THAN 100 yards rushing per game during that stretch. Decent quarterbacks will shred Chicago's unstable secondary. Without a running game, the Bears will be one-dimensional and Cutler will turn the ball over.

Tom Aikman who is this man you speak of Creighton?

Is this a imaginary friend you have over for your tea partys with the same pink tea set your mommy gave you for x-mass when you were 4.

Snikers I can;t stand Smith, Angelo or Phillips but no way do you root for your team to lose. It's one thing to think yeah they will probably lose that game and talk about it. But hoping they lose is a different story.

I don't care how much I don't like Smith or how much I want him gone. I will root for the Bears to lose just to get rid of him. Players don;t deserve that and the city don't deserve that and the fans don't deserve that.

Cutler is not going to be turning the ball over much. You can see it from this game. He would rather take a sack if it's not their and that's exactly what he did. He had one bad throw.

The Dallas secondary is not that good and the O-Line is a mess. They got a shot, not a big one but they have a shot. And if you can;t see the growth Cutler has already showed you don;t watch much football. He is doing what Rodgers did last year. Hold on to the ball as long as possible and taking the sack if he doesn't see what he likes instead making some wild play or risky pass attempt. Granted the Bears won't put up 400+ yards of offense against the Boys defense but if he throws for 250 and goes 2 for 1 nobody in the league will shake a stick at that.

Wiskey Tango Foxtrot! All 4 plays from the one yard line took so long to develop I needed a shave between them, if ever there was a time for a QB sneak this was it. I know its easy to see on replay, but there were some cracks right after the snap.

I was listening to the WBBM broadcast, online. And for those of you who question Aikman's call (on Lovie's decision to go for the TD); and I believe I saw someone say that means Troy doesn't have the fortitude (cleaned-up version), Tom Thayer said - as soon as the were going to the huddle between 3rd and 4th down - that the Bears should go for the FG!

So does that mean Thayer has no fortitude?!

Creighton, who said I am rooting against the Bears? I just think Chicago will lose the next three games against the Cowboys, Packers, and Giants. If the Bears prove me wrong, cool.

The O-line simply cannot get the job done in the running game, and pass protection is obviously shaky. It will be easy for teams to shut down the Bears running game, which will make sustaining drives much harder. The defense will tire late in games as a result, and the Bears safeties already got shuffled versus the Lions.

Cutler had happy feet in the Lions game, so it is evident he does not trust the same line that gave up all those sacks in preseason. He even got sacked with 8 people protecting him Sunday. There will be lots of points left on the field because Chicago cannot run the ball in the red zone.

Before you call a team line a mess LOOk at your own. Dez Bryant is already better than every bears receiver (probably has something to do with not paying minimum wage and drafting well). Cutler is NOT Rodgers so stop pulling stuff out of the sky! They came up with 19 points against a team with no qb in the game. It's good Cutler takes sacks because Ware/Spencer will give him plenty. You forget that the bears don't teach blocking. The also don't run the ball either, you forgot your 2 yards per carry against their almost 5 yards per carry. NO cover guy from Chicago can handle Bryant and Austin. Maybe if the bears had actually spent some money on something that resembled a stadium instead of a reject spot everyone wouldn't laugh at them all the time. You're just jealous because no one wants to hear you so called legend. If that's what you call him. Not Aikman/Staubach! Enjoy the stadium view because there will never be one in Chicago-TOO CHEAP!

Party Up are you a Dallas fan? Your new to the board and don't seem to have a clue as to what you are talking about. I didn't forget anything about the Bears and none of the stuff you are talking about was a topic on this article. I was just talking to Snickers about something.

"You're just jealous because no one wants to hear you so called legend. If that's what you call him. Not Aikman/Staubach! Enjoy the stadium view because there will never be one in Chicago-TOO CHEAP!"

What are talking about? Do have a screw loose? What legend? Then you go off about the stadium? What are you smoking. Everything you said I have covered 100 times over. Are you that slow. I wasn't even talking about any of that stuff. What do you just make up arguments in your head? "Oh yeah well take this, oh yeah well take that" Your going off on some wild goose chase your like squirrel looking for nut. Don't mess with the big dog junior you are not in my league.

Jerry Jones is ruining your beloved Cowboy team. When was the last ime you won a Super Bowl? When was the last time you where at a Super Bowl? Funny sense Parcells picked all of the talent on your team, your talent level has dropped sense he left. Typical Jones. You will never win a Super Bowl with him running the show. He chased off Johnson, chased off Parcells and is from the Al Davis school of managment. Good luck with that.

I didn;t say the Bears where better than the Boys but they have shot to beat them. The same shot Washington had right before they Beat them. Oh and the Bears do have a stadium, I know you are new to football but every team has one. Crazy I know. WHere did you think they played? In a park hahahahaha. Oh and Aikman was overrated big time. Wow what great numbers. He was surrounded by high end talent thanks to johnson. By they way I wouldn't be bragging on your O-Line cause they are mess. Good luck with Barron, what didn't they teach him blocking?

Oh and just for the record the Bears still hold more titles than the Cowboys, and more wins. Oh and as for Roger Staubach, we had Sid Luckman. Aikman was good but not a great talent he was a good QB on a great team.

What's funny is I don't hate the Cowboys but acting like they are at the peak of football. Please. Jones is crazy, the Stadium is a bigger eye sore than Soldier field, and your team just got beat by their biggest rival. You want to talk coaching, did anyone coach them for that game? Sure didn't look like it. Man point the finger at your own team and don't worry about what someone elses team is doing.

Not sure why you hate Cutler, he has more talent than any QB in the league. Just needs to get his head on right and get some decent protection. As Rodgers, he did not exactly light it up this week did he? You seem to be a Packer, Cowgirl fan, so what are you doing on a Bears blog? What you don't like your own team enough to talk about them so you come and talk about the team that gave your Cowboys the right to exist. No Bears, no NFL your welcome.

By the way your line is a mess they have two injuries and your backup RT has lead the league in penalties for three years. SO yes a mess.

Running slow developing plays at the opponent's goal line seems to be a Chicago disease. They did it under Ron Turner, now they're doing it under Mike Martz. As everyone says, it won't work because the defense has too many people too close to the ball in those situations.

BTW, one way to make up for the lack of stoutness of the offensive linemen is to run 3 or 4 receiver sets that spread out the defense, then sneak or dive up the middle. The line won't have so many people to block and maybe there's a chance. Other good plays are play action roll outs, and just lining up right off the bench from the turnover, snapping the ball on the first sound, and sneaking. But pulling a guard? And the backside guard at that?! And these guys do this for a living, we're just fans and we seem to know better.

I think that game was the best of both worlds. The Bears won and Lovie showed his incompetence once again. Every time he does a few more numbskulls finally figure it out.

I knew hiring him was a mistake and when they resigned him I wanted to puke. I’ve been trying my best to bide my time until he is gone. I hope this season is it for Lovie.

He was given an opportunity he didn’t deserve, more accolades than he earned, and practically no blame for his incompetence. He is lucky as heck though, if not for that, we’d be the Lions.

People will say, what about taking the team to the Super Bowl? He didn’t take them. Lady luck, a solid roster, and the easiest schedule in the league took them there. What happened after the schedule got tougher? Failure.

He took over a team that was pretty good and made them worse. That manifested itself in high draft picks and easy schedules which combined with extreme luck to produce one good season that ended in embarrassment and a downhill slide ever since.

Lovie, please keep doing what you’re doing, and pack a bag.

Btw, kicking the FG would have been the correct decision.

Another thing... I just read where someone said you never root for your team to lose. Rooting for a team is primarily a way for people to band together and support each other. It’s about the fans, about the community, not the millionaires playing and coaching.

If it so happens that losing is in the best interest of the fans, then it is also best for the team in the long run. I would certainly have welcomed more losses in the past if it would have meant that Lovie was fired several seasons ago. We could be shining our new SB trophy as we speak. That would be far beter than what we have now.

What would you rather have? An incompetent coach that is lucky enough to win a few games and clings to the job for a decade and we never are champions or he loses too much in the beginning, is fired and we hire a real coach that brings home the hardware a few times?

I want the latter.

Anyone smart enough to know we hired the wrong guy and that failure is all that can be accomplished, would also know that if he has just enough success not to be fired, it will only prolong the pain.

Why do that?

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