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2009 third-round pick Iglesias informed he will be cut

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Juaquin Iglesias, a 2009 third-round pick, has been informed by the Bears that he will be released.

That's a painful decision for the Bears, since Iglesias -- the 99th overall pick last year -- appeared in just one game last season and didn't register a single catch.

Iglesias was expected to push veteran Rashied Davis, but he was slowed by injury early in training camp. Davis, meanwhile, had one of the strongest training camps and preseasons of any receiver.

Iglesias had his moments later in training camp, and he even made a couple of catches in the preseason -- three to be exact, including one touchdown -- but he just didn't seem like a natural fit in Mike Martz's offense.

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What is the criteria for a player to be eligible for the Practice Squad? Does JI fit that profile?

I hope someone informs DB Jennings...he avoided making tackles, and LB Malast...WAY TOO SLOW, that they are both gone. Woodney had a great game as did Barry Turner...where have they been hiding ? Bell did a better job all around then Wolfe and D J Moore had a good game as well.

"Iglesias had his moments later in training camp, and he even made a couple of catches in the preseason -- three to be exact, including one touchdown -- but he just didn't seem like a natural fit in Mike Martz's offense."

A lot of these players don't seem like a natural fit for the Martz offense. Not that the Bears had much choice in who they hired.

Wait a minute! How can Iglesias not be a fit for the team, but Earl Bennett is. He has incurred injuries also, but he fits? He may not believe this now, but he'll thank the bears later on, just ask the ones who got away.

Creighton, we're on the same page in that we think Cutler's going to end up in the hospital in this offense with this awful line in front of him. The only question is when. I've been saying October and I'll stick with that. I know Martz seems to improve offenses wherever he goes, but I just don't see it here. Beside, his style stinks. What would Jack Pardee say?

Come on Jerry A... what is the problem here?!? Every year we are cutting mid-rounds from the previous years draft... which is where the core of any good team is built! This is, and has been, the case for the last few years. You are proving once again that you can not build a team, on offense or defense!

Looks like after all of the usual positive summer vibes I'm back on the "please help us Cowher" train!

Who doesn't fit?

Martz doesn't fit.
Lovie doesn't fit
Angelo doesn't fit
Marinelli doesnt' fit
Babbage doesnt' fit
Phillips doesn't fit
and lets not forget that the McCashkies don't fit either.

Let's fire the whole lot of them and get them out of this city. Maybe in time, the stink will go away too.

Another example that Jerry Angelo cannot draft . Is Jarron Gilbet making the team ? ANOTHER bust ! Afalava gone too. When will the MORONS at Halas finally figure out what everyone else already knows.Of course, Forbes magazine already has pointed out that the Bears are one of the WORST run franchises in the NFL. Yet, stupid people continue to line up for tickets. As long as the McCaskey family continues to reap the financial rewards, nothing will change. Stop going to the games !!!

Paty Up, last I heard Bennett is a bubble boy. But Bennett at least had a decent year last year.

Wrigley many people believe Martz improves offenses wherever he goes. I don't. I look at the roster changes from one year to the next generally you find an increase in talent. What Martz adds is more yards in the passing game at the expense of the run game.

In 1998 The Rams starters looked like this

QB Tony Banks
WR Eddie Kennison
WR Ricky Proehl
Issac Bruce was injured most of the season and only played in a few games.
RB Robert Holcombe

The 99 roster

QB Kurt Warner
WR Issac Bruce
WR Tory Holt
RB Marshall Faulk

They also added Adam Timmerman and Tom Nutten to the line. I am gonna say that they added just a bit of talent to that offense over a 1 year period. The Genius just had a few new toys to play with.

Another thing to point out is that the 99 rams had a top 5 defense.

The 06 Lions added Jon Kitna, while this may not seem like much, compared to Joey Harrington it's a big step up.

In 07 the Lions added Calvin Johnson.

I don't think Tice is a fit With Martz, I don't think Cutler is a fit, I don't think Lovie is a fit, Olsen is not a fit, the line is not fit, Hester is not a fit, even Forte may not be a fit.

Taylor and Knox are the best fits.

That worries me just a little.

Oh and for Kevin, Josh Beekman is not a fit, in fact he is not a Bear.

Almost forgot Soldier Field is not a fit. Greatest show on Turn, meet the slowest muddiest, ugliest surface in the nfl.

I'm sorry to see Iglesias go and hope he makes the practice squad. I thought he had great potential, but if a receiver has to go, he's the logical choice. I also hope Gilbert is not cut because I see him as a real run stuffer.Today is no doubt a really tough day for some of these players who have worked their tails off, but let's hope those that stay show up a quantum jump better than last year's crop.

I have been saying this for the LAST THREE YEARS!!! and FINALLY people are starting to get it. Due to bad trades, HORRIBLE draft picks, releasing the wrong players, keeping the wrong players...the talent on this team has dropped significantly from the superbowl team.

Blame Lovie all you want....



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