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Your Chicago Bears questions, please...

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All right, everyone.

I'm bunkered at Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, where I've skipped dinner three of the last four nights. But, I want to make some time to answer your questions.

Submit them, and I will answer a few and post them on Friday. But here's a twist: I'm going to post it as a video.

Anyone want to hold my iPhone when I do this? My head is too big for me to just hold it in front of me, like a normal person.

As I often ask you, please submit the questions directly to me (, not as a comment on this blog post.

UPDATE: Keep the questions coming. You guys are sending some good ones.

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One question... Why are the Bears only practicing once a day???? If they are going to put a good product on the field, don't they need the reps? They are learning a new offence, A timing based passing game, with an oline that needs to get physical. How soft is Lovie getting?

I am posting this here for a reason.

Question: Do you think Brett Favre really sent pictures of his junk to that hot chick and do think he just happened to have a retirment panic the day before the story broke?

I know this won;t get answered but he Favre deserves as much bad press as he can get at this point. Although Jen Sterger is smoking hot, so at least he has good taste.

How do last year's redshirts look (Gilbert, Melton, and Iglesias)? Are they making any play? Do they even still exist? Any news would be helpful.

I think the Bears are being stubborn by not pursing Vincent Jackson. Do you think an offer of Greg Olsen, Earl Bennett and a 5th round pick would be worth it?

Has Mike Tice seem to have improved the offensive line this year? This to me, is the area the Bears need to improve the most if they wish to be successful this year.

Has Mike Tice seem to have improved the offensive line this year? This to me, is the area the Bears need to improve the most if they wish to be successful this year.

If Favre was to retire, how would you then rank the NFC North?

Do you see Scott Quentin getting reasonable time to play in the preseason? Everything Ive been reading about his physical tools, seemingly makes him a great prospect. His teammate's comparison to him and Taylor Mays at the Texas vs the Nation game don't hurt either.

It is hard to gauge the effectiveness of either of the line play. If the defense dominates is because they are that good or the offense is that bad? How can we really judge how either line is really playing until we play a game?

From what I have been hearing so far in camp is that Frank Omilaye is really struggling at the right tackle position. Is that true? and do you see Kevin Shaffer getting more opportunities with the first team any time soon.

I think the Bear's should have been "just" and given the starting RT position to Shaffer. He held it down pretty good towards the end of last season. It should have been his to loose. It just boggles my mind why the Bear's coaches keep experimenting with guys who are failures at a given position and interchange them at a different position, thinking they will be good. Too many experiments going on, thats why there is so much uncertainty with our safety and offensive line positions.

Who looks to be the leading candidate for the "redshirt" season this year? My thinking is Unga, because it is a hammy, and we spent a 7th rounder on him. That way, we would be getting him a full year of watching film, attending meetings, and have him full go for the offseason program next year.

Maybe Josh Moore or Webb would be a secondary choice, as they have a lot of work to do in the weight room to get ready for the rigors of NFL play.

Why can't Anderson be used on passing downs while Wooten and, or Idonije play the other downs?

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