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Wright scheduled to have surgery on finger

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Bears rookie Major Wright, who has had a strong preseason, is scheduled to have surgery on his fractured left index finger on Tuesday, a team spokesman said.

Wright injured his finger during the preseason opener in San Diego Saturday. He was pushing for a starting spot but this will hurt his chances.

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I'll take what looks like a decent safety with nine good fingers over a bucket full of bad safeties with ten good fingers but poor brains, thanks. Ronnie Lott, anyone? (Not that Wright is Lott, of course...put it all in context: he was the Bears' first choice, but was a third rounder, behind Cutler and the dead juxtapose, this is like fans hanging the success of the team on the success of Michael Okwo. Ouch.)

Major Wright looks like he could develop into a pretty solid safety for Chicago, problem is, he's gotta stay on the field to make that happen. My worry is that we might have another Mike Brown/Pisa Tinoisamoa type on our hands? Good players when their on the field, but there in lies the problem, getting and keeping them on the field.

I like how Wright is around the ball a lot and the fact he can bring the smack down on someone, and you gotta like Wright's athleticism, but what good is it if he's gonna be on and off the injury report. Maybe he's young and its just a matter of his body getting acclimated to the NFL?

Its to bad about the surgery because Wright was on pace to becoming a starter, hopefully he'll be alright? Chicago could use him this season GO BEARS!!

So now Wright has injury problems because he hurt his finger Kevin? You are suggesting he is injury prone? Why cause he has had a few strains in camp like everyone else.

Let me clue you in on something, all these groin pulls, soreness, and strained muscles can be attributed too a few simple things in the modern NFL. One Players body composition in the modern NFL is made up of more lean muscle then it used to be back in the day. More lean muscle means you need more water to stay hydrated. Dehydration leads to tight muscles, tight muscles lead to pulls. More muscle=a higher risk of pulls, tears, strains and dehydartion. The more strain you put on a body the more damage you do to it. Pro athletes tend to be stupid about a few things. They never listen to their trainers till its to late, and lots them have poor diets. They burn a lot of calories they figure I can eat what I want.

Brian Urlacher loves Portillos, Chad Johnson eats McDonalds every day. Almost all pro athletes drink energy drinks. So basically you have muscle bound gentic freaks eating salty foor on a regular basis and drinking energy drinks which are loaded with caffine so it also dehydrates the body. To make matters worse players drink Gatorade during practice and the game. They like it because it taste good. But is is loaded with sodium and bloats you out, it is also not meant to be drank during a workout, it's a recover drink. NFL athletes take Gatorade to a new level, they get powdered stuff and their water boys mix special little flavors together for them often adding a lot more of the powder than is recomended. Cause it makes it taste better. But what they are doing is drinking a salt rich recovery drink.

You would probably see much lower incidents of injuries if players stayed away from the sodium rich diets, the caffine rich energy drinks and started drinking more water during practice and less sodium rich Gator garbage. Lovie and his guys don't hit in practice and don't go full speed. The injuries are the heat, poor diets, and energy drinks. Just drink more water and stay away from salt and caffine. After a workout recover wit ha mineral water instead of a gatorade, or if you have been outside like these guys have get some EmergenC or Pedialyte. Both are also good for hangovers.

You load your body with salt and caffine and then try to do sprints for 2 hours in 90 degree heat, what do you think is going ot happen? It's like running a car at 150 mph in a desert for two hours without any oil.

Major Wright is expected to be ready to go the first game of the season. Granted this is what Lovie and company have said which means they could be refering to game one of any year in the future, but chances are a finger boo boo will not end his season.

Interesting points, Creighton. If that's the case though, why don't the team doctors say anything. Y'know, the guys with medical degrees. Salt is *required* to prevent dehydration by the way. Soldiers are given salt tablets in the desert for example.

Gatorade was designed to keep athletes hydrated during competition. It hydrates better than water during times of activity. I'm not a doctor, so don't take my word for it, but it's more hypotonic as I recall. Gatorade does not harm athletes - it's a multi-billion dollar industry and someone somewhere would have spotted that if it was a factor in injuries.

BTW - Creighton, did you ever actually play football? It *is* possible for your pinky to get hurt with, y'know, contact with players/the ball etc. Playing football hurts.

Why are so many here high on Major Wright as if he was the second coming of Fencik or Plank?
He hasn't done anything yet. He could be a bust. We saw him in a couple of plays, listened to the Bears organization tell us how wonderful he is and really...does anyone here trust what the bears have to say to the fans?
Dare I say the word Afalava? What happened to that wonder from last year?
Forget it. He hurt his pinky. He's not going to be 100% for some time and that pinky is going to slow down his progress. No starter this year, thats for sure....and maybe never. Just ask Afalava?

let's hope Wright is not the second coming of Doug Plank. He sucked. Sometimes Bears' fans like to look at the past with rose colored glasses. Plank couldn't cover a turtle, and he would miss the obvious tackle, but "woo and wow" with the occasional "spear", but that was usually 15-25 yards down field. And then there was his reckless abandon in tackling that caused injury to fellow teammates.
Wright does seem to have very good football instincts and he seems willing {at this point in his young career} to be coached. The pinky injury could be a fluke, but looking at 2 other safeties in the past decade with similar body sizes {and seemingly, talent} as a comparison, there might be as many lows as their are highs. Those two safeties being Mike Brown and Bob Sanders. Loads of talent, but bodies not capable of taking the pounding the position demands. And remember, with the 3 rermaining safeties on the board when the 3rd round started {Burnett, Jones, and Wright} this is the one the Bear's say they were targeting. BTW, the guy I liked from the start, Burnett, you know, the guy the packers traded up past the Bears to take, he's the starting SS and has been since day 1 of camp. As I have said several times on here. If he turns out to be a stud and Wright is oft injured and not on the field, it will be one more indictment on Jerry Angelo's inability to work a draft.

A few points points.

1. A broken finger huh. We know he had surgery. Any word on how long he is supposed to be out? And Wright does look good. He actually tackles ball carriers below the waste with good fundamentals. Give him a year or two in Lovie's system, he will start tackling up high next year.

2. Same thing happened with Forte. He was good and explosive his rookie year because he was fresh out of college with great fundamentals. A year with Lovie Smith, and he now is a dancer at the line of scrimmage.

3. Water hydrates you better than anything. Period. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either incompetent, or thinks you are stupid enough to believe him. Soldiers took salt because water is heavy for long distances. And gatorade is a recovery drink to be used about an hour after a workout to replenish lost electrolytes (vitamins and minerals) that you lost while sweating. YOU NEED TO DRINK WATER TO NOT GET DEHYDRATED! That's what water is. HYDRATION. Sorry to be so harsh, but this should be common sense.

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