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With Hanie's status unclear, what QBs are out there?

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Bears backup quarterback Caleb Hanie, whose right arm was in a sling, will undergo tests Sunday to determine the injury to his right shoulder.


Hanie had two turnovers, but he had several encouraging plays, including a 47-yard completion to receiver Devin Aromashodu. For the game, he was 10 of 17 for 148 yards, for a passer rating of 82.5.

If the Bears need to bring in a veteran, the available options include a former No. 1 overall pick, a former MVP candidate and a four-time Pro Bowl selection. Unfortunately, though, the stock isn't real high on either JaMarcus Russell or Daunte Cupepper or Jeff Garcia. Other available quarterbacks include Josh McCown, Todd Collins, Matt Gutierrez and Brian St. Pierre.

McCown worked with Martz in Detroit, during the 2006 season, and he expressed a strong interest in signing with the Bears in May.

Not giving the Bears much encouragement was rookie Dan LeFevour. The former Central Michigan standout struggled throughout Saturday's game, completing just two of 10 passes for 21 yards.

"It could have been better, obviously," he said. "Things were happening quickly, but I didn't react quick enough.

"Just got to roll with it. You got to do the best you can."

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LeFevour obviously had a bad night and he has not looked all that good in practices either, but he has not had a lot of snaps and may still show up one of these days. I suspect the Bears can't wait for that to happen.I have necer been a McCown fan, and of the players you mentioned, Garcia would be my choice. By the way, I noticed that Rex looked very good in his first outing this season, but I don't want to start another Rex-focussed blog.

Cutler looked good. Aromashadu and Knox did as well. Those 2 should be the starters, and Davis should be the 3rd WR. Hester should be fulltime returner, and 4th receiver. he is more valuable that way.

The starters on defense had too little time to make any kind of impact. The offensive line was getting pushed back all night. I don't like it when my team gets beat in the trenches.

Wright looks like a starter, and he is a good tackler. Webb is a best of a man. He never got overpowered, but he has a bit to learn. I think he is better than Omayale though. Melton looks good.

Hope to see more from Gilbert, Wooton, and Harrison next game. They were invisible.

Overall, don't know what to think. The starting offensive skill positions look good, but the line looked bad. The defensive starting line didn't get any pressure, but they only had one series.

Maybe SD is that good.

Whether the Bears have time or not to wait, and see if this kid Dan LeFevour has what it takes to be in this league will depend on if the Bears have the time to be patient with him. This kid has a great arm, and instincts for the game. It may take a couple of years for him to play in this league before he can really prove what he's worth. The Bears must give him time to develop, and also let him get more snaps, even it it means to let him play an entire preseason game or two. That's when we'll know if he's ready to be put out there to run the offense.

Sometimes pre season football is like a girl without makeup (no I am not sexist) but the girl can look good but when the makeup is put on VAVOOM!

Their have been some pretty good Superbowl winning teams that have played poorly in the preseason but when they put on the makeup and season starts..... VABOOM, they kick some tail!!

The Bears have not put on their makeup yet, I believe that when the party starts in September and they line up they will look pretty good.

Don't put too much into this game or the entire preseason!!

Vince Evans!

The injury to Caleb Hanie is a major let down, the guy was coming along nicely in his development, and has looked good the last couple pre-seasons. Hanie made some nice throws last night and threw for Chicago's lone score of the night, I hope he's not gonna be down for long. If so, I look for Chicago to place him on the old injured reserve list.

If Hanie's injury is serious, I say bring in Josh McCown, at the very least he knows Martz's scheme. And being this close to the regular season, that probably means a lot.

As far as Dan LeFevour, yes he did struggle, but he's a rookie playing in his first pre-season game. You gotta give the kid time to develop. I think its gonna take time for him to get use to taking snaps under center and setting his feet to throw, little things like that. And learning Martz's complicated scheme probably isn't easy for a rookie QB either. In college he took snaps from the shotgun and had everything in front of him. If the receiver was there and open, you throw it. In Martz's scheme it isn't that easy, you have to throw to a spot, and the receivers have got to be on the same page. LeFevour was working with a bunch of young receivers who like him, also are coming from college learning Martz's scheme. I say give LeFevour time.

Devin Aromashodu is looking like a clear cut Kevin Armstead total Beast, and rookie tackle J'Marcus Webb looks like if given a year to develop, will probably be the starting right tackle by next season. As for the other team, Chargers rookie running back Ryan Mathews will probably be rookie of the year, he looks primed for a breakout season also. You gotta give Chargers GM A.J. Smith his props, he was part of the team (as an assistant GM) that brought in LT and Drew Brees (the leagues best QB), and now as a GM has brought in Philip Rivers and Ryan Mathews, not to shabby now GO BEARS!!

One more thing I forgot to mention as far as LeFevour, LeFevour hasn't gotten the same amount of reps in this new scheme during camp as Cutler and Hanie have, that, on top of the fact he's a rookie, probably were a couple big reasons LeFevour had such a bad night. This is a new scheme that the teams needs to learn quick, of course Jay Cutler should get the bulk of the reps along with Hanie, who was being counted on to be the backup QB. With LeFevour running the scout team, on top of trying to learn Martz's complicated scheme, and already needing help with his fundamentals coming out of CMU, where he threw the ball primarly out of the shot-gun, of course he's gonna have a slow start. I never expected much out of LeFevour as a rookie anyways, thats the good of having an already legit starting QB in Jay Cutler. Chicago doesn't need LeFevour to be ready right away. I say give the kid time and he will turn out to be a pretty good QB GO BEARS!!

Number 17 Iglesius dropped 2 "easy" balls thrown his way, and number 16 (forgot his name) dropped 3. That woulda put him at 15/21, which would be good.

And who cares if Hanie or LeFevour is the backup? If Cutler goes down, then the season is in the can.

I repeat that they should just put Webb at starting right tackle, and learn the ways of the NFL. He is not any worse right now than Omiyale.

i predict hanie will be o.k. but it did bring up the issue. truth is, the bears will be o.k. if they don't get a lot of injuries. just like most teams. these days you have to have those impact players all over the field. they've put alot into getting a couple of those guys.
urlacher and kruetz arent getting any younger.
our best receiver couldn't even make the colts.
we have an offence that depends on recievers and the qb being in sync. i dont know that it fits cutler, i'm not sold.
the running game is dead in the nfl.

Kevin nobody is talking about your total beast Thunder Dan LeFevour, so why are you defending him? Something upset you about your LeFlavor of the month player? Nobody expected him to be set to go right away. The only guy I heard talking up LeFlavor was you. You compared him to TeBow said had a better senior bowl than him and said he is amazing. That was you not anyone else, the rest of us where just kinda like let's wait and see. What's really funny was that comment you made last week about having a better senior bowl than Tebow. Considering it is univerally agreed that Tebow had one of the the all time worst Senior Bowls in history, I thought you where just taking a dirty shot at Leflavor. Turns out you really think he is the next John Elway. Well good luck with that.

How did you like that O-Line Kevin, I don't think Hanie liked it very much, or Forte, or Taylor, or Cutler, who was pressured 3 times in 8 snaps and hit twice. Those are your total beasts though.

It's interesting to note the number of rationalizations about not "having" to excel in the pre-season.

Guess what, sports fans? ..... There's a humongous difference between "being in the game", but still losing, --- and having your asses tossed all over the field!

The Bears And Cubs have the same logic...Hire several high priced free agents and watch the magic happen....NOT....Wait til next year..

Dan LeFevour looked okay for someone who had absolutely no blocking.
Give him more reps, and he'll be fine.


You said...
"The defensive starting line didn't get any pressure, but they only had one series."
This was also the first series for the Chargers and they had no problem and were even missing some starters. In fact...their second string looked good against our line. Now what does that tell you about the rest of the season?

Israel DeLeon,
Practice squad for Dan LeFevour.

What makes you think the bears have the personnel to put the makeup on to begin with? All you need do is look at the results of the last 3 seasons to know that this team is not very good. They also have a much tougher schedule than they had in the last 3 seasons...and they have a brand new offense to learn and don't have a line to protect cutler or open up holes for the running game. Nothing has changed. Tell you what...keep the makeup. I would rather see the players play but this crew isn't going to do it. Lovie has blamed everyone but himself. He has fired enough coaches in the last 6 years to replace the entire staff twice. He will not be the one to take us to the promise land.

Devin Hester? Where did he disappear to? The guy didn't show up for any kind of return kicks and he was 1 for 4 yards receiving. He must have been on vacation with Lovie....nowhere to be found.

Val.... It means they had one bad series. There's going to be about 250 series during the regular season.

I don't use pre-season as any indicator of the regular season. The 05, 06, and 85 Bears looked bad record wise in the preseason, but ended up being awesome.

What I would like to see is an attitude to beat the other team's face into the ground and step on their throat more often. I would like to see some hatred for their opponent.

I never like it when my team gets beat in the trenches, as they did on Saturday.

I agree they didn't look good against SD, but this means nothing with regards to implications of the season.

I still think they should put JaMarcus Webb at right tackle though. He is a beast.

OriginalBill, did we see the same game? I'll grant that the Bears got pretty well smacked the second half, but they led by three at the end of the first. As in every game, turnovers were a major factor. Lack of protection for the Bear quarterback and no pressure on the Charger quarterback were definitely problems, too similar to last year's fiascos. I think those problems can be corrected, just as Forte can learn to not let passrushers get inside when he's protecting the passer.


I agree 100% that the Bears have underperformed for the last 3 years and I agree Lovie has been a big reason for the poor performance.

All I was saying was to not put too much into preseason football records or performance. The teams purposely do not show much because they want a level of surprise when the real season starts.

Despite your prediction, I still predict at least a 9-7 or 10-6 season, with the defense showing up with a top 10 finish at least in points allowed and a defense that will be among the leaders in causing turnovers. I believe the special teams will excel and finish at worst top 3 and maybe number 1 in the NFL.

As for the offense, there most likely will be some tough early games where they are all not on the same page due to the new offense etc. But by mid year they will start to click and have a good second half of the year. If they finish in the middle of the pack in offense that should help carry the team to the record predicted above.

The defense will surprise this year early and will not be as vanilla as in years past. The Bears will have a fierce attitude and an aggressive pass rush that will cause pressure, create turnovers and cause havoc for offenses they face.

Val, I still don't think Lovie is a great coach or even a good one. At best he has proved to be mediocre with the record his teams have had and the poor decisions he has made with personnel and in removing coaches like Riviera for friends that were not ready to take the next step.

Marinelli, however will surprise and succeed as the D Coordinator.

Just to clear up a little information about the game.

Ryan you said this "The starters on defense had too little time to make any kind of impact."

The first team defense played almost the whole first half. Not one series. Your and Val are a bit off base on that and not sure how that got started but, they played most of the half. Oh and Rod was mad, watch the NFL network version of the game and not the fox one.

Piece of advice for those looking to get something out of the preseason games. Trust your instincts, well trust them if your name is not Kevin. You can tell when they are trying and when they are coasting. You can tell lots of things, is a player explosive or does he look slow, slow players=bad.

Oh and as for the Bears Pre-season in 2005 they where 3-2 and could have been 4-1 but sat their guys against the Browns who appeared to be trying. They had the HOF game which is wh ythey had 5 games.

In 2006 they where two and two.

All you need to know is how the first team is doing aganst the opponents first team. If their are questions about positions like the O-LINE and the O-Line looks bad it is probably bad it is one of the units that has to play hard no matter what.

Did Forte look slow or fast? Simple stuff. The Bears are keeping it simple the other team is keeping it simple and that is what you should do. It's football you only really need to know one rule. Did the player you where watching beat the man in front of him.

LeFevour's rookie debut with very few reps showed some poise and promise. Unfortunately the receivers appeared to struggle with the basics.

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