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Why the Bears may have signed Todd Collins now

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Last week, after they signed veteran Matt Gutierrez, I wrote that his days already might be numbered, because the Bears were hardly done looking to address the position. (,CST-SPT-sean19.article)

The magic number might be five days.

The Bears haven't announced a corresponding move, so Gutierrez may get some more time to make an impression. But the fact that he didn't get into Saturday's game could be telling.

If Gutierrez suffered an injury against the Oakland Raiders -- a distinct possibility since the Raiders had six sacks -- the Bears would have been on the hook for money they never intended to spend.

What is certain, though, is that Dan LeFevour, a sixth-round pick, once again struggled in a preseason game. He got the bulk of the snaps last week, with backup Caleb Hanie out. But, LeFevour completed just three of 10 passes for 39 yards, with one interception. His passer rating was 3.8.

Collins, 38, was resistant to signing a deal with the Bears initially, because he wanted guaranteed money. It's not clear if he got what he wanted. But, it's probably safe to assume that the Bears at least gave him some sort of assurance of job security, so he wasn't going to be a "camp arm."

Besides, there's not many options out there at quarterback. The Bears did explore trading for a player, but they obviously weren't willing to part with any meaningful draft picks.

Collins won't be angling for the starting job, and he's proven to be a valuable backup. Remarkably, Collins started 13 games for the Buffalo Bills in 1997... then didn't start another game until 2007 with the Washington Redskins.

And he was gainfully employed by the Kansas City Chiefs between those starts! (Yes, that deserves an exclamation point.)

In 2007, in three starts, Collins was 3-0. He was just eight of 25 in his first game, but he was 44 for 60 for 498 yards with three touchdowns and no interceptions in the final two games, victories over the Minnesota Vikings and the Dallas Cowboys.

But his time in Kansas City helped him learn -- probably master given the amount of time -- an offense similar to the one new offensive coordinator Mike Martz runs.

This adds the distinct possibility, then, that the Bears will carry three quarterbacks this season: Cutler, Hanie and, it now, appears Collins.

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Good move. Thinking outside the box, what if the Bears keep Gutierrez and cut LeFevour? That is a long shot but LeFevour is a runner first and a passer second. It does not help LeFevour that the wide outs drop multiple easy catch passes and Im sure the coaches see that as well.
This up comming game I would realy like to see the O-Line pick up the Blitz just a tad better.

Lefevour will end up on the P-squad. Aneglo may have been affraid that he wouldn't beable to stash a young QB with the type of numbers he put up in college on the P-squad but with his play the past few pre-season games it is reasonable to assume that nobody would sign him off our P-squad.

LeFevour looks overwhelmed at this level, the kid needs time to develop and running scout team will help him get prepared for 2011 training camp baring a lockout.

Gutierez should be cut before the Arizona game because Collins will need to get as many pre-season snaps under his belt as he can just in case Hanie isn't ready for the Opener.

Go Bears !!

I bet they keep Gutierrez on the roster, because Collins will not be ready to go by this weekend for any significant reps. They will reduce LeFevour's reps, and game time, to make sure they can stash him on the practice squad for this year, and let Gutierrez relieve Cutler this week. For the 4th game, Cutler will play a few series, and then Collins will go the rest of the way to get familiar with the offense.

I would bet Peterman or Barnes are going to go from the roster to make room. But that probably means we will cut someone from a position we can't afford to trim down. We have to cut down to 75 by the 31st I think, and then down to the final 53 by Labor Day.

I am not sure I would bring Collins in, but if McCown is dead set on playing in the UFL, he's about our best option.
If nothing else, there will be a guy who has gotten meaningful snaps in the NFL backing up Cutler.

After watching Cutler get sacked 5 times by the Raiders, it's no wonder they made this move. If the O-Line doesn't come together quickly, Cutler may not make it through the season... and it's not like we've even really seen the core of Martz's offense yet, in which Cutler will definitely be exposed to taking hits. Good thing we invested in two d linemen last year in the draft that probably won't even make the team.

Good move? Good move!? Brando you must be taking your stupid pills again. Throw the almost 40 year old Collins into a preseason game with this line, be it the first or third stringers, and he will get (insert your own colorful description for a painful, agonizing death here)!

The same of course goes for any regular season game if for whatever reason he is pressed into action.

The main reason old man Collins looked good at the end of '07 (not including the post-season) was because old man Gibbs gave him the beefed up blocking protection he needed. Collins won't have that luxury here.

Seriously, this is like throwing money away for the heck of it. The Bears need like a Seneca Wallace type or Jeff Garcia would have made more sense, although I thought he was tied up in something else.

Whatever, as long as Cutler and Hanie are good to go that's all that matters.

"Struggling" Dan LeFevour? That's the storyline, but it does not tell the whole story. In two preseason games, WRs dropped no fewer than seven of 20 passes. If those balls are caught, there's not "struggling" tag. Be fair to the kid.

Just so people understand the Raiders game a little better. The Raiders had the 29th ranked rushing defense last year and sat their best linemen. Or did they sit two starters on the line? I think they may have sat two.

That said they are a good pass defending team but that has little to with their line and more to do with a talented secondary of course the talent in the secondary was sitting the whole game.

Good news is here comes the Cards. If Warner was on this team it would be one thing, but Leinart is all kinds of bad and the Bears get him for 3 quarters. They don't look good at all.

Intresting stuff from Olin this week. When asked about the lines performance and the fact that Cutler had been sacked 5 times in a half he said:

"I don't know it wasn't good but I have to look at the film."

When asked if they could correct the problem he said this:

"Cutler didn't get sacked 5 times against the Chargers did he? Sure we can fix it."

Olin is correct Cutler was not sacked 5 times against the Chargers. He was only sacked once. However Olin seems to forget he only played 8 snaps before he was pulled from the game because the coaches where afraid he would get killed. Olin should remember this because he left the game at the same time. He should also know that Chris Williams was playing against a third string backup against the Chargers.

While Blitz recognition is a problem for the Bears, that was not the problem with the Raiders. The Bears just got beat man on man at the line.

Not sure what Collins will do for the team? He has played in a 3 digit offense which is good. But if Cutler goes down, and Hanie goes down, Collins is probably going down too. This screams the Bears are affraid of the their line. Not the more QB's we have the better.

Look guys you play like you practice. And this team practices soft. They got beat up against the Chargers and the Raiders. The Bears are not an intense team and they are not a physical team. This is part of the coaching philosophy. Soft Camp, soft practice. and you watch it on the field every year, if they can't out speed you, they are not going to out fight you. Get physical with the Bears and the Bears back down. Big offensive lines beat them up, aggressive defenses beat them up.

Chris Williams has never been a drive blocker. He is slow off the ball, he has little drive, no hand punch and and short arms. Which means he is not going to engage attackers. What he does is kick backwards and catch block, he waits for the attacker to engage him. Then he can dough boy blocks him, however if the attacker is fast he just goes around Williams. So unless you put someone out there to chip for him like they did with Allen he will struggle. I just heard that Williams may have the shortest arms of any startig tackle. Not sure if that is true, but yes his arms are short for a tackle.

I expect to see a TE helping him most of the season. Last year the Bears used 2 E sets to help the tackles, even Martz has been doing that. Martz hates doing that but that tells you about the tackles. That big TE thye have will be seeing a lot of snaps this year. It's also the reason Dez is at H-Back.

Oh and Mike nobody thinks theLions are a playoff team, just that they are a lot better. Their secondary is bad, they have a nice stop gap with Peterson at LB but their D-Line is gonna be good, and they have a nice looking offense with the best rated line in the North. Not that any of the lines in the north are good, just they have the best one. Anouther good offseason and they will be pretty good. You just don't want to overlook that D-Line and that offense cause they could hurt a team with some of their weapons.

Best is explosive, nobody on the Bears can cover a healthy Johnson, they have two good TE's, and a young stud QB. Burleson is also decent,

With that O-Line as it is now, 4 QB's is not enought !!! Nice job Angelo !!!

With that O-Line as it is now, 4 QB's is not enought !!! Nice job Angelo !!!

Joe Felicelli, nice post (as usual), thats probably how the Bears quarterback situation is gonna turn out.

Richard Rahl, couldn't of said it better myself. A lot of people don't take into consideration that not only is LeFevour new to this scheme (and the NFL), but so are the young receivers he is throwing the ball to. And yes, if 7 of them balls are not dropped, his numbers would look a lot better.

I'd like to see LeFevour stick around in Chicago and get some time to better develop his skills here in Chicago for a season on the practice squad, but I wish the kid luck if someone else picks him up GO BEARS!!

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