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What will the Bears do with LeFevour?

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The Bears used a sixth-round pick in the NFL Draft to select Downers Grove native Dan LeFevour.

He was an intriguing player, given his brilliant career at Central Michigan, where he broke numerous records and made plays both with his feet and his arm.

But after two weeks of training camp, LeFevour has hardly looked ready to make a meaningful contribution to the 2010 Chicago Bears. LeFevour hasn't consistently made plays and, perhaps most alarming, his arm just doesn't look like NFL material.

What about his legs, which propelled him to nearly 3,000 rushing yards and 47 rushing touchdowns? He hasn't been running circles around the Bears first-, second-, or third-string defenses.

All of this presents the club with a difficult decision.

It's unrealistic to think the Bears could release him, hope he clears waivers and joins the team's practice squad. With 31 other teams, if he shows any redeeming value, at least one other club will tuck him away on their 53-man roster and try and develop him. That happened when I was in Minnesota with Tyler Thigpen, a seventh-round pick of the Vikings in 2007. An unknown out of Coastal Carolina, the Vikings tried to sneak him onto their practice squad, only to have the Kansas City Chiefs make room for him on their 53-man roster. Thigpen started 11 games for the Chiefs in 2008, and he posted a solid 76.0 passer rating. He was made expendable when a new coaching regime took over, but Thigpen is currently on the Miami Dolphins roster.

But the Bears have a roster loaded with veterans, and they may have to "redshirt" -- as many of you regulars call it -- a few other draft picks. Seventh-round pick J'Marcus Webb has shown too much potential to think he's going to wind up on the Bears practice squad. And cornerback Joshua Moore may not be strong enough now -- he only did two bench presses of 225 pounds at the NFL Combine -- but he also has flashed enough to make it difficult to think he'd clear waivers. Third-round pick Major Wright and fourth-round pick Corey Wootton appear certain to make the 53-man roster.

And given some depth at other key positions, the Bears may have to seriously think about carrying two quarterbacks on the roster again.

Viewers probably won't be paying attention when LeFevour takes the field tonight, in the Bears preseason opener against the San Diego Chargers. But I can assure you scouts from other teams will be watching his every step, decision and pass.

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Sean you clearly did not read what Kevin ArmGruden said about this guy. He is a total beast, the greatest QB ever and once we trade Hanie for a first or second round pick he can take over and be the next Rodgers for the Bears. I myself will go with running the option.

But what will they do with this legend in Kevin's mind? This unstoppable force of nature. Or as Kevin ArmGruden would say:

ArmGruden: "Let me tell you something I don't know if my pants are to tight? But I love this guy." "This guy is Blitzkrieg Chaos, he's Conrete Cyanide!""



"I SAY Bear Down after everything so people won't get confused and will know I am a Bear Fan. BEAR DOWN!!!!!"



Sean you got an inactive list coming?

A little too early to pull the trigger now, give the kid a chance let him watch from the sidelines for a year and come back next year then we will truly see what he has if anything.

But don't pull the trigger yet.

Joe Montana did not even start his first year and he turned out to be pretty good, would we not all agree? Although I don't expect this kid to be a Montana caliber player he may be a very good NFL QB with some real upside.

A little too early to pull the trigger now, give the kid a chance let him watch from the sidelines for a year and come back next year then we will truly see what he has if anything.

But don't pull the trigger yet.

Joe Montana did not even start his first year and he turned out to be pretty good, would we not all agree? Although I don't expect this kid to be a Montana caliber player he may be a very good NFL QB with some real upside.

I just hope that PackerBacker does not join this thing, he sucks!

The Dali says Join "Blacknbluenyou" September 4th if you have the Quihones to face defeat!


Are you taking a page out of Mulligan's book and using my material? I brough up this same exact argument after the Bears drafted him with a 6th round pick. Any potential that this guy shows in the pre season is going to make him a 'no-no" for the practice squad. And you are right, he hasn't been impressive at camp, but if he shows any flashes at all, he will be snatched up in a heart beat.
I do have to dissagree with you on Joshua Moore. When I was there, he was non-existent and to my knowledge you nor Neil have mentioned him at all in the blogs. I think when real action begins and he comes up for run support and a big hungry back who needs to make a splash runs him over, the scouts will back off him like rats off a sinking ship. Seriously...2 reps at 225#? I knew women at Schaumburg Powerhouse back in the day that could do 4-5 at 225. And it's not like he came from a Div. III school or something. It was a Big 12 conference school.
Oh, by the way, your comment that no one will be watching LeFevour when he takes the field? Are you kidding? Who's the most popular Bear throughout the ages? The back up QB's on the roster. Haha. Even with Cutler firmly entrenched as the starter, you know Bear's fans will be clamouring for LeFevour to do well so the Bear's can trade him for a 2nd rounder next year...cracks me up just saying it, but I heard those arguments back in April when I said it was a wasted pick seeing as the Bear's had/still have so many needs.

Knock it off with the LeFevour bashing, Creighton. He's on the Bears, and therefore is headed for the Hall of Fame. There's nothing wrong with inconsistency, slowness, and a weak arm. Like interceptions, they add mystery and excitement to the game.

Tyler Thigpen is a very valuable asset and even to today continues surprising coaches with all of his talents. It took Miami, who has a wild cat offense, giving Thigpen another Wild Cat focus like he was used to at Coastal Carolina University where he and Jerome Simpson (Cinci Bengals) put up some outstanding numbers their senior year. Look it up. Jerome Simpson is another "unknown" from CCU who, in the preseason this year, is looking AWESOME.

RE: LeFevour and other rookies

I hope that Chicago gives up on Dan LeFevour. They don't deserve him. Chicago bashes so many of it's rookies each year, they should get some inferior talent instead. What ever happened to developing players, teaching them and conditioning them to lead the program, with PATIENCE. Chicago has too many pigs for fans, who are rude and lack maturity in understanding professional sports. I'll bet many parents of young athletes in Chicago have all the answers for their kids playing sand lot ball, a real mature group of sporting aficionado's. There are so many quarterbacks in the NFL that will be taught each teams system, virtually all teams will coach their QB,s, patiently and methodically through physical and intellectual conditioning. Chicago has so many idiots on the sidelines and press boxes that fail to understand the conditioning of specialized athletes. Send him elsewhere, with all the other rookies and I hope they reign havoc on the Bears. I too have noticed that the Bears coaching staff does little to develop players. Why doesn't Chicago just go to McDonald's where they can get instant gratification NOW, to heck with quality work in the kitchen. Go rookies and hope Chicago trades all of you. They don't deserve you and there are good teams that will develop you to become top notch players in the NFL.

Have it your way, Silverbw.
p.s. Throw a couple of your starters in with all the rookies, see how they do)

silver, while its ok for you to have an opinion, calling all of us chicago fans "immature pigs" is just proving that your an immature pig that doesnt have any real opinion, you only stated that you dont like the bears which is fine but you made incorrect assumptions that would have the city of chicago chasing you with guns

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