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What do the Bears need to do?

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There's so much negativity swirling around this team this season, especially on this blog. I understand why. That Bears have underachived for three straight seasons and fans have no confidence in general manager Jerry Angelo and coach Lovie Smith.

I'm writing about what the Bears need to do on Saturday night against the Cardinals to make me feel better about this team.

What about you?

What can the Bears accomplish this preseason that would make you feel better about the team and direction the franchise is headed?

I can already predict some of the smart aleck answers you will come up with. Think about it, though. What can the Bears do to convince you they can be a playoff contender?

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From what I have seen of the O and D lines even with the additions and subtractions, there are serious problems with both. I expect another year of watching teams convert 3rd and 25 with alacrity and dispatch undeterred by any pass rush or tight coverage........This eras NFL can turn things around quickly, except it seems in Chicago.

Play aggressive, attack, attack, attack and then attack some more! Press HARD on the receivers on 3rd and long. TACKLE FIRST....STRIP THE BALL 2nd! Max protect Cutler and WREAK HAVOC on defense!.......That is all:-)

hey i think the bears should consider running more bootlegs, and going to a more no huddle offense just to take pressure off the o-line. Also bears should consider more zone blocking than man to man for the o-line in the running game.

The Bears need to pray, hope, and wish that something good will come out of Sat's game

Stay healthy. A healthy team at least has a chance to do something once the real games begin. Other than that, preseason is just a chance for fans like me to play scout. When I watched Devin Hester as a rookie in his preseason debut, I told people he was going to be a monster and he was. My predictions for Garrett Wolfe didn't pan out and now he may soon be gone. Hit or miss, right Mr. Angelo?

On defense, get consistent pressure with a 4 man rush; stop somebody on third down and get off the field. On offense, pass protect so Cutler isn't running for his life; pick up the blitz; drive block for consistent gains in the running game. On special teams, consistently cover kicks and punts; set up some decent returns.

I think it's obvious the Bears have to improve the play of their offensive line. Additionally, Lovie needs to let go of his cover two defense and play a defense that isn't so easily picked apart by a league that has dealt with that defense for years. The secondary looks weak, and Urlacher isn't the same player anymore, I hate to say.

Cutler will be good, as will Forte and Taylor, plus the tight ends. The receivers will be improved, but I think we need to be realistic in that the Packers are a better team, as are the Vikings, and the Lions are improving. Goodbye Lovie, hello Singletary.

I'm not gonna be looking much from a team as a whole because it is pre season. They are not game planing for Arizona the Bears are game planing for themselves so...

Im looking for individual performance.

Cris Williams I am looking to see him go one on one and drive his man back. He seems to want to hold his man in one spot and it is not working well for him.

Omiyale this guy I want to see him be the best Bears cheerleader the Bears have. His best move will be on the sidelines high fiven his team mates when they do well.

Johnny Knox he has been doing good and looks like a NFL wide out. I want to see him get out of a jam and burn his guy.When he is able to do that watch out cause this guy is good already.

Cris Harris needs to cover his guy a little tighter. Looks like he might start the season as a FS and in this style of cover 2 the FS needs to know who to cover his man!

Anthony Adams shows up and proves to the coaches that he is the man to start the season next to Tommy Harris.

As far as everything else Turnovers are probably gonna make this season or break it. If the defence can get take-a-ways and the offence plays smart then I do believe that the Bears can make a run for the playoffs.

I don't really care so much about the offense. It's a work in progress, and I'd say about 90% of the wins I can remember in my lifetime were with pretty terrible offenses.

I haven't really panicked too much about the pre-season struggles. The Colts annually suck in pre-season. But if the defense gets carved up by Derek Anderson and a struggling Cards offense (without Fitzgerald right now), I would honestly be worried. Defense has plenty of talent, but it had plenty of talent in 2007 as well. It just won't feel like a traditional Bears team unless the defense returns to top 10 this year.

yeah, its the preseason, but i think the 'we're playing vanilla schemes' excuse is pretty flimsy. so are the other teams, and at some point you realize that good teams can just line up their 22 guys and play good vanilla football and look competent. so what am i looking for? i'm looking for a team to show up and look like they know what they're doing. sounds pretty generic right? but really, what else can be said. i don't care if we lose to the cards 59-10 in the preseason. it's preseason. what i DO care about is that the team can keep cutler upright, give him time to throw. the recievers are where they're supposed to be and can catch balls placed well. the running game looks like it can do more than pick up 1-2 yards per carry and the defense can generate the occasional rush and cover the other team's recievers. just basic, solid football. right now, the bears can't seem to display any of those traits and if that's the case, then it doesn't matter if they win or lose their preseason games by 20, the regular season is going to be tough.

3 things they need to do in the game against the Cards to start building some confidence (and competence) for the upcoming season:

BLOCK SOMEBODY!!!! Pass blocking has been awful, and the run blocking has not been all that great so far

TACKLE SOMEBODY!!! Camp Lovie is too soft, and it shows in the early season when we miss tackles like they are radioactive

CATCH THE BALL!!!! Dropped passes are going to kill us if they keep up at the pace they are dropping them so far.

I wouldn't mind seeing Derek Anderson taking several legal shots on the pass rush either. Peppers, Anderson, and Harris are all going to need to have big pass rush seasons. It will protect us from our mediocre coverage skills in the secondary.

Against the Cards, the Bears need to rush the passer and pass-block. If they can do those two things I'll feel much better about the season. Going forward, they'll need to add good run-blocking to that list. If they do do those three things, they can be a playoff contender.

Can they win it all? With aging, highly paid guys at linebacker and defensive line, no. In the long run, the Bears would probably be better off blowing up the team and starting over, but that'd be a tough sell to the fans.

What I need is for the corners to press and not give up so much room on the slants, and for the safeties not to bite on head fakes, pump fakes and look offs and stay with their receivers. Let's have some tips in the air and interceptions, and some aggressive play cutting routes and having support behind. Let's have some Bob Sanders-like or Todd Bell/Doug Planck-like hits on receivers.

WIN It sets a tone, even in preseason.

Call Ron Rivera now, and tell him to get ready to put his house up for sale in San Diego.

I think to make me feel better about the season I'd need to see the following:

5 consecutive pass plays without a pressure - I understand that they'll give more help in the season although if we simply cant block 1on1 at LT, RG & RT then we'll be fundamentally screwed in pass pro and it'll hamper Martz's creative gameplanning.

Re-routing in the under zones - People talk about running vanilla schemes in the preseason, the Tampa Two is a vanilla scheme and if thats what Lovie wants to run in the regular season it better be executed better than it has the last 3 years and that starts with rerouting both by the corners on the outside and also by the OLBs on TEs. At the moment short stick and slant passes are uncontested and apart from the odd Tillman strip are an easy 5-10 yards on every down.

Vertical movement in the running game - Seriously, I've not seen a line in the NFL that makes less of an impression coming off the ball. It looks like they're almost pass blocking with high hats looking to just get leverage and forgetting the drive phase, I've no idea how this is going to be remedied as it's been bad for years and the guys they've brought in show no aggression.

Stay healthy and hope other teams do have injuries more than the Bears. Win the first game of the season and hopefully the second. After that momentum surely comes in play more. Offense production is key for the Bears with O-line etc. Defence may not be the best there is but stable and more reliable. Go Bears!

These Bears have no claws.

You can't back pedal on defense once the ball is hiked.

Urlacher has had zero sacks in each of 3 of the past 4 seasons.

And this is the leader on defense?

Lovie's defense is supposed to bend and not break , but this Bear's defense is constantly bending over on third and long and getting reamed a new one.

Bad News Bears.

Dump Lovie and Jerry Lewis.

I have no concerns about Peppers, the LBs, Cutler, the RBs, the TEs, or the WRs. I don't care if they win or loose.

I would like to see first and foremost, good individual performances from 1) the O line (especially Williams, Omiyale and Louis), 2) the secondary (especially the safeties and nickel backs), 3) and the D line (especially Mark Anderson, Idonije, and the tackles). I would also like to see some dominance from Tommie Harris (though I think he has looked pretty good so far). And I would like to see the WRs burn the Cards for a couple of big plays.

Secondly, I would like to see a lot more aggression on defense. I would like to see Major Wright vs. Chargers type hits all the way around (and Manning to take good angles consistently). I want to see a defense that makes the QBs gulp and not lick their lips.

Thirdly, I would like to see an offense that is in sync and can score in the red zone.

Fourthly, some good special teams play.

Fifthly, Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre, and the entire Dallas and New Orleans offense to get injured. Ha!

everyone is talking about "fixing flat tires" when it's the engine that's going to blow...that engine is Lovie Smith, a horrible coach unable to motivate the once nasty Bears and never adapts to anything in the second half of games.It used to be that no matter how bad the Bear's were teams always knew they played them because they got the snot knocked out of them, they were feared. Then along came Smith and now teams laugh at us...Bear football doesn't exist anymore thanks to him. Paul said it right....bears without claws and you can thank Smith for that.

We Bears fans all want to see the same thing: the Bears kicking ass. The '85 Bears set a standard that all us modern fans will always hold the Bears to: we want a team that kicks the other teams ass and sends them away dismantled, battered, and humiliated. We want to see football the way it was meant to be played: hard-nosed, all-out, and well-executed. We want to see lots of points for the Bears and none for the opponent. Period.

When all is said and done, the Bears have mediocre talent. That's Angelos fault. Then they are poor at developing them. That's Lovie's fault. The Bears are trying to rely on low draft picks and undrafted free agents. Every now and then they really hit on one.But the first day draft picks have for the most part been woeful. Finding a sleeper every now and then is terrific. Trying to make up for poor drafting and development is a sure way to mediocrity.


What's wrong with the Bears? Hmmmmmm

Uh.... THEY SUCK!!!! Their head coach is a dolt. Their GM's a dolt. Their owner is clueless on how to run an NFL franchise. They're in too deep with the City of Chicago. Who has a lease with any city these days regarding a stadium? Their stadium is the smallest in the league, so revenue streams are limited. Since they don't own the stadium, other revenue streams are squelched. Nuff Said!

I want to see consistency from the O line, I thought they pass blocked good the first game, but didn't run block good. The second game I thought they run blocked good, but had problems pass blocking. And just be better on 3rd downs defensively.

Here is the list of Top 10 things the Bears can do to make me feel they are legit playoff contenders.

1. Play the game aggressive discipline, with tenacity, with few errors football. No stupid penalties, no penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct like what has happened in the past where a player is thrown out of the game or a key play that was made successfully is overturned due to personal penalties that provides first downs to the opponent or kills a drive for the Bears offense.
2. Create pressure and hits on the QB at the point of attack to disrupt the offense, create turnovers and make the other team know they are being dominated at the line of scrimmage. Hopefully, consistently with the defensive line play and occasionally with blitz, or stunt packages.
3. Dominate on third down both offensively and defensively. More aggressive posture defensively on third down with corners and linebackers not playing so soft. And let the defense make a statement by letting the opponent know that coming across the middle is going to be quite painful. Hit with authority and make the other team know this is the Bears. Good old fashion smash mouth football.
4. Smart and exceptionally physical safety play against the rush and pass.
5. Offensive line play that again is less finesse but more brutal. The O line should be having its way with the D line, the offense needs to have a nasty attitude like the offensive lines of the mid 80's Bears. They truly did dominate the line of scrimmage. An offensive line that will give the QB time to make a play and will open holes for the running game.
6. QB play that is smart football, when the play is not there, not throwing into coverage for an interception in the red zone on either end of the field is just crazy. Cutler has the physical tools, now it is time for him to show he is the best QB in the league not just in the top 50% of the league.
7. Special Teams once again dominating and finishing top 3 in the league with not any one aspect of special teams hurting the team but rather winning games for the Bears as they have in the past.
8. Wide receivers that play aggressively, run routes correctly and win the battles with the corner backs for the football. Making a statement as physical as the other areas of the team, a Hinse Ward type of approach to football.
9. The coaches defense and offense, call a better and more aggressive game plan than in the past and actually create a plan and halftime adjustments that work.
10. Lovie stepping it up and becoming a exceptional coach instead of an average coach. He should instill the pride and determination of a dominant winner in the Bears. Not allow for the team to blow it as they have in the past when 1 more win gets them in the playoffs.


Since your question was specific to this next preseason game, I would say "just stop someone". Pick either the D or the O. On D stop them from converting third and longs, and on O, stop them from
sacking or hitting the QB. If they can do those two things I would at least feel we will be competitive.

Punch a lineman. Rip a helmet off. Slap a chearleader...something to let me know that the Monsters Of The Midway are back! Can't say much about the offense, because the team doesn't even know how that'll work out, but the D needs to regain their mean-streak and put the fear of God into opposing teams!

If Bears offense can march up and down and score couple of touchdown then we have some hopes for this team. That would get us excited and get DA BEARS going!

I think it's safe to say we will see unpredictability from our offense (even if we don't in the pre-season). What I would really like to see from our defense is a variety of looks and unpredictability as well. We will score points-use that knowledge to take some big risks on D. Drop your NT and DT into short coverage to take away slants while doing unbalanced blitzes with corners and LBs from the same side of the ball while playing MTM. It doesn't make sense to have the ball moved steadily on our D, only to have the other team score-and then continue to play the same conservative way. Get creative, inventive, put the fear into the QB-disguise coverages more, create much more movement. The O will allow for some mis-steps, but the upside is a lot more turn overs, blow outs and momentum.

First, keep the defense from eating 24 to 48 hours before the game.
Second, just before game time, someone sneak up to the opposing QB's helmets and duct tape a foot long burrito to the top of each one. Third, enjoy the show.

What would make me feel better ? Jerry Angelo's IMMEADIATE resignation.

I want the Bears to do three things. First, I expect Management to be consistent. Don't tell us one day that the Bachup QBs are fine and then start trolling for veteran. This is but one example.

Second, protect Cutler. There is no excuse for ignoring the OL in the off-season given its poor performance last season. But, now they will ahve to improvise and motivate. Mike Tice, you better lose soem sleep!

Third, deal with third and long situations. The corners sucked last year. The Bears came out of hibernation long enough to draft two players and re-acquire Harris, but I still do not get the feeling Lovie knows he has a major problem. God forbid he was in charge of the space program! All the shuttles would be grounded. The Bears better learn intelligent aggression or they will be sucking air on third and long.

The recievers are a non-issue. The Bears have good players. THey just wait too long to turn them loose -- witness Aromashudo.

The Bears are trying to get away from who they are...N/M a high flying offense...get back to a run game, D and ST..The D is getting old so they need to start drafting people

Look I gave Lovie a chance year after year but sorry to say its time for him to go. Why not have a Bear in charge again that is proving himself in the NFL, and already made us look like fools. If we gonna get a new coach why not Ron Rivera.

In the first place this a great post idea Sean.

To answer your question, in this preseason game the Bears need to (in order):

1)Finish the game without losing any important pieces of the pie.
2)Get answers to as many question as possible while accomplishing No. 1 above. Some examples are:
a. Is this really our best 5 on O-line?
b. Who are our safetys and where do they play?
c. Who is our third running back?
d. Who are our #5 and 6 wideouts?
e. Do we really have backup corners or is it time to watch the
f. Is it time to cut their losses with LeFevour or do they devote
some serious resources to developing him.
g. You get the idea.
3)Instill some confidence. Convince the players that it is all going
to work if they do their job.
9999) Win and look good doing it.

Neil, on Saturday night, and for as long as it takes to get the OL Linemen's heads screwed on straight, .... the Offense of the Bears needs to go with a rolling pocket!

Otherwise, Cutler will get killed.

As for the Defense, .... just keep shuffling players to see just who WANTS to play. ... There's too much talent on D. ... They will eventually fit the pieces together.

It's too bad that Urlacher DOESN'T really want to play anymore. He's Favre, Jr. ... NOBODY should be above getting their a$$es benched!! ... At least when Favre decides to play ..... he produces! ... and plays hurt!

The problem with the Bears are 1) Owners who are afraid to make changes. The Bears would be a million times better if they had an owner such as Mark Cuban.

2) Lovie Smith. He should have been fired 3 seasons ago. He has ZERO passion on the sidelines. The Bears are the type of team who need someone like a Ditka, Singletary, etc...

3) Jerry Angelo. Should have been fired 3 seasons ago.

4) Get rid of Jerry and Lovie.. and get a coach who won't put up with the prima donas.. and will kick butt. Let the coach be the GM and coach...

Do the above, and we're a superbowl contending team again, instead of being a... could be a 10-6 team or a 6-10 team EVERY year.

Nothing. The Bears have been going down hill ever since Jim Finks was run out of town. The problem is with ownership and management and that won't be fixed before this weekend's game. Finks built the '85 Bears around solid offensive and defensive lines beginning in the late '70's. It takes time and Offensive Linemen don't sell tickets. But, they win Championships. Jim McMahon and Willie Gault were not added until the O Line was in place. It will take 3-5 years to get a championship OL and DL in place and hopefully Cutler and Peppers will still be around. Until then, this is a house of cards without a solid foundation and not a Championship team. The McCaskeys need to get the right management team in place or sell the team. They are caretakers of a Chicago institution.

Nothing. The Bears have been going down hill ever since Jim Finks was run out of town. The problem is with ownership and management and that won't be fixed before this weekend's game. Finks built the '85 Bears around solid offensive and defensive lines beginning in the late '70's. It takes time and Offensive Linemen don't sell tickets. But, they win Championships. Jim McMahon and Willie Gault were not added until the O Line was in place. It will take 3-5 years to get a championship OL and DL in place and hopefully Cutler and Peppers will still be around. Until then, this is a house of cards without a solid foundation and not a Championship team. The McCaskeys need to get the right management team in place or sell the team. They are caretakers of a Chicago institution.

Nothing. The Bears have been going down hill ever since Jim Finks was run out of town. The problem is with ownership and management and that won't be fixed before this weekend's game. Finks built the '85 Bears around solid offensive and defensive lines beginning in the late '70's. It takes time and Offensive Linemen don't sell tickets. But, they win Championships. Jim McMahon and Willie Gault were not added until the O Line was in place. It will take 3-5 years to get a championship OL and DL in place and hopefully Cutler and Peppers will still be around. Until then, this is a house of cards without a solid foundation and not a Championship team. The McCaskeys need to get the right management team in place or sell the team. They are caretakers of a Chicago institution.

Umm. There is nothing they can do this year, let alone the preseason.

Have you seen the Packers, Vikings, and Cowboys play yet? They all have completely dominant lines on both sides of the ball. The Bears cannot win any of these games, barring injury to a few of each of these team's players. It would be a huge upset if the Bears won any one of these 5 games during the season.

Then, you have the AFC schedule. The Jets, Pats, and Dolphins all have the same qualities as the above NFC teams. Huge upset if the Bears win any one of these 3 regular season games.

They can look as good as they want to in the pre-season against the Chargers, Raiders, Cards, and Browns all they want. But they are physically overmatched in style, coaching, and talent against these opponents they will face in 8 games this season.

Perhaps if they were facing the NFC West and AFC South I think they could have a chance to sneek in the playoffs, but not this year.

There are only 3 teams on the schedule they look better than on paper. That is Detroit, Buffalo, and Seattle. Carolina, Washington, Philly, and NYG are all evenly matched with the Bears.

They would have to win all 8 of these games, and upset 2 of the good teams to get in. Doubt both happen this year.

Lovie did good for the first 3 years, but I don't know what happened to him since then. But he has not gotten the job done with the players on the field. Not that he can thank his GM for drafting good talent anyways. No pro bowlers picked by Angelo since the 2004 draft when Harris went from 05 to 07. None. That ain't gonna get it done.

I hope they do good, but I don't see it happening this year.

It starts at the top. Angelo must go, and Lovie should be right behind. We need someone who understands how football is played in the GM's chair. On the field, we need some offensive line bricks to build a wall of protection for Quarterback Jay backing up and Matt Forte going forward. Fingers crossed for the moment.

What would give me confidence in these Bears? Four things:

1) consistently open up holes for the running backs
2) protect the quarterback
3) stop teams on third and long
4) showcase some young guys and prove that this staff can actually develop talent

the Bears hope they are going to win and if they go out and execute perfectly then they can indeed go 8-8...their chief rivals, the Packers and Vikings have so much more confidence in terms of believing in themselves that even if they don't play perfectly they still can each win 10+ games just through their confidence and ability to finish games. occasionally the Bears can pull off an upset like against Minnesota last December but even those games end up being like pulling teeth to close out. the only thing I disagree with in the opening blog comments is that the Bears have underachieved the past three years -- I think they've actually been lucky to win as many games as they have.

Aside from keeping everybody healthy, the rest of the preseason is pretty meaningless.
There will be some personnel decisions made and I hope there won't be any really boneheaded ones.
We'll know exactly where this team stands after the season opener against the Lions.
Every year we seem to match up worse against Detroit but regardless of who wins I don't think the final score
will be all that close.
If the Bears lose they could be 0 and 4 after the first month, panic mode will set in and the second half schedule is brutal.

Isn't it obvious? Take Lovie, Marinelli, their STUPID "Tampon 2" scheme, Angelo and stuff them in a trash can where they belong. Notice I didn't refer to the "Tampon 2" as a defense because it doesn't defend against anything except victories.

Hire Bill Cowher, install the Steelers Zone Blitz Defense and let Mike Martz run wild with Cutler.

If Angelo and Lovie Forbes Magazine is soon going to be ranking the Bear's net worth at ZERO.

Lovie and Angelo have destroyed this franchise.

End of story.

The Great Carnac sees the following:

The team will stink and revert to usual Smith form. Too many tackles will be missed, too many third down conversions given and the O-Line will struggle. Excuses will abound and platitudes will be uttered by the bobble-head coach. When the dust finally settles in January, 2 of the 3 Stooges at the top will be gone. The crystal ball isn't totally clear on this but I see a guy with a big mustaches and angry chin as a potential replacement for the departing stooges. The growl could return to the Bears if Cowher comes! The growl could return if Little Orphan Annie came to replace the departing stooges...

They need to clean up special teams. There is no defense good enough to consistently hold teams when they start on the opposing O's 40-45yd line.

When they lose (not if) it would be nice if, instead of reading from The Chicago Bears Playbook of Stock Answers, these players actually spoke like it stings them as much as their fans. Get pi$$ed off. Rant. Yeah, it's a business, but it's a pretty damned emotional business. Sure, the 1985 Bears were 1-3 in pre-season. This ain't the '85 Bears. This ain't the 2006 Bears.

The late, great Warren Zevon said it best: HIT SOMEBODY! It's about hockey, but the sentiment is the same:

Buddy's real talent was beating people up
His heart wasn't in it but the crowd ate it up
Through pee-wee's and juniors, midgets and mites
He must have racked up more than three hundred fights
A scout from the flames came down from Saskatoon
Said, "There's always room on our team for a goon
Son, we've always got room for a goon"

Sorry, Neil, but a lot of these answers given here today aren't smart aleck, they're just smart.


They should have fired phillips, angelo, lovie, marinelli and babbage before this season started. (And now they can add a new face/looser to rid themselves of at the end of this year, the new director of player personnel, Ruskell). That would have afforded them a couple of seasons of loosing so they can rebuild with good draft picks and other acquisitions. The hiring of someone like Ron Rivera as head coach would go long way in convincing the fans that the McCashkies are serious about restoring the bears to being a respectable team again.
Nothing will improve on this team until the above is accomplished. There are currently more broken parts to this team than last year or the year before. And there will be more broken parts next year as long as we have this motley crew running this show.

They need an easy schedule to even have a chance to get to the same record as last year. They don't even have that for this year.

My suggestion is go find some other team to root for this year because its going to be a sad year for the bear fan that sticks with this team in 2010 with no future to think about.

Yes, the offensive line might get better as the season goes on but the schedule for the second half of this season is gruesome.
The D-line and the rest of the defense will not change as long as Lovie is in charge of the bears. Expect no different than what you clearly saw the last 2 years. They may have replaced a DE with a better DE but there is only one play on our D-line that commands double-teaming. All teams can provide that kind of protection for their QB. What made matters worse it that the bears got rid of the right DE because of money, a player that did command double teaming from time to time. If his replacement is that good, why didn't the replacement start last year?
There are no improvement at safety. And the running backs will only go as far as the O-line will take them.
Cutler will get crushed in every game this year without protection from the O-line. We have O-line problems because angelo can't draft.

There is nothing good to say about the bears this year. Nothing!!!!

They talked about bringing back the MONSTERS of the MIDWAY, they look more like a speed bump in a cul-de-sac. If they even hallucinate that they can live up to this, they should watch some game film of the Bears in the late 70's and early 80', before the Super Bowl Shuffle.

I know the Bears did not win alot in the 70's, but other teams would not want to have played another quarter against them. Fencik and Plank would put a lick on you if you were down, in the play or out of the play. Killer instinct is missing today.

The defensive line if they could not get to the quarter back they would pancake the O linemen into him. I do not see anybody with the "I am going to go through you mentality" of Danimal or McMicael.

The offensive line today looks passive. Thayer, Osborne and the rest would be blowing the D line two yards on a pass play.

I know players today have follow the game plan and cover thier assingments, but like an actor or musician who just read the lines, its flat. They have to put some heart into this.

all the fans are saying good things in their own way.i see frustration in our fans.the ownership thinks that they can send any product out on the field and make what do they will still go to the bad games,i mean ball games.but if the fans would for once in this teams history stop coming to these bad games then the ownership would have to do know they won't do it on their own. lovie bad coach and defense. how in the world on third down you have your cornerback playing in the next state. then you say you need a pass rush, do you not know that pressure starts with the cornerback pressing the wideout to give your line time to get to the quarterback,make him look longer and there for get sacked.i felt good about the bears getting culter last year but i knew they wouldn't have a line for him,so he's running for his we still don't have a quarterback.this is how the bears do have to surrond your team with players who can play around your stars. this is a city where stars come to die. i would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when lovie conned the bears into being their next failure as a coach.bill cowher, ron rivera, singletary, and that cornerback off the 85 team who is coaching for the vikes, how did that you see how ownership and manage-
ment has stayed away from their about dewayne wade saying the bulls don't take care of their own, how about the bears.the fans
for their part would have hired some of these former players. did you see how angelo wasted our second round pick on a player who i'm sad to say wound up dying, when he could have keep it after drafting jarron gilbert, and henry melton.this isn 't rocket science
jerry.there are some good football men out there who could be a great general manager. how about the guy we got from the saints who drafted the 85 team.forgot his name,all i'm saying is the ownership does have something to draw you think they will ever get it the time they do they'll be playing football on another planet.i hope this is by design and they put jerry and lovie on a boxcar and send them out of town.the chicago fans are the greatest fans on earth, pat yourselves on the back because you deserve better

Ok Neil,

First the offense will only be as good as the offensive line allows it to be. With Garza moving over to the left side, that will continue to weaken the right side. That too shows you the Bears still don’t have a left guard. I have always supported Mr. Angelo however, he refuses to build an O-line. I was happy he broke down and drafted my favorite bear, Chris Williams, but he needs to do a lot more. If Mr. Angelo can’t see that an offense is only as good as it’s O-line, than it’s time Mr. Angelo not see his paycheck.

Everyone always praises the WR because they see them with the ball getting the 1st downs and TDs, but it’s the O-linemen that allow the WRs to have an opportunity to do that. My point is that Cutler probably won’t have good stats again this year because he will be running for his life. Williams, Krutz and Garza on the left side just isn’t enough, we still need an actual LG, RT and probably a replacement for Krutz soon. Beekman isn’t a good replacement BTW.

I was screaming back in 2007 not to take Greg Olsen, but to move up and get Ben Grubbs. He went two positions ahead of the Bears to Baltimore, and I knew that was going to happen after San Francisco traded back into the 1st round to get that tackle. How great would it have been to have Ben Grubbs now playing left guard for us. Garza could go back to the right side and maybe from the collection of other tackles we have could find a decent RT. I personally would use a 1st round pick on a RIGHT tackle although I know no team does that. My point is that I would build a great O-line which is what wins you championship games. BTW, I think Greg Olsen is a major disappointment and our best TE is still Des Clark. Des isn’t fast and can’t stretch the defense, but he can catch the ball. I’ve said for years that Des was the best hands on the team.

I’m tired of everyone talking about WRs as the “be all end all” to championships. They are the most overrated position in all of sports. If WRs are really that important than why did the Patriots lose the Super Bowl in 2007? Because the Patriots’ O-line lost control of the line of scrimmage in the 4th quarter and Tom Brady couldn’t get the WRs the ball. So what lesson should coaches and GMs take from that game? Build a great O-line!

Another thing that the Bears need to do is trade Tommie Harris. I mean how long will the coaching staff support this loser? From a talent stand point, he is awesome. However, he’s just messed up in the head and suffers from the same thing Benson did causing them both to be worthless. In January of 2008, I was screaming for the Bears not to give this guy an extension, because of his commits in August of 2007. I mean Harris should have been extremely motivated to get back to the Super Bowl since he didn’t have a chance to play in it, but instead he was talking about how he couldn’t get motivated again. By that point, he was considered a team leader, but I don’t want my team leaders talking that way. That’s why I love MIKE BROWN. Brown wasn’t talking about how hard it was to get motivated again, he just wanted to kill every opponent standing in front of him and the Super Bowl. My point, just look how Harris has played and what things he has done since. He was suspended for one game due to something he did, or wasn’t doing, at practice and was kicked out of a game three plays into it for punching another player. Tommy Harris needs to be traded for an O-lineman.

My 2010 Bears prediction: 5-11 if they lose the opener to the Lions. 6-10 if they win it. Although that doesn’t take injuries into account. Bear fans, don’t be surprised to see the Bears finish last in the North this year. The Lions are going to be a good team, they won’t make the playoffs, but they probably will win more games than the Bears.

Wow. Sometimes you sports writers grate on me with all your conspiracy theories, wild guesses, and fault finding (Don't mind finding the faults. Just like them to be the right faults.) But after reading many of the comments, I now feel sorry for my judgmental spirit and can say that I truly feel sorry for your predicament. I think I understand. I'm sorry I misjudged you. Thank you for having at least a shred of sports intelligence, and some of you have far more than that. Thank you for thinking somewhat rationally in a sea of bitter, irrational, reactionary, and seemingly fairly ignorant sports fans. Thank you for writing something that doesn't resemble hate mail. Please stay rational and know that there are at least some Bears fans out there who seem to actually enjoy watching football (even the Bears).


For this game, the #1 thing I want to see is Cutler protected. If the line breaks down again, I think everyone will be in panic mode. There is no way the Bears will improve this year if the line continues to play the way they have. I am not buying the garbage that they have 37 schemes to protect Cutler that they are saving for the regular season because that means they are risking the health of their franchise qb in preseason.

I am concerned about the same gaps being open in the defense on third down that we have been seeing the past 3 years. However, I will reluctantly buy the possibility that a defense is not showing all their coverages in preseason. That being said, if I see the same areas being exposed by the Detroit Lions in the the first game, grrrrrrrrr....

They should all kill themselves. They suck ballz. Anyone who spends a dime supporting this team is a tool.

This is how DUMB the Bears really are. Devin Hester was the most awesome offensive weapon I had ever seen. The Bears have turned him into a rather ordinary wide receiver.......And worse, now they appear to want that magic to return but are having him return punts. If he returns punts the opponent can kick out of bounds; without penalty. If he is back returning kick offs they can't kick out of bounds without the Bears getting the ball in good field position.

Well, the offensive line has proved they're as bad as last year, but the rest of the offense is decent; so we have a Castle Fort with no drawbridge.

The corners are nonexistent again, but the rest of the D, especially Major, look like they may have a breakout year; a row of good books with no bookends.

I'm not excited in the least!

After watching tonight's game; this is a 5-11 or 6-10 team at best. I just hope Cutler makes it through the season in one piece.

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