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Taylor and Forte getting along fine

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New Bears running back Chester Taylor has shared the backfield before, and he's getting along just fine with Matt Forte.

"I've been through this in Baltimore and Minnesota, with Adrian Peterson and Jamal Lewis. So I know how to work with another back and have depth in the backfield, because it's going to be a long season," Taylor said.

Signed in the offseason, after playing for the Vikings from 2006 to 2009, Taylor said he and Forte have a good relationship.

"We're real good," Taylor said. "We joke on the sideline. We hang out. We text each. I mean, he's a real good guy."

At this point, Forte is expected to start, but Taylor will also get meaningful snaps during the course of the game.

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They'll get along just fine; it's the offensive line I'm worried about. Tice has his work cut out for him. Our corners are terrible, our safeties are banged up and Tommie Harris and Albert Haynesworth need an exchange of scenery. Other than that, we're all fine!

It's only PRESEASON, you jackasses!!

Tripper, you have got to have some of the funniest posts on this site! Little to no actual football insight, but plenty of misguided, simplistic, head-scratching rants and screams fueled by what one could only hypothesize as a frequent use of psychoactive drugs.

Or in other words, you have all the unique, charming qualities of a half-blind, socially-regressed hermit addicted to pain killers and hallucinogens.

But before you remove your index finger from you nostril and say "Wuhhh???" out loud to yourself, let me just assure you that I highly encourage you to continue posting in the future, not just for the barrel of laughs you provide everyone on this site, but also for the confidence boosting realization that we're not you.

Thanks again, buddy! -mike

Thus the name Tripper. Mike, that was a great post!!!!

I swear that Tripper must have been caught when he was a child in the cold Tundra of Green Bay in some kind of mind freeze like all of those poor Packer fans who suffer from having to live in a society of no mental stimulation, only experiencing the base need based society of make fire, cook meat.

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