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Smith on backup QB job: "Every job is open to competition"

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Bears coach Lovie Smith didn't mince words.

Asked if the No. 2 quarterback spot is open, Smith said, "Every job is open to competition."

The job appeared to firmly be in the grasp of Caleb Hanie, who had a solid performance in the preseason opener against the San Diego Chargers. But, Hanie suffered a shoulder injury, and he's expected to be sidelined for at least another week.

The Bears today signed veteran Todd Collins, and they guaranteed him about $150,000 of a seven-figure base salary for the 2010 season. Collins won't get that money until he makes the opening day roster, but he was able to secure a portion of it, to make it worth his while to be here for the next two weeks.

"Got his feet wet a little bit today," Smith said of Collins. "Don't know if he'll play this week. As far as where he is on the depth chart and all those things, they'll work itself out, in time.

"Good to have him on the team."

Smith said Collins brings a lot of experience to the position, noting that he played in several offensive systems.

"Played in a system similar to our's, when he was in Kansas City and Washington, so it's a natural fit for him to come here," Smith said.

Meanwhile, Hanie said the team's decision to sign Collins was out of his hands.

"It's always good to have competition, to keep you on your toes," Hanie said. "I'm just going to keep on doing the same thing I'm doing.

"I can't really control what their thoughts are. They have their reason for doing things; they try to do what's best for the team. So, I just got to worry about what I can control, and try to get better."

Hanie, though, acknowledged that he needed to return quickly.

To make room for Collins, the Bears waived former Northwestern receiver Eric Peterman.

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I am sure all my fellow bloggers will be glad to know that every job is open to competition. I wish our thoughts were. For instance, take the thought "every job is open to competition." He should allow other thoughts to be expressed which compete with that thought: "every job is open to competition only by the broadest stretch of the imagination." Or: "the backup spot is now open to competition, but the starting job isn't - it's Jay's to lose." Some coaches might be more forthright than Lovie - say a Bill Parcels or a Rex Ryan- but then it wouldn't be Lovie.

Actually Lovie is not talking football here. The competition in question is the Bears own version of "Dancing with the stars" The Judges include Lovie, Angelo and Martz. Tomorrow is checkers and the next day is scrabble.

Coaching should be open to a competition with this team.

If it really is a competition like he says then how come when asked about Chris Williams getting some sompetition at LT he said "Chris Williams is our Left Tackle."

So I guess it's not really open is it?

Sean, this isn't news. I know you're new here but every year Lovie says that. Even though Urlacher is a clear cut starter, as is Briggs, Forte, Cutler, Kreutz, Williams, Harris etc. etc. Lovie is like a Speak and Say, you know, those toys that go, "The cow says moo!" or "The pig goes oink oink!" when you pull the string. Only pull the string on Lovie and you'll get, "We have a good football team. I like the team we have." or "(Insert name here) is a good football player."

Also, where did my other post go? Again, if you don't like certain posts then put up some guidelines or something and I'll be happy to abide by them. It's kind of annoying taking the time to write something up only to guess and wonder if it will ever see the light of day.

There's really not much more Caleb Hanie can say but "its always good to have competition, to keep you on your toes." The quarterback situation is what it is. Hanie played well and then went down. With an injury to his throwing shoulder, it could linger for the rest of the season. It was a good idea to bring in a vet like Collins who already has experience in the Bears offensive scheme to maybe backup Cutler.

I wouldn't count Hanie out though, Collins hasn't played in awhile, and while Martz's scheme is similar to what he ran in Kansas City, I'm sure there are some differences. Hanie has gotten a lot more reps than Collins in Martz's scheme even if he doesn't come back for another week. So you gotta figure Hanie does still have a shot to be the backup, especially with the fact Collins wasn't guaranteed anything as far as his position with the team when he signed.

I like the fact Hanie wants to come back, but I hope he doesn't hurry himself back too soon before he's 100%. Theres no use in coming back too soon and hurting yourself worse. The bottom line is Chicago sat themselves up pretty good with Collins and Hanie, either way they should have a pretty solid backup to Jay Cutler, the NFC norths best qb GO BEARS!!

Sorry, Mike. I'm not sure what happened to your other post. Frankly, it gets a little hairy sometimes for Neil and I, because we have to approve all the comments. I try to do them as quickly as possible, but we sometimes get backed up. And the longer ones are harder to approve, because it actually takes a long time to go through it, to make sure there are no issues.

Also, ones that have video links or picture links also take some time, as I need to double check that they are "appropriate." I've let a few slide, because I want you guys to be able to enjoy this forum.

The key is no cursing, over-the-top insults, etc... Disagreements are natural, including with me. Anyway, I gotta crank out my stories for tomorrow.

Sean you and Neil can feel free to forward me the posts and I will be happy to review and approve them for you guys.

What? You can trust me. No faith.

First we can changethe name from "inside the Bears' To "Creighton is the most awesome guy in the universe and the ultimate Bear insider super fantastic crazy blog super board Brando's need not post ever again."


I posted something here about 24 hours ago and haven't seen it as of yet. As in any of my posts, there was no profanity and the criticism was on target and not personally durogatory.

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