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SI picks Bears third in NFC North

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The Bears may have attempted to upgrade their talent, but they are projected to finish 7-9 again, according to Sports Illustrated.

In its NFL preview magazine, SI senior writer Peter King picked the Bears to finish third in the NFC North, behind the Green Bay Packers (11-5) and the Minnesota Vikings (10-6) but missing a postseason spot. In fact, SI has the Packers losing in the Super Bowl to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Detroit Lions are projected to finish 4-12.

I still haven't thought about the division and how things will stack up. But, I honestly believe the Lions will win more than four games. The defense has holes, but the offense has the potential to win some shootouts. How the other three NFC North teams fare against the Lions could make a huge impact on the final standings.

Other things worth noting:

* King ranked Julius Peppers the fifth-best pass rusher in the NFL.

* King has Aaron Rodgers as the MVP and Chris Johnson as the offensive MVP. He has Justin Tuck as the defensive MVP. He also has Carolina's John Fox as the coach of the year.

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PITTSBURGH??????????????? Hahahahahaha This King dude is a fool! I'm glad he picked G.B. to do so well. Now they have "The Curse"

Just a guess.

Wishing and hoping don't make it so. I predict that they will be 4th in the division. I am just as right as SI....or just as wrong.
The team is bad. The best that can happen this year is that lovie and angelo get fired.

If you look at Peter King's track record id take this with a grain of salt. The guy is all over the place every year. Pittsburgh Peter? Seriously?

And if Peppers is the 5th best DE, I wanna hear the 4 in front of him.. Im assuming Jared Allen is up there but who else is better? Dumervil? I think not..

Who has the worst secondary the Lions or the Bears. Cause the yhave a better line, better recivers, better TE's, and a better d-line and they look like they have a better back with Best. QB looks to be a draw at this point.

Peter King is the kiss of death. But the Packers are not going to lose the north. They are not going to the Super Bowl, but I doubt they lose the north.

I love the Bears -- but sadly see a 4th place finish for them in the north, and whole new crew at Halas Hall next year (starting all the way from the top).

I think the Bears will finish last in the North this year. Maybe they squeak one more win out over the Lions, but I doubt it. 4-12 is my prediction. I'll give the Lions 5 or 6 wins.

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