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Pisa vs. Roach will go down to wire

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To hear defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli tell it, the competition at strong-side linebacker between Pisa Tinoisamoa and Nick Roach will go down to the wire.

Both players have been rotating between the first and second teams. Expect special teams to play a role in the decision. Roach has been a key special teams contributor and keeping him in a backup role would likely make it easier for him to play on multiple specialty units.

"They're both playing well," Marinelli said. "They're going after it. We've got competition at that end position. There's some competition at the safety position. It's been good. It's so important that every snap, every game, it matters, and not just within our system and our techniques. We've got to find out who can step up and play.

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Pisa all the way! If healthy, he's better than Roach and Briggs! Film does not lie! GO BEARS!

Tripper your exactly right, the film doesn't lie and Pisa is ALWAYS around the ball and making plays with speed and aggressiveness. Not to take away from Roach who plays solidly and is extremely valuable as a top reserve and special teams ace, howevor he simply makes less dominant plays as opposed to Pisa who if healthy can certainly play at a Pro Bowl level.

I say Pisa, too. He's really more instinctive.

Where are you guys getting all this NFL game film from? Thats not fare, I just got my tv and the internet, you guys have game film. Damn.

I don't know, even if I had game film on Pisa from last season how much is their to actually watch. I don't think it matters neither guy is going to take the nfl by storm. The sam is off the field for at least 1/3 of all plays with Lovie sometimes more.

You know Briggs actually flips to either side depending on where the play is going or where they think it is going. He plays at the sam positon a few times a game.

I don't think it really matters though, neither is that great on the TE, neither is a pass rush threat, I am not sure. Roach struggled in the middle but he was pretty stout at the sam. He played well over there. Pisa he is pretty good too, either way unless both get hurt they should be fine at the sam.

I still want to know where you guys are getting all this game film? It's Lovie right? He hates me so he is sending it to you guys. That's such bull I can't wait till he is fired and the new guy gets hired and starts giving everyone game film.

Bill help me out, has Pisa ever been to a Pro Bowl? This is his 7th year, so just curious as to when he became a pro bowl calibur player. I don;t know that I have seen enough of him with the Bears to make that claim. He is a smart player but not a major athlete. For the nfl that is. A good athlete sure, but a pro bowl level athlete, I don't know about that. Kinda small not that strong, doesn't have great rnage. I guess you can say the same for Roach, but Pisa is not as fast as he once was.

Roach should be the guy. I think Pisa is solid, but nothing spectacular. I would rather use that roster spot for a guy like Malast, or Mayberry before he was released injured. If Roach wins the job, there is no reason to keep a guy like Pisa on the roster for special teams. Granted, you want to have a backup for injury, but I would rather see Shaw get a chance at strongside, or Hillenmeyer to get another go at it rather than keep Pisa on the team if he's not starting. Sooner or later, the youth movement is going to come to the LB corps, and having another guy with close to 10 years experience is not going to feed that very well.

The overall numbers across the NFL in 2008 (I think) said that teams were in nickel over 40% of the time, so I would expect that Lovie's defense is in it closer to 45-48% of the time, so the SAM is only on the field roughly half of the time in our defense. Most teams facing us know that spreading us out opens the run and the pass, since we do not attack the line of scrimmage well with our front.

i agree with the author pisa would be better to start and use roach in rotation and special teams.. another point in what i feel should be an option, is trying pisa at strong safety.. he hits like palamalu ( both samoan btw) and has good instincts but not sure about his speed..

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