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Pisa could win starting LB spot by default

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Bears linebacker Nick Roach could lose the starting strongside linebacker spot to Pisa Tinoisamoa for a second consecutive time.

Roach had arthroscopic surgery on his left knee today to clean out some debris, according to the team's website.

Roach should be ready for the season opener Sept. 12 against the Detroit Lions, the website added.

"We figured it was a small thing going in," Roach told the website. "Just with the timing of when the regular-season starts, it seemed like the right time to get it fixed, the proactive thing."

Roach and Tinoisamoa were in one of the better training camp battles, with both players having experience and athleticism. In fact, Tinoisamoa looked like he was going to have a solid season in 2009, until suffering a torn ACL in the second game and missing the remainder of the season.

Tinoisamoa has rebounded this offseason, and he takes a clear-cut lead with Roach sidelined after surgery.

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Lovie'c career here in Chicago has been a big injury fest like most teams in the NFL. Alot of Lovie's greatest roster moves have been because of injury. :)

I had hoped Roach would win the job outright, so we could release Pisa. But as long as Roach is rehabbing, the job is Pisa's for sure. That gives us a very strong player for special teams in Roach, and a versatile backup that can probably play all 3 spots in case of another injury during the season.

The concern I have with Pisa is that he has not been all that durable in his last few years. But then again, Roach is missing time again, and I think has missed time in every season he has been in the league. Overall, the depth and talent in our LB corps is very solid, with Hillenmeyer, Roach, Shaw, and either Iwuh or Malast rounding out the depth chart, so that will probably make our front 7 on defense the strongest area of the team. Secondary and offensive line are the weakest.

Not good if we can't throw, or stop the pass....Cutler may not even get to the back of a 7 step drop at any point this season without having to work in roll-outs and bootlegs...

Well when Pisa goes down with an injury Roach should be healthy by then. Doesn't really matter their is not a big gain or drop off betwee nthe two.

Now don't freak out Brando, I know Roach is your guy but he will be fine. It's all ok man, I saw you where really upset about this on that other article. But really it is not the huge deal you are making it.

You really need to learn to relax and not freak about everything.

Dude the Crazy Coyote will never catch the Road Runner. That's just life.

I like Pisa better anyway. Pisa has good speed and is a better tackler than Roach, who is prone to being run over by some of the bigger RBs in the league. Roach, who I didn’t like much at first because I couldn’t find him around the ball much two years ago, really came on last year, and is a good backup and special teamer to have on the roster. But I still think Pisa is the better LB to have in the starting lineup. Pisa’s injury thing is a concern, yes, but there’s no sense in not using a guy because he might get hurt, right?

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