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On the bright side ...

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Let's give Dan LeFevour some love.

The rookie quarterback has looked like he is in over his head until Saturday night, when he completed 10 of 12 passes for 100 yards with one touchdown. He led the Bears to a touchdown and a field goal, which is more than starter Jay Cutler can say.

More important than his improved grasp of Mike Martz's offense were some of the instinctive plays he made, like when he ran out of the pocket to avoid an unblocked rusher and then threw a touch pass to Juaquin Iglesias for a nice gain up the right sideline.

Danieal Manning was another bright spot. He clearly outplayed Chris Harris. He was all over the field, making physical tackles, covering receivers and even stripping Beanie Wells. Manning finished with a team-high seven tackles to go with his forced fumble.

Johnny Knox is another player who looks good every time he steps onto the field. In just his second year, he always makes plays. He had three catches for 57 yards.

Don't forget Chester Taylor, who 34-yard run was the offensive highlight of the night.

I'm sure other players had solid nights. Those are just the three that jumped out at me. Did I miss somebody? Let me know.

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Um ...

Jay Cutler was playing against the ones.

LeFevour was playing against threes and fours during Cardinal mop up duty.

Give me a damn break.

No love here.

Yeah that is something! Dan LeFevour, who won't even make the practice squad, got some quality tape last night! Thanks for putting things in perspective Neil!!!

Rookie sensation Dan LeFevour deserves your love, Neil. The local boy was lookin good Saturday night. Give Collins his $100,000 and let him go -- Hanie and LeFevour are good backups.

Jarron Gilbert showed up. Haven't been able to say that much since he was drafted.

Yeah props to Cutler who threw 2 interceptions in the first quarter??? Are you two kidding me?? Great article, it's about time Lefevour got some love, since he DID outplay interception boy!If Lefevour got even half the reps that Cutler does then Cutler wouldn't even make the practice squad. Wake up people!

My previous prediction of 6-10 or 7-9 looks a bit optimistic right now.

Well, here's to routing for the Saints and Steelers. 2 teams that I respect for their talent evaluation, and hard nosed coaching. Hopefully, the teams I hate will not win the Superbowl, being the Packers, Vikings, and Cowboys.

What should happen, if the Bears do suck:
1. Fire Angelo, and hire someone that will draft well. That is how you build a team. Thru the draft. Not "buying" a team. The Cutler move was needed, and is good, but the rest of the free agents are a bandaid.

2. Fire Smith, and hire someone that will actually practice live tackling and blocking. This is what football is, and avoiding it in practice for fear of injury is wussification of the sport. I think it causes injuries during games to the players that are not used to tackling and blocking.

3. Fire the rest of the coaching staff. Martz's system is good on turf. He was good in St. Louis, and Detroit, which play on turf. It was bad in SF, which plays on grass. Secondly, dump the soft defense. Playing 10+ yards off on 3rd down is a good way to be 27th in the league on 3rd down.

4. Rebuilding time. Trade away some decent players. Have a fire sale. Get about 7 or 8 draft picks over the next 3 years to build the team. You can probably get something for Briggs, Olsen, and Hester. Maybe even Knox, Tillman, and Bowman (might be a stretch). Urlacher is probably too old to get anything for sadly, and his time has come.

If this is all done right, they should a force to be reckoned with come 2012.

funny but the second stringers actually looked better then the first squad.. pisa played great all over the field and making tackles.. chris hit man harris looked like "miss man harris" is excusable play from a veteran pre season or not..

i could go on but this team does not look ready to play!!


There is no bright side. Period. You and Sean both have seen enough of my posts to know that I use facts, history, and past performance when I put something in here. There is no bright side to LeFevour. With Collins on the team, if LeFevour performs well again next week, and you try and sneak him onto the practice squad, he's going to get picked up and, once again, you WASTED a valuable draft pick that you could ill aford to lose. Where are all the people now who kept telling me that LeFevoour was a steal and a value pick. Either way, it was a wasted draft choice seeing the needs of your team back in April.
Forget the game last night, Neil, start looking at the big picture. I wish one print media guy in this city would. I read these articles and blog posts every day and there is hardly ever anything negative written. We've got articles about what a great guy Stein is. What??? Give me a break. Where was this guy in 2005 when he couldn't get Benson in camp until 2-3 weeks late? The ONLY reason he has had his draft choices in camp since 2005 is because of the following:
06: No first round choices.
07: Second to last pick in first round. Much easier to come to terms with.
08: Drafted an injured offensive lineman in the middle of the first round who wanted a contract BEFORE his back surgery. Easy.
09 & 10: No first or 2nd round picks.
But, those are the articles we are subjected to. Step back and take an indepth look at this team, Neil. It is a train wreck just waiting to happen. Management does things in a knee jerk reaction. Look at the Pepper's signing. And yes, he does look pretty dominate and active in the preseason and at the time, I didn't have a problem with the move. But, I and others on here, thought that with so many holes on this team and a limited amount of money to spend {Let's not fool ourselves here. Even without a cap the Bear's had a specific budget.} wouldn't either Kampman or Vandenbosch be a better fit and spread the money out better. You were so desperate for safety and there were 3 out in FA that were pretty good. Rhodes, Rolle, and Atogwe. Sorry, Rhodes was traded for. And here we are AGAIN with problems at the safety position. Oh, by the way, have any of you seen the rookie safety for the Packers? What's his name? You know, the guy Gearheadboy liked. Oh yeah, Burnett. Starting since day one and picked off Manning the other night. Meanwhile, our undersized 3rd round pick sits with a...pinky injury. Why hasn't someone asked why he can't cast it up and play? As much as I dispise any reference to Favre, I have to ask. How could a qb break the thumb of his throwing hand {years ago} and not miss a game, but a safety can't cast up and go out there? Especially when the Bear's don't do full contact.
Sorry, Neil, I got off on a tangent. But this team is a direct reflection of the GM and head coach. You go out and trade for one of the best up and coming young QB's in the game and what do you do? Do you surround him with young draft choices to help? Heck no. You trade away your two #2 picks the last 2 years and in 09 and 2010 your top SIX picks combined have been defensive players. And crappy ones at that. BTW, the 2nd round pick you traded to Seattle last year for their 3rd and 4th turned out to be Max Unger. Boy, he'd solidify one of those two guard positions until Olin retires. But, let's not forget that the Bear's did give Cutler an extension last year which is going to put him under even more scrutiny by the Bear's fans when he doesn't perform. All I know is that when the Bear's traded for Cutler, every single football pundit said it was a great move. yeah, there were some bad tendencies, but it was said with the right coaching, he could blossom. In less than 16 months you have gone from a somewhat cocky {good when it comes to your QB}, confident, strong armed QB, to a confused, shell shocked, tenative, guy under center. Congratulations, Bears!
I understand you and Sean have jobs to do. But I would think that your jobs are to bring the real stories to light and to represent us in the questions you ask, the angles you take, and the stories you write.

Bless your heart Neil for even looking for that silver lining because I know it must have taken you a long time and a lot of effort. But I truly hope that we fail miserably this year because I have no idea what else it will place a sign in front of the McCaskeys face saying that change is needed. Wether its Cower, Fox, Gruden, we need change and it wont happen if Lovie is still on deck. I'm sorry if I sound like a miserable fan but the reality of it is is that I see no reason for us die hards should suffer this much.

Neil yes you did miss a few players like everyone from future probowler Chris Williams (mega beast) to JUaquin "Sticky Hands" Iglesiais to mauler Frank Omiyale! Total beasts they all are!

And before you start with the Steltz bashing Creighton let me remind you that Bob Sanders gets injured a lot but he was also defensive player o the year. Keep that in mind.

Last nights game was awesome! Go Bears!

Neil, estevenj is right...

You missed some important info in your article. Do you really think your readers are that dumb?

Ah the power of words to distort reality.

I dont know if i should take the posters here serious or not. Neil is not saying LeFevour should be the opening day starter, just that while he was on the field the kid played well. Cutler did not. What is so hard to understand about that?
Also, Chris Harris is really worrying me. Do you think Lovie/Angelo can take the ego hit and not start Harris? Wright and Manning might be our best combination. Hell, I'd take Steltz over Harris right now.

Neil this is my concern WHERE IS THE FIRE TO PLAY THIS GAME AT A HIGH LEVEL! This team looks too me like they are sleep walking through this preseason. Lovie don`t tell me there is still time to get it right. Lovie THERE IS NO TIME LEFT FOR YOU TO GET IT RIGHT! YOU HAD BETTER INSTILL A SENSE OF URGENCY INTO YOUR PLAYERS AND COACHING STAFF OR THIS SEASON WILL BE 0-16!! The product you put on the field last night was UNACCEPTABLE AND AN EMBARRASSMENT TO THE CITY OF CHICAGO!!!

True, Dan LeFevour was playing against the second string defense, but he was also playing WITH the Bears second string offense.

Imagine if Cutler were making those bad under-throws that Johnny Knox bailed him out of over and over to 2nd string receivers.

Imagine if LeFevour were throwing to the Bears 1st string receivers.

And LeFevour has yet to clock on entire NFL game, while Jay Cutler is entering his 5th year as a starter in the NFL.

However, Dan LeFevour does have as much NFL playoff experience as Jay Cutler. : )

It is and has been for some time about the coaching....some problems with part of the team....Cutler is fine and so will the the defense be aggressive enough? This is the problem.. The defense is just not good enough....

On the dark side, some of the same problems from last year are showing up too regularly this year. I think the Bears will come back strong, but my confidence is starting to deteriorate a bit.Offensive linemen have to improve or ship out. The way things have gone so far, I'm about ready to start the rookies. They can't do much worse. No holes for the running backs, no protection for the quarterback, and getting beaten pretty regularly by everybody are not ways for an offensive line to generate a solid offense.


Peppers looked very good. Again. The guy is a beast.

And Tommie Harris also played very well. Most of the problems with the defense were actually the back 7.

You are kidding right? Sure he looked good he only threw short passes. Maybe that is what Cutler needs to do? Jay throws big boy passes

I just watched the game from NFL Network. Cutler was not as bad as I thought from all the press.

I thought besides the two picks he looked better.

Here is what is bothering me. The defense made both AZ QBs look good. Leinart had yet to make a first down prior to this game.
He put on a clinic. Both QBs did.

This is a reacurring theme on defense. Where is Peppers. You want to give Cutler a hard time yet Peppers has not produced much

The kid has potential, that is all that is being said here. Unlike other drafted QBs this year, the instinct is there for the makings of a great NFL qb.


Can you please tell me why you failed to post my comments here from yesterday? There was nothing in their that was foul or profane. Was it because I criticized you and Sean and the article on Mark Stein? If relevant criticism is not allowed, then let me know. Thanks,


HAYES HERE: No conspiracy. Sean and post almost everything. Maybe one or two slip past us but it's not because of any criticism about us. Not sure what happened. I'll look into it.

I really don't understand what the problem is with LeFevour. He was forced into duty after Hanie was injured and had virtually no time to prepare for his FIRST NFL action. He goes in and looks like a rookie the first couple weeks but shows improvement and then has a pretty darn good showing saturday. Sure, it was against the 2nd-3rd string but is that his fault? He made plays and did great in the situation at hand. Give me a break Chicago fans...

Dan outplayed my highest expectations for the guy and I was pretty low on him a couple weeks ago. In the end, he struggled against back-ups two weeks ago, we all bashed him. Now he comes out and looks GREAT against the back-ups and we are all bashing him again because it was against back-ups. I, for one, am sorry. Good job Dan. The crow please, and some hot sauce.

It appears that the blog is quite restrictive since even a reference to the McCaskey's albeit not in the most complimentary manner was censored.

Freedom of speech, not on this Chicago Sun Times blog. Certain things like discussing ownership is very sensitive and will not be allowed.

Quite disconcerting indeed, particularly after the years of loyalty to the CST.

Chicago should gives up on Dan LeFevour and all the other rookies.  They don't deserve them.  Chicago bashes so many of it's rookies each year, they should get some inferior talent instead.  What ever happened to developing players, teaching them and conditioning them to lead the program, with PATIENCE.  Chicago has too many pigs for fans, who are rude and lack maturity in understanding professional sports. I'll bet many parents of young athletes in Chicago have all the answers for their kids playing sand lot ball, a real mature group of sporting aficionado's.  There are so many quarterbacks in the NFL that will be taught each teams system, virtually all teams will coach their QB,s, patiently and methodically through physical and intellectual conditioning.  Chicago has so many idiots on the sidelines and press boxes that fail to understand the conditioning of specialized athletes.  Send him elsewhere, with all the other rookies and I hope they reign havoc on the Bears.  I too have noticed that the Bears coaching staff does little to develop players.  Why doesn't Chicago just go to McDonald's where they can get instant gratification NOW, to heck with quality work in the kitchen.  Go rookies and hope Chicago trades all of you.  They don't deserve you and there are good teams that will develop you to become top notch players in the NFL. Can you imagine all the critics ever getting one completion in the NFL? Real men play the game while wanna-bee's would only poop their pants and continue to buzz.
Have it your way, Silverbw.


Thank you. Much Appreciated.

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