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Need your help on a new blog idea

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In a few days, I'm going to start a new feature, exclusive to this blog. Since I hear from so many of you -- both good and bad feedback -- I want to empower you to be a part of the process.

It's called, "Getting to know (fill in the blank)."

I want you to email me ( players you would like me to interview and include a few questions you would like me to ask. I'll round out the interview, with questions of my own. I will then post the transcript and also include a 90-second sound bite, which will only be posted for 24 hours, per NFL rules.

Again, please don't post questions to the blog. Email them directly to me.

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What about Coaches?

Hey Rod Marinelli, after completing the most impotent season in NFL history with your 0-16 Lions and then putting your signature on one of the most impotent defensive lines in football last year ... What epic failure do you have in store as the defensive coordinator this year? You gonna duct tape Julius Peppers hands and feet before every play? Maybe switch Brian Urlacher to offense? Oh, I know you could Tonya Harding Tommie Harris's good knee!

//What? It IS a suggestion!

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