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Nathan Vasher off to strong start in San Diego

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Former Bears Pro Bowl cornerback Nathan Vasher is apparently taking advantage of his fresh start in San Diego.

With Antoine Cason out with a hamstring injury, Vasher has spent several days with the first-string defense.

"I think he's doing outstanding," Chargers coach Norv Turner said of Vasher, according to the team's website. "I think he's been very, very consistent. He's got a good understanding of what we're doing.

"I'm excited to watch him play in these preseason games."

Vasher intercepted eight passes in 2005, en route to his lone Pro Bowl appearance. But he struggled to find his form after that.

"My time in Chicago had run its course," Vasher told the Sun-Times in April, after the Bears released him. "I feel I have an opportunity to do something special and bring those big play capabilities to San Diego."

Due to make $2.95 million in 2010, the Bears released him, and he signed a two-year, $4.5 million deal with the Chargers. The Bears had no qualms with the decision because of their belief in third-year cornerback Zackary Bowman.

After playing in only 12 games in 2007 and 2008, Vasher only started two of 15 games in 2009.

"I feel they lost confidence in my abilities," Vasher said in April. "I didn't understand, but the coaches were making decisions, and it was just one of those things that you can never change their mind about.

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His confidence was completely gone after the injuries, so hopefully the change of scenery and the different scheme can help him in Rivera's defense. Vasher's main issue is that he just was not that fast, so he fit a lot better in zone schemes. His best plays happened when he could backpedal while watching the QB, and react to his eyes and break on routes. Injuries to his legs took away some of his quickness, which was how he made up for the lack of straight line speed. As the Bears moved more towards man looks (roughly 1/3 of the time over the last couple of seasons), Vasher's strengths were nullified, and he was repeatedly abused in coverage.

I would like to see him revive his career, but I do not see it happening with his speed and quickness decline.

Good on him if makes a go of it in San Diego -- but Vasher had more than enough chances to return to form and play well for the Bears, and he'd just come out and was dead weight. I guess if he needs to blame the coaches in order to maintain confidence in his own abilities, whatever...

Total beast! He'll have 40 interceptions this year.

To the first two idiots. Football is a business. The Bears were ready to get rid of Vasher because he was hurt after being paid his money. Lovie and the Bears like taller corners and Bowman fit the discription of what they like. If you look at total plays where the Bears corners got beat you'd see Tillman was the weakest link. It sure will look bad if Vasher out proforms both Bears corners this year. Vash needed a clean start. All new paper articles in Chicago were negative, now their all good in SD with better weather and fans....lOl

Nathan Vasher has been a major letdown since his lone pro-bowl season of 2005. I'm sure a big part of Vasher's letdown was due to the rash of injuries that seemed to plague him during his time here in Chicago. The lack of a consistent pass rush in Chicago probably didn't help Vasher's cause much either. But, theres only so much blame a player can throw around, in the end, a player simply needs to perform, Vasher didn't.

Vasher is probably gonna have an up hill battle landing a starting job in San Diego, Antoine Cason will get every chance to start because of his 1st round status. Also, playing opposite to Quentin Jammer means whoever it is, is probably gonna get picked on, I don't know if Vasher can handle that. Also, the loss of pro-bowl nose tackle Jamal Williams in San Diego, and Shawne Merriman not being the same player since his knee surgery, doesn't give San Diego's corners much help from the front seven. On a plus he's reunited with defensive coordinator Ron Rivera, I wish the guy luck.

In Chicago you gotta love what Zack Bowman is becoming, Bowman tied for 5th in the league with his 6 interceptions last season, and continues to make plays in camp, picking up right where he left off from last year at this time of year. If Bowman continues to develope, he could be something special GO BEARS!!

Bumstead, I love the Lovie-glass-half-full comments.

Jenk, before calling someone else an idiot, think before you type.

You say Chicago prefers taller corners right? So tell me, why is it this off-season they signed the 5-8 Tim Jennings to replace the 5-11 Nathan Vasher. Oh yeah, how come last april Chicago drafted the 5-9 D.J. Moore? Your theory just doesn't make a whole lotta sense there guy.

Jenk said: "All new paper articles in Chicago were negative, now their all good in SD with better weather and fans...lOl"

Jenk, as far as the fan part, calling other fans idiots because they have a different opinion than yours is exactly why Chicago's fanbase has such a bum rep.

This has been the real #18!!

What else is Turner gonna say??...I predict Vasher will get cut before the season is over in S.D.
K. Armstead has a great point, Vasher will get picked on. He looks like he is running in the mud!

Vasher wonders why the coaches lost confidence in his abilities? For starters, because he himself lost confidence in his abilities. As Tripper said, he looked like he was running in the mud. On the other hand, he was small.

Um, shying away from tackling was Vasher's biggest problem. Even at corner you've got to tackle to be any good, and Vasher was an awful tackler even when he tried, which wasn't often. That and all the injuries ruined him. If he has a miraculous rejuvenation in San Diego so be it, but it's pretty unlikely.

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