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Martz sounds off on Cutler, Hanie

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Mike Martz addressed a variety of subjects Wednesday, including why quarterback Jay Cutler only got eight snaps in the team's first exhibition game, a 25-10 loss to the Chargers in San Diego on Saturday night.

"I just wanted to get his feet wet," Martz said. "Everybody has a different approach to the preseason games. Our approach was to get him in there and get him some nice throws down the field, get him loosened up with the receivers a little bit. San Diego had a different approach to it. There was a lot of pressure, and you know, we're still kind of putting things in. So when they're pressuring you as much as they were in a preseason game --- which is fine, everybody does that; it doesn't make any difference --- [but] we probably pulled him a little bit earlier than maybe I would normally. I just wanted to make sure we're further along with what we do before we keep him in there under that kind of circumstance."

The Bears offensive coordinator also said he liked what he saw from Caleb Hanie before he injured his shoulder in the third quarter. It's not known how much time Hanie will miss. Bears coach Lovie Smith has only said that he has not been ruled out of the season opener. The Bears signed backup Matt Gutierrez on Wednesday.

"Caleb is further than I thought he'd be," Martz said. "He's handled himself ... you go through growing pains. We put a lot of pressure on him, trying to get him ready in the event that he should play; and stress him out a little bit. He went through that phase. He's fought through it real well. He understands what we're doing really well. He's done a real nice job. I was very pleased with him in that [preseason] game. There are some things that you don't want him to do mistake wise. He's just got to make those mistakes in the preseason and clean it up. But he understands those things. I'm very pleased with Caleb, really. He's better at this point than I ever thought he would be, to be honest with you. Young quarterbacks like that, you just don't know until they play."

The Bears tried to sign Trent Green, Todd Collins and Damon Huard before signing Gutierrez, but Martz said he's comfortable with the quarterbacks on the current roster despite their lack of experience.

"I feel good about where Caleb is. Those things, I don't make those decisions. I'm comfortable with the guys that we have. Every coach, when you first come into a situation, you're hoping for ... every guy in this league would like to have a veteran quarterback that knows and has played well. But those are so hard to come by. These young guys develop in the system that you have, and they learn the right way, the way you want them to learn. You don't have to unteach habits. So there are so many pluses to that as well. They've done a good job of getting good players here at that position. So I'm pleased with them."

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To bad the Bears couldn't offer Warner a job similar to Bruce and make him a quasi coach. I heard the interview and Q&A with Martz today. The guy has been Labotomized, "I like everything, everything is great." "TE is the most important position ever." "Jay Cutler has a great sense of humor."

My favorite comment from Martz was his idea of training camp. "Well we like guys to put on the silks and get used to the feel of them."

First off "The Silks." Second his basic idea of training camp is putting on a uniform and pads?

Something is wrong with Martz this is not the mad man, he sounds like a beaten dog.

Also when asked if the Raiders brought pressure, would he pull Cutler again. He resonded with a I don't deal in hypotheticals. It was just a follow up to him saying he pulled Cutler because of the chargers pressure.

Hey guys, what's up.
Hey Creighton.
I too was a bit surprised that the Bolts were bringing CB blitzes in the first series of the first pre-season game, which the RBs weren't doing a very good job of picking up I might add. Creighton, would you prefer risking Cutler taking a shot now? Do you have a better idea?

Pretty silly today, Creighton. Oh well, everyone is entitled to an off day on occasion.

Tey brought the cornerback blitz 3 times and noone stopped it all tree times. it look like a game of madden 10 out there... but tis week we will see more of te first string.. and God we need a lil more depth, 2nd string was ok but like the past years 3rd string was not impressive at all... 5 picks on the first day of second string practice... come lefeavor pick it up man...

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