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Martz on offense: "They're jittery yet"

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Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz said his line was"remarkably" better in the passing game, but he thinks the unit is "wound up and so tight."

"We made some mistakes I was a little surprised at," Martz said. "Fortunately, you get that out of the way now instead of the opener and get that out of their system.

"I think there's a cohesion now particularly in the passing game. We do a lot of protections where Jay gets a feel for all those protections. We're trying to get all that done in a preseason, a lot more than you might do in a game. So there's some mistakes, more than I would like to have. It's not because of a lack of effort or not knowing what to do. They're jittery yet."

But Martz said his line's pass protection was much better, saying Chris Williams did a "nice job" and that Lance Louis was a "standout."

"I wish I could show you tape of Lance on [Darnell] Dockett," Martz said. "He did a terrific job. Each week that group grows and gets better and better. I was very pleased with the progress, particularly with the protections and that group."

He said the players are practicing fine but not performing as well during games.

"That's where we are. In practice things go well and then the pressure of games does funny things to young players," he said. "They just have to experience that. That's why we put them in those challenges, so they can play through that and that's what's happening right now.

"The progress is good, I'm happy with where they are and obviously we're not where we want to be but we'll be there by the time we open up."

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Please, Cutler was scared in that last game. Everytime he dropped back 7 he was getting happy feet and expecting to get hit. Or holding onto the ball because he was not sure what was going on in front of him.

Recievers where running the wrong routs, linemen where lining up wrong and so where the recievers, it was a SNAFU. Cutler also had some misreads. If your QB does not trust his line which it is pretty clear Cutler doesn't, then your offense is pretty much done. Nothing matters for an offense if you can't block.

And before anyone says the recievers didn't run the wrong routs, then ask yourselves why the recievers were pointing at eachother and shaking their heads.

"But Martz said his line's pass protection was much better, saying Chris Williams did a "nice job" and that Lance Louis was a "standout.""

Martz has lost it.

"I wish I could show you tape of Lance on [Darnell] Dockett," Martz said. "He did a terrific job.""

You can show us film, yeah I got time, Sean you got time to watch some film in the name of work? I can just watch the game again it's called a DVR, yeah welcome to new millenium. Would love to see that film.

Hey hey Creighton I listen to sports 670 the Score today also. What was said on the radio you had just posted???

Boers & Bernstein have a name for fans like you "Meatball Fans"

Im thinking that you have nothing to complain about because at this point you would be repeating yourself alot.

So insted of doing your normal rants your getting soft and weak an now you are just taking material from the radio.

Oh was it, so post the part I copied. Cause the quotes are not mine they are part of the article you just read. Which I responded to. Which part?

Did they say the line couldn't block well if they said that, then they are the first. No one else has said that?

How about the part where the recievers ran the wrong routs. Did they figure that out? Cause nobody else has talked about that ever.

Oh and almost forgot sense you said I don't have anything to say. Now true I don't have a lot to say because I would be repeating myself, because everything I have said turned out to be right again. Unlike you who has said nothing. Just like on this post. Great insight as usual. Someone psots and article and you say "I hate Creighton, not fare I can't think of anything to say." I did write this. I think your mad because I have been gone for about a week and you didn't have anything to steal. Here I posted this now go call B@B and pretend you wrote it again:

Notice how they tie in to exactly what I wrote? Except B@b wasn't on when I wrote them. Oh and did find some of your insight.

By Brando on August 30, 2010 6:05 PM
Here is some sound advice from a few NFL head coaches too Lovie Smith.

"You play to win the game!"

How deep and prolific. Your insight is amazing. You play to win. Thanks for that. Oh wait you got it from youtube so you didn't come up with it. How very Meatball of you.

Oh and this

By Brando on August 30, 2010 12:07 PM

"Well they must have found the guy and guess who didnt post a million post after the game......"

"Creighton stay outta Alabama"

Why where you looking for my posts after the game. Need some insight. By the way nice topic to make fun of. Thats a lot class on your part. I can;t believe Niel posted it but hey if those are the kinda jokes you and Neil like that fine. I wonder if the victims thought the jokes where funny.

By the way you are the living definition of Meatball fan according to B@b

Later gator, and don't forget to pick you jaw up off the floor.


Any chance the Bears pick up 'recently released' rookie OT Kyle Calloway from Iowa and a 7th round pick by Buffalo?

Calloway was brought in to Halas Hall prior to the draft, so, the Bears had some interest in him. He might be perfect to put on IR with D'Marcus Webb.

Also, any chance the Bears couldb ring back OG/C Dan Buenning and C Donovan Raiola (TB)? And, possibility the Bears will trade TE Kellen Davis to NE for OT mMrk Levoir?

Creighton, are you trying to make up for lost time? Four posts are a bit arrogant and a bit much, even for you. I think you, rather than Martz, have lost it, and anyone who saw Cutler stand in there last year should be ashamed to call Cutler "scared." What he has accomplished in his life, in spite of the diabetes,makes something of an insensitive clod out of you. You're better than these last comments, Creighton, so do a lttle thinking before opening mouth and inserting foot. Next you'll be saying Ron Santo lost both legs to get attention.

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