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Martz believes in Omiyale, despite slow start

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Bears right tackle Frank Omiyale has endured his ups and downs so far at training camp. But Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz gave Omiyale a big vote of confidence.

"He's not where he needs to be," Martz said. "But he's so talented, and he's got the ability to be an exceptional right tackle. He really does. But he needs, like all young players, and guys at that position, just the little nuances and the mental party of playing this game.

"He'll be fine. He's going to be a real good player, he's just got to fight his way through it."

Martz noted that the season is still a month away.

"He's certainly the right guy to be there, in our mind, and we're very pleased with him," Martz said. "He's just got to continue to get better."

Martz indicated that the offensive line is set. Here's what it looks like right now: Chris Williams at left tackle, Roberto Garza at left guard, Olin Kreutz at center, Lance Louis at right guard and Omiyale at right tackle.

Other notable highlights from Martz:

* On how much his starting offense will play: "It's a little unusual because we do have a new system. We'll play it by ear. I would imagine that we may do a little bit more than one series."

* On what he's looking forward to seeing: "I'd like to see the backup quarterbacks. I'm anxious to see how both of them play, under pressure."

* On the offensive line: "I can't tell you enough how much work has gone into that group and what a good job Mike has done with them."

* On Williams going against Julius Peppers: "He's had an impressive camp. Julius has made him a better player, no question about that. Up until, we could go over and help him chip Julius, but we try to leave those tackles alone, as much as possible, and they've embraced that and it's going to make them better."

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We hear about how demanding Martz is all the time, and this is good. Here we see what a terrific motivator he is as well. We got a real winner in this guy.

The Bears line has been getting slapped around all camp. They have struggled with Blitz recognition, they are slow off the line and the tackles have been getting burned whenever the ends feel like burning them.

The Bears somehow want people to believe it is a good idea to start two first timers on the right side, and move Garza out of position and this will help. I just don't buy that. Louis next to Omiyale smells like a disaster.

LT Chris Williams, great footwork, no hand punch, average hand tech, does not have a big motor or seem to have a lot of drive. Does not drive block well, struggles with speed and penalties. Tice hinted that he may not have a major desire to be a great football player. Not the first coach to hint at this about Williams. In fact thats was part of every draft profile on the guy. Has the talent not the desire. He may just really not like football, and this is just a means to an end.

LG Garza, is out of position because the Bears don't have anyone better to play at LG. Not his natural position and was moved to RG for a reason. Will now be facing bigger tackles who he struggles against. Was moved not because Louis was better, but because Garza is the only guard they have who can pull effectivly. Right handed QB means the LG needs to pull. Has also been taking snaps at Center. Beekman is gone, thank god that guy was worse than Omiyale.

C Olin, should be better this year than last but still will not return to his Pro Bowl days at his age. Still has one major flaw. He gets penalties when he gets mad. Still will struggle against big tackles. Will spend all year helping Louis.

RG Louis, Is big, strong and Athletic, congrads he now fits the mold of almost everyone in the NFL. Has little tech and has never started a game, really poor footwork is a problem. But he is nasty and mean and Tice likes that. Biggest problem is he will be playing next to Omiyale and will have to help him out. The question is did he beat Garza, or was Garza moved because the Bears had no other choice at LG?

RT Omiyale, the guy is garbage and the Bears can talk him up all they want. He is slow off the snap with poor pad level, tech, timing, and he gets penalties. The Bears want you to believe this guy has great lateral movment. Don't bet on it, he has a poor kick slide, a weak hand punch, and he also has slow feet and plays flat footed. Can't wait to see him protect on a 7 step drop in a 4 reciever set when the TE is pulled.

The right side of the Bears line has had its problems in camp, and they are going against Harris, Melton, Izzy and Anderson. Williams struggling against Peppers is one thing, but having Anderson and Melton toss you a beating is another.

Enjoy the upcoming pre season game. For those of you not sure waht to watch for try these things: Special teams, the preseason games is where special teams does most of its work at getting ready. So watch and see how they play. Also while not much blitzing occures in Pre Season games you want to watch the Bears line and how their blitz recognition is. Do they see it coming or not. Outside of that, you won't really learn much as Pre Season games are almost never played at full speed and players just don't go at that hard. You also may want to watch and see how often Urlacher is droping. One reason his stats have been going down is the last few years Urlacher has benn droping more and more. He has to do it a lot because of the holes in the Tamp two zone. The bears gave up the third most passing TD's last year, most people want to blame the Safeties but it was not really on them. Granted they where not good, but they are not covering 10 yard slants. The holes in the Bears zone have come between the LB's and the corners more than anyone else. Bowman had 6 picks and Tillman gets his FF's but neither was actually that great in coverage, both getting burned for lots of yards. The LB's where worse in coverage though and Briggs was the biggest culprit. Maybe he was asked to do more with Urlacher out, but my guess is both guys have been asked to cover to much over the last few years.

Peppers may help all that out and he is a good player, but I think he may look better than he actually plays sometimes. Not all the time but some games he just doesn't show up. Beason said so last year when he called him out to the media. Peppers turned it up after that.

And yes Sean this is long, deal with it. You have not had to read much in 4 days anyway, besides its my off day and you only have to deal with me once a week until after I get back from Vegas in month.

Omiyale at right tackle is bringing back memories of when Martz was head coach for the Rams and they had John St. Clair at right tackle. Kurt Warner probably still has nightmares about it... While left tackle is always the emphasis in pass blocking, as the Rams learned with St. Clair, if your right tackle can't protect, the offense is going to do nothing. I just hope the Bears aren't too stubborn about what Omiyale should be able to do and actually replace him with Shaffer if things go the way I'm afraid they might. How ironic - the Bears could be counting on a man (Shaffer) who was replaced at his old team (Browns) by St. Clair.

O line - Definitely the biggest ? on the team and the most disastrous if it doesn't perform...

Chris Williams seems to be having a very good camp, and the reps vs Julius Peppers will only make him a better left tackle. Chris Williams will probably be a pleasant surprise for Chicago this year going into year 3 as a pro, and the year of starting experience already under his belt won't hurt him either.

Frank Omiyale on the other hand does still worry me, it seems like the club almost wants him to win the starting job at right tackle. When I say want, I mean its like their gonna let him mess up a lot till they give another player a shot. I'm thinking a bad game this saturday and he might get the hook. I'd like to see Omiyale pan out, but if he continues to struggle, they gotta give Kevin Shaffer his chance.

I see today 2nd year corner D.J. Moore was getting a bulk of the reps at nickleback with the 1st unit. We haven't heard much about Moore since Chicago drafted him last april. You have to wonder, is Moore getting a legit shot because they haven't liked what they've been seeing from Graham? Or is it that they already know what Graham brings to the table, and they just wanna see what Moore can do with the starting unit. I think its the latter, but it should be interesting to find out, can't wait till saturday GO BEARS!!

With Coach Martz and Toub, the offense and special teams will end up being very good. Unfortunately there will be problems with the defense. Mainly because Smif has no clue on how to adapt a defense to the talent that is available ( you don't put square pegs into round holes you clown!). And Marinelli will help as much as he did in Detroit. I predict 8-8 with Smif, Angelo, and Philips getting the boot.

BTW Creighton, if you're so bleedin' knowledgeable, why aren't you coaching this team? Garza should be let go. He is worthless no matter where he plays.

Frank Omiyale lined up next to Nate Newton would be a disaster. They can brag about this guy all they want, but I would guess that in a weight room, he would be the weakest of the bunch. Football is a game of leverage and technique, but you have to have strength to make the leverage and tech work. A perfect example of that was Jay Hilgenberg. Omiyale gets absolutely no drive out of his stance at all. At best you can hope for a stalemate with his opponent, but the running back better pick another hole, because Frank's will be clogged. If there is one thing that p***es me off it's false starts. That is nothing but a "focus" issue.
Garza has maybe one more decent year in him. You just hope that year wasn't 09. From what I saw at camp, Louis' footwork has gotten better. I have made my feelings known about Olin. And as for Williams, I do agree that the reps with Peppers is going to benefit him. I remember guys like Bortz and Thayer talking about going up against McMichael and Perry helping them. One thing I don't put a lot of stock in is how at this point in camp Peppers and Anderson are beating Williams. They have gone up against them hundreds of times in a 13 day period and the DE's know every nuance and tendency of the OT's. It is time for some action with real opponents. I wish we could go back to the days in Platteville when the Browns or Rams would come in and scrimmage with the Bear's for a few days.
I hope the Bear's can stay healthy this preseason. This is not the NFL of the 80's, 90's or even a few years ago. Teams install their blitz packages early and practice them in the preseason. The Cowboys and Bengals blitzed the other night and they have 4 more preseason games to go.
But we should have nothing to worry about. When I was complaining about all the offensive linemen the Bear's passed up in rounds 4-6, I was lambasted because they had gotten "value" with Wooten and Lafavour. Oops, how's that value now? And I am sure Wooten is going to look really good against tackles who will be washing cars and flipping burgers next Monday. And Lafavour will throw 2 meaningless TD's against DB's who have worse footwork than Kate Gosselin.
What is "Smif"? Might I suggest Hooked On Phonics {wait, that would be foniks for you}. And once again we have someone criticizing Marinelli as a position coach based on his tenure as a head coach. Worked really well for Art Shell didn't it? Like they used to say on the beer commercial...BRILLIANT!! Wait till the masses turn on Tice. And it will happen.The first time Knox brings in a 50 yard pass for a TD and Omiyale is called for holding, it will be Tice's fault.
One last thing. Hey Mike Mulligan. Plagiarism is a crime, buddy. On August 1, I used the phrase "Days of Our Lovie." I see you decided to use it this Just give me credit on the air.

With Martz, the offense will show deception. Last year it was run left, run right, pass, punt. Even old ladies watching TV from the kitchen could tell what the team was lining up to do. With the Martz system the line will show some improvement just from his play calling. Which might take the pressure off of them somewhat, but opposing pros adjust. So the improvement might be short lived.


Maybe we're headed for the good ol' days when the defense was tops but the offense sucked. That's what seems likely if Harris is back to near his old form but the O line can't block.

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