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Lance Louis returns to practice

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Right guard Lance Louis rejoined his teammates after missing Monday's practice with an ankle injury.

Here's a look at the other players who did not appear to be practicing today:

* S Chris Harris, LB Nick Roach (knee surgery), LB Brian Urlacher (calf), QB Caleb Hanie (shoulder), WR Earl Bennett (hamstring), S Josh Bullocks (quadriceps), DT Tommie Harris (knee) and S Craig Steltz (ankle).

* OT Kevin Schaffer was not on the practice field.

* Rookie S Major Wright continues to wear a red jersey, indicating that no one is to touch him. He's recovering after having surgery on his finger last week.

Highlights, you ask? Sorry. Those days are gone. We're in regular-season mode, which means practices are not open, except for a window to do a quick head count.

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Im not going to go Bumstead on ya. Lance Louis looks like he has the tools to be a stand-out. For your information I am not saying this year he will be a stand-out. He will have growing pains and bad games. Needless to say he will be a Bears starting gaurd for many years to come.

Total Freak of a 300lb+ guy.

Can Lance Louis jump outta a swimming pool?

ahhh...wel well we ll...if it isnt BRANDO. my archenemsis...he who DARES tel me taht im not right wehn i now thatht ia m ALLWSY right ansd o ionl;y give FCATS. guess waht looser i say laney louis will be A BUST just like every other LOOSER onm teh bears besides of course taht dreamy jay ctuler! :)

teh bears will go 4-12 this year. i am king. i now evbetything. the end.

I don't know that was pretty Bumstead. Is there really a difference from a Total Beast and a Total Freak? That's got Bumstead all over it.

Yes I am sure of it Brando that is a Bumstead. Now will Lance Louis be good? Hmmmm well I don't really problem with Lance, however because Brando is the kiss of death with his picks. I will say no, something will happen to him do to the curse of Brando. Kiss of Death.

I really like this Louis kid. Mean, nasty, knock heads kind of player who mauls people the whole game intermixed with a few spectacular bone-headed screwups. Look up the definition of an offensive guard for Da-Bears and that is what you will find. He needs to ring up a few personal fouls in the preseason to starting gaining some respect around the league.

Sometimes it seems like the NFL is getting too reeee-fined. If Sean can report that he eats only raw meat and only takes a shower about once a week Louis would then be perfect.

Sean and Neil, how can you print this Crap-ton garbage on this blog site?

Esteven, please read Tripper's comments. I guess I'm not the only one on this site who thinks Crap-ton belongs in the dump. In that sense, then, maybe you're wrong and I do have company on this site. Maybe you're the one who should leave. As I said at the outset, take it to the dump, you and your buddy Crap-ton.Vy

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