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Jerry Angelo addresses a variety of subjects

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Jerry Angelo held his first press conference on the second-to-last day of training camp at Olivet Nazarene University on Thursday. The Bears general manager addressed everything from the quarterback situation to Tommie Harris' performance in camp to the likelihood of rookie safety Major Wright assuming a starting role.

Here's a sample:

"He's been practicing every day and there's no reason not to expect Tommie to have a very, very good season for us," Angelo said of Harris, who the Bears hope can return to the level he played at in 2006. "We're excited about that. A healthy Tommie, a practicing Tommie, should be a very good football player."

Wright raised eyebrows with a team-high seven tackles before breaking his left index finger in a 25-10 exhibition loss to the Chargers on Saturday. Wright underwent successful surgery and has not been ruled out of the season opener, but the time he will miss could prevent him from landing a starting job.

"He's going to miss some time with the injury so that's going to put him behind," Angelo said. "I don't anticipate [him starting] because of the lost time. He looks good, certainly looked good against San Diego. We're not going to rule it out but because of the practice time, it's tough for a rookie."

Angelo has said that the offensive line is the biggest question mark heading into the 2010 season. The unit surrendered six sacks and running backs averaged only 2.6 yards per carry against the Chargers, but coach Lovie Smith and offensive line coach Mike Tice have said the unit performed well overall.

Angelo said it's time to identify the starters and starting building cohesion among the first group.

"We need to get the five guys working together; that's paramount," he said. "I feel we're going to have closure on that. We want to see this weekend how they're going to perform. We feel real good about seven, eight of them but again, a work in progress. We still have a few weeks so I'm going to reserve my judgment on them until they start playing together in a couple weeks."

Finally, Angelo said he has been impressed by watching new offensive coordinator Mike Martz at work.

"He's been very patient with the guys in terms of their development," he said of Martz. "He doesn't get down on players, doesn't get too high on players, he's excited about the players we have.
"But he really has a great plan. He's got a swagger, a lot of confidence, and I can see why he has the kind of resume that he has as an offensive coordinator. He's done a great job. We've got a lot of work to do but feel real good about the direction we're going."

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Its pretty obvious rookie safety Major Wright was brought in to start as a rookie. Chicago probably wanted him to work his way into the starting lineup, which is what he was doing before the injury. Wright was getting his fare amount of reps with the 1st unit in camp, and then had a pretty good showing vs the Chargers. I think had Wright stayed healthy throughout camp and the pre-season, he would have been a starter by week one. The injury was a set back, I think he'll still be a starter at some point during the regular season, durability is the only question mark with Wright, and the only thing holding him back from starting.

Angelo's right about Tommie Harris, so far so good, he does need to stay on the field. Like I've said before, Harris is only a 7 year vet, the injuries have stalled his career the last couple seasons, but he's still young enough to hopefully turn things around.

Another thing Chicago might have found in camp is another option at the under tackle position in 2nd year defensive lineman Henery Melton. The kids got a motor and has made plays throughout camp, I'd like to see him catch on at the three technique, Chicago needs someone to at least spell Harris, maybe Melton can be that guy GO BEARS!!

"Angelo said it's time to identify the starters and starting building cohesion among the first group."

Does he not know that the 5 greatest linemen in NFL history have been hand picked by the Tice. Cohesion? Isn't that what Angelo kept saying they needed last year? Who needs talent when you have Cohesion.

Angelo has clearly not heard the coaches battle cry the monsters are back and this is the greatest team i nthe history of forever.

Angelo on Martz: "He's got a swagger, a lot of confidence"

How am I not a Head Coach in the NFL if this is what makes GM's happy?

Oh and one little point about blitzing. If I am not mistaken the Bears O-line has not done well in Camp on blitz days. Didn't Cutler hit a tent on a Blitz day when he got mad and throw a ball at Harris?

I can't believe anyone cares what Jerry Angelo says about anything. He's inept.

What he say's and what he think's are two different things. He says "Mike has done a great job". but what he's thinking is " I hope this guy can save my job". He say's "it's tough for a rookie" what he think's is "I hope he pans out, so many of my picks have been total busts" !

it all about the defense will win championships Ive been watching since 1967 defenses win chapionships

The OL "performed well overall"? 2.6 yards per carry and 6 sacks? I would hate to see them play poorly.

This guy just makes me sick and I can't wait for his sorry A** to be sent packing. Look at what he says. it's like Mike Murphy used to say..."Double Speak." Example #1: Angelo has said that the offensive line is the biggest question mark heading into the 2010 season." Huh? Are you kidding me? You don't address this unit untill the 7th round and that was with a HUGE upper body weak project. Plus you get out bid by Detroit on Seattle's Guard, Sims. It is at guard where we are having problems. Well, that and your RT is unbelievably bad. And I almost forgot, your center is very long in the tooth.
Example #2: Angelo said it's time to identify the starters and starting building cohesion among the first group." Are you for real, Jerry? You also said there was 7 or 8 that you really liked? Are those 7 or 8 on the Bears? You can't identify 5 if you can't find 5 out of the mix who are worthy of a starting job. And the fact that Jerry didn't say anything about his head coach and OL coach saying the bear's OL played well in their first preseason game is beyond me. Hmm. 2.6 yards per carry, 6 sacks, QB's running for their lives, the fact you HAD to pull Cutler because you were worried about his safety. Yeah, that adds up to an OL playing well. Morons.
And let's not let us forget WR. You know, the position that I read several times in these comments where we were so strong at. Knox looks good and so does Aromashodu. Hester is battling injuries and honestly looks lost in this offense. But the staff goes out of their way to tell us how he's getting it down. Lest they forget that it took him 3 years to "master" Turner's offense. Then you have the two 3rd round picks from 08 & 09. Bennett is just your average 6', 190#, mediocre WR, and Iglesias should have been gone 2 weeks ago, but his 3rd round status will keep him around. Does R. Davis do it for you? Look at the Cowboys. Crayton is their 4th And WR is a "strength" on the Bears. Marshall was there for the taking. You waste a 2nd on a string bean bust of a DE, but you're not willing to give up 2 of them for one of the top 3-4 WR's in the game? If knox or DA goes down this offense will have no ability to stretch the defense. Hester is good for 2-3 50+ yard catches a year and he will break an occasional slant route, but he's not someone who makes knees quake.
He better hope Wright gets on the field and stays healthy. I for one, will keep my eye on Burnett and rub JA's nose in it as often as I am able. And can we just stay off the Tom Harris garbage. Isn't Jerry the same guy who told us he was 100% last year? Hey Jerry, talk AFTER Harris has done something for the first time in ohh....4 years.
Sorry, gentlemen, but as you might guess this guy just rubs me the wrong way. I would be more harsh, but worried that it wouldn't get posted.

creighton yeah he jay cutler threw a your nutz

Hey Gearheadboy.... could not have said that any better. You are dead on with JA's stupidity. We needed OL help in the worst way, and JA ingored it, again. Then with OL help on the board, you draft a QB????? A QB who will not even make the team. Its no longer funny, its plain sad what has happened to this team. JA has a habit of dumping quality starters for no reason what so ever. Thomas Jones, Chris Harris, Alex Brown.. on and on. Can a NFL GM BE THAT STUPID?? Guess so. The laugh of the year goes to Lovie on how glad he is to have Chris Harris back. He follows that with he cant understand why they ever let him go. Well Lovie, you had to have your boy Archuletta.. another fine move. I find it hard to watch these guys anymore. How the owners allowed Lovie and JA to stay shows the depth of the problem. Until the team is taken over by new owners, this team will be bad for a long time to come.


Thank you, sir. If you have listened to sports talk radio in Chicago the past 18 years, you know that I have long argued that this clown makes Matt Millen look like a genius. You can argue that taking a WR 3 years in a row is not the brightest move in the world, but the guys he did take {Harrington, Jones, Roy Williams, Mike Williams, and Rodgers} were taken right about where they were projected to go in mock drafts. Unlike JA who takes Mark Bradley, Dan Bazuin, Okwo, Wolfe, and Chris Williams, and even Tank Johnson long before they would have been drafted by other teams.
Do you remember back when Mark Hatley was let go, and then the other guy {his name escapes me now} went down to AZ? And the great Ted Phillips was going to give Chicago Bear's fans the GM they had been screaming for. And they supposedly paid an executive search firm $250,000.00 to find viable candidates. Can you imagine Angelo in an interview? Mumbling, stuttering, talking about square pegs in round holes, butchering words, etc. How in the world did he make it past the first interview. it almost makes you think it was some sort of scam played on the fans and the city. Almost like..."so, you guys want a GM? Here you go. There's your GM."
Anyway, it's a beautiful Saturday, going to get out and enjoy it before the game tonight. Have a great day gentlemen.

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