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Jay Cutler likes Martz's aggressive downfield approach

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Bears quarterback Jay Cutler said Sunday night that Mike Martz's offense fits the team's personnel, and he also favors the aggressive approach.

"I think it definitely fits the personnel we have," Cutler told Fox 32. "The ball's getting pushed down the field, which I like.

"There's a lot of openings. We're taking advantage of matchups."

Cutler said the offense is "a lot different" than the one last year under Ron Turner.

"It's a little bit more spread out," he said. "A lot more motion, and shifting and moving around.

"It's going well. We're picking it up pretty well."

Here are other highlights:

* On Greg Olsen: "Greg had another big night tonight. I don't think (Martz has) ever really had a guy like Greg, and Dez (Clark). I think Greg's having one of the best camps of anyone offensively."

* On Devin Hester: "He's a little banged up right now. But, I think he had a great first week. It was unbelievable, what he was doing out there. He's got a little bit of a chip on his shoulder."

* On Matt Forte: "Matt's a tough kid. He's not going to say anything, but he was banged up last year. He got his knee fixed. I think he's back to his rookie shape."

* On his respect for coach Lovie Smith: "Just being around Lovie. Being around him for a year. He's going to take care of the players, every chance he gets. He's not going to throw anyone under the bus. You can see how much it means to him, which reflects on us."

* On concern about his offensive line: "It's a question mark for us. Absolutely. But, we got a lot of faith in Mike Tice, and Olin (Kreutz) and those guys. We're shuffling those guys up. Chris Williams is going to have a heck of a year for us.They got to get some time together. It's a new group out there. It could take a few preseason games. It's not going to happen overnight."

* On him appearing more relaxed: "Last year was a tough year. A lot of picks. A lot of blame throughout this whole organization. It was tough. But you got to go back to things that made you successful."

* On Brett Favre: "I find it hard to believe he wouldn't come back. With the situation they have up there, with the offensive talent... and he knows that. I would be very shocked and surprised if No. 4 doesn't come back."

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I think you'll find Bear fans are a different breed. I'll also tell you, there is nothing like Being around this team when they are going great. This team has "Love" from all areas of the city burbs and even parts of Indiana.

I'm cautiously optimistic about the team this year. I think Martz has the "Smartz"(lol) and where-with-all, to make in-game adjustments, game-to-game adjustments that will make this team much better than the Turner era has ever been.
Now, if we can just get Cutler to realize that The Bears have 1-of the BEST FG KICKERS around, AND that 3-points is better than NO-POINTS!(especially when the team reaches the red zone.)
(IMO)This team will improve greatly in 2010, and will surprise a few of the pundits.

Just to expand on that comment; this team has "Love" from every city across the globe. I have been a displaced Bear fan my whole life but have always kept closed to Da Beloved.

I would be much more confident about the Bears this season if the offensive line was more settled. One positive about what we are seeing this year is that there is at least some competition for the starting positions instead of just sticking with the same 5 no matter how they perform in camp. However, Cutler, the running backs, receivers, and tight ends could all do their jobs perfectly but the play will still be destroyed if the o line can't block anyone. That is what I am looking forward to seeing during the preseason games. Every team runs a vanilla offense and defense but teams cannot run a vanilla pass protection or you will get a qb killed. Although defenses will not show very many blitzes and stunts so we can't see how good the offensive line is, we should still be able to judge if they are terrible. Based on what I'm hearing and what I saw one day at camp, I'm concerned about Williams. Hopefully he has looked poor at times because Peppers is that good. Otherwise the excitement people have right now about Olsen will be gone because the Bears will always have to keep a tight end in to block.

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