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Jay Cutler has "Kurt Warner "awareness, Martz says

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In Mike Martz's eyes, Jay Cutler can apparently walk on water.

To hear the new Bears offensive coordinator tell it, Cutler is well on his way to mastering the new offense, which challenges the quarterback to throw to spots more.

"What we do really fits him," Martz said. "He has that Kurt Warner awareness, if you will. He has such a keen sense of where everybody is at. He can see everything and can diagnose it without even thinking about it.

"We keep trying to challenge him with a lot of new things," Martz said. "Try to keep pressing the envelope. Then when we get back into the season, we'll come back and zero in each week."

Martz said they keep throwing new concepts at Cutler, and he's "handled everything remarkably well."

And even if something goes wrong? Well, Cutler can bail them out.

"He has always tried to do it just the way we've asked him to do it. Then, when things do break down, the really great ones have a sense of just finding a guy, and he can do that," Martz said. "He's been pretty remarkable so far. He's everything I had hoped he would be.


Is Cutler struggling with anything?

"Not really.

"Not really. His retention and everything is better than I thought it would be. There's just nothing I would say that we have to go back and fix. His footwork took a little bit longer, but he's got that down."

Think Martz likes his quarterback?

Other highlights from Martz:

* On where they are with installation of the offense: "I think we're not behind. I think we've progressed as well as we hope we would. We're not any further than that, and we're not behind, so I think that's very good."

* On the tight ends: "The tight ends have been very, very outstanding in camp. They've been pretty remarkable as a group.''

On Devin Hester: "I think Devin is ahead of the curve. He's had a remarkable camp, by the way. He came back after spring, there were times he struggled a bit in the spring trying to figure things out, but he's been mistake free so far. He's been outstanding in his route technique. So he's better right now than I would expect him to."

* On if he has concerns about the offensive line: "The thing biggest thing is settling on our starting five, and we'll do that fairly soon. We're trying to give as many guys inside an opportunity, to see what they have. We love our two tackles. I don't worry about the offensive line at all. I think we have the best guy coaching (Mike Tice). I really do.

"I can't tell you what a comfortable feeling it is for me. You just know things are going to get done right, and you know the approach, so I'm not worried about it at all.
I know that we're still looking at people, trying to give everybody as much chance as possible to define who they are, with an opportunity to help us.
Within the next two weeks, you'll see things sort out.

"Remember this: when a new offensive line comes together like this, in a new system, they are always behind everybody. They're jus so much information for them. Seven on seven guys can go out against air, in shorts, and get timing and learn and be good.
On the offensive line, you've got to put a helmet and pads on, to get timing against live people to really progress. That's why they'll be just a little bit behind. But that's normal."

* On whether he has enough weapons: "Oh heavens yes. I'm very pleased with our personnel. You look at the tight ends and the backs, and the offensive line will come together."

On if the Chicago weather would affect the offense: "No, not really. Remember, if it's not sure-footed for the receivers, it's the same footing for the DBs, and the quarterbacks. The only thing you have to pay attention to in the NFL, not so much the condition of the field, or cold or hot, or rain, it's wind. Wind has more of a factor than anything else."

On how Hester and Johnny Knox have looked: "They look like we want them to be, at this point. The pressman is always going to be issue in this system, with the releases. Darryl has done a great job with our group, getting off the ball against the press.
The thing that happened to me that I was impressed with. This is the first time it's happened to me, when you put something new in. We picked up with the receivers where we left off in the spring. We didn't have go back and redo something. They just came in and they were going pretty good, technically. I'm talking about the depth of things, precision of routes and adjustments. We just kept going. I'm very impressed with that group."

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I like the fact Mike Martz likes his tackles, I just don't like what I've been hearing about one of them, one Mr. Frank Omiyale. Omiyale seems to be having a lot of trouble with the false starts, which can be fixed. I just don't like the fact he's gotten beat by Julius Peppers and Mark Anderson, that doesn't exactly bold well confidence wise in a player. Omiyale needs to step up his game, if not, they need to get Kevin Shaffer in there. Hopefully Omiyale can get it together, I hope I'm wrong about him.

Martz is 100% right about the fact Chicago needs to name their 5 starters on the offensive line. Continuity is key to having line success, Chicago needs to name their starters so they can have some form of continuity heading into the season. I hope they don't go all camp and pre-season trying to figure out who the best 5 are.

If I had to make a guess from what I've been hearing, your starters are probably gonna be Chris Williams LT, Johan Asiata LG, Olin Kruetz C, Roberto Garza RG, and Frank Omiyale at...gulp RT.

The coaching staff basically has this last season to prove themselves, if Omiyale can't do it, I'd hate to see them wait around till its to late to find out. Tice needs to put the best possible 5 starters in there. If Kevin Shaffer is out playing Omiyale, he needs to get the job, just an opinion now GO BEARS!!

On if the Chicago weather would affect the offense: "No, not really. Remember, if it's not sure-footed for the receivers, it's the same footing for the DBs, and the quarterbacks. The only thing you have to pay attention to in the NFL, not so much the condition of the field, or cold or hot, or rain, it's wind. Wind has more of a factor than anything else."

So, if wind has more of a factor then why would the weather not really have any effect? IT'S THE WINDY CITY FOR CRISSAKE!!!!

Kevin unless Beekman gets hurt or Asiata takes huge strides you will not see him at LG. The guy is way way to raw. He has the physical ability but lacks any technique.

Also when have you evern known a football team to say anything bad about their players during camp? I notice Martz didn;t even name his tackles he just sais their two tackles, which two? They have 4 or 5 on the roster and 4 of them have played with the first team. He loves the tackles and the line even though the line is not set. How does he even know what he likes? The line is not set, they don;t even have a starting five. It's just lip service.

John I don't think its the wind or just wind. The field condition is worse for the recievers in this system. Recievers in this system run flat routs, not routs in the flat. Full speed routs all the time and when they get to their cut they try ot make it last second at full speed. If they make a sharp cut they create space and you should see a completion, however if they don't make that sharp cut and go just a little wide, the corner who is playing off will undercut and be in position to make a play on a ball being thrown to a spot rather than player. Corners are given a better chance to make picks with this offense. Field condition counts more against the recievers because they are the ones trying to make full speed last second cuts, the corners are playing off and have more time to slow down to make the sharp cut. You will notice there have been a lot of slips in camp this year. Well thats on a good surface. The green mud can get hurt. Knox got hurt last year making sharp cut at speed on the frozen mud. I don't think Martz knows how bad the surface gets here. Its basically uneven frozen mud with groovs and pot holes.

On a surface like Soldier Field in bad condition its probably better to have bigger stronger back shoulder guys who can go up and battle for the ball. We have seen high speed passing offense come in hear and have no passing game in december, like the Saints.

Interesting observations here today. Certainly the field conditions, especially in Soldiers' Field, can have a solid impact, but it works both ways, and one can hope that fact evens things out. There is always the "Bear weather" concept to take into account, but I think that's mostly overrated as having a big impact.One would hope that a team can make adjustments when weather becomes too harsh for the game plan to work. I at least think Martz is able to make those adjustments far better than Turner ever did. I keep seeing those stupid runs at the goal ilne right into the opponents' chief area of strength. No way would Martz be that dumb.

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