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Isaac Bruce open to coaching

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He doesn't have any offers, and he needs a green-light from his wife, but former St. Louis Rams receiver Isaac Bruce said he enjoyed his coaching internship with the Bears.

Bruce, who spent about two weeks with the Bears as part of the NFL's Minority Coaching Fellowship, worked closely with the receivers and passing offense. A four-time Pro Bowl selection, Bruce starred in Mike Martz's offense with the Rams, helping the team win Super Bowl XXXIV.

"You know, if the avenue presents itself, and if the situation is good, we'll see," Bruce said. "I have to talk to my wife."

Bruce said he'll leave the team Sunday.

Bruce said coaching isn't much different than what he was doing toward the end of his career.

"The only difference was, I wasn't practicing," he said. "I mean, for the last eight years or so, I was tutoring guys."

He said the challenge was sitting in a meeting room with coaches -- not players -- who have been in the game for much longer than him.

Bruce said he also has developed a style, which shouldn't come as a surprise.

"But I'm big on motivation. I'm big on positive reinforcement," he said. "One of the best coaches I had was a guy who really didn't know Xs and Os, and he wasn't a wide receiver type of guy. But he was always very positive. He got he best of every guy he coached.

"I like the Tony Dungy style," he said. "Speak softly and carry a big stick."

Bruce certainly has credentials; he caught 1,024 passes for 15,208 yards and 91 touchdowns.

Meanwhile, Bruce said he is confident that the Bears can have a potent passing offense and that the receivers can excel.

"They have a tremendous opportunity to do it," he said. "I've seen it work at the highest heights, and I don't see any difference."

Stay tuned for an actual story, with Bruce addressing the receivers and quarterback Jay Cutler.

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There is such a big difference in the coaching prospects of former players. You look at 2 linebackers for example who were contemporaries (even teammates). Pepper Johnson and Lawrence Taylor. Taylor was one of the most physically gifted athletes to ever play the position, and revolutionized the game. Pepper was a solid, steady player who worked hard, and studied. Johnson is a defensive coach in the NFL, Taylor is still doing coke and propositioning underage prostitutes...

Some of these guys are cut out for coaching, some for broadcasting, and some for nothing other than staring blankly at a wall for the next 40 years.

Isaac Bruce is not only one of the better receivers of the last 15 years, but in my opinion one of the most precise route runners to ever play the game. He not only understood how to set the routes, but also how to get off the line into his route, and how to create separation where there shouldn't have been any. This guy would be a fantastic receivers coach in the NFL. Lord knows our guys would learn a lot more from him than they have from Drake. You hope to see guys like him contribute something to the newer generation of football players, not because he owes them anything, but because he can offer so much to them in terms of learning about and playing the game.

I am glad he worked with Hester, but it seems like Knox and Aromashodu are going to be the big targets this year.

I got an Issac Bruce quote too. This is Bruce speaking about the Bears recievers having room for lots of improvment.

"When I talk about room for improvement, I'm a detail guy: route-running ability, releases, being sharp in and out of your breaks, and making sure that when you're not getting the ball you're doing what you need to do to get your buddy open,'' he said.

Bruce also liked DA the best. Just throwing that out there. Cause you know Cutler liked him, Bruce likes him, now if Lovie and Angelo would just like him. Then again it makes sense because if anyone in this offense is similar to Bruce it is DA. At leat in ability, he is not at that skill level yet though.

At least Bruce is being honest nad not blowing smoke like the Bears full time coaches are. Also he is giving Martz a little cover in case things go bad.

Yeah, I know how you feel, Isaac. No one's called me either, but I'd coach in the NFL. Except I'm single and get to make all of my own big boy decisions. Most of all, as a Caucasian, I actually AM a minority in the NFL.

When Isaac said, "One of the best coaches I had was a guy who really didn't know Xs and Os, and he wasn't a wide receiver type of guy," I hope he wasn't talking about Martz!

Bruce seems like a great guy; however, I am wary of his statement that he likes the Tony Dungy style, "speak softly and carry a big stick." That's the the style that his former assistant, Lovie Smith, emulates, isn't it? Peyton Manning and Tom Moore and Howard Mudd covered up Dungy's deficiencies throughout his stay in Indy. And don't forget Bill Pollian. Listen to any of Dungy's inane words on any topic as a media guy. The guy is barely there. He truly was blessed in having all that support. How interesting do you think this blog would be if Dungy replaced Sean Jensen? It would be a real snoozer. His style had its day, ran its course; it all happens once; it won't be coming down the river again. He beat Lovie in the Super Bowl. Such a deal! I'll take the Rex Ryan style. It will have its day, too. Roll down the windows, Tony; let us breathe! Bruce is cut from the same cloth. We need passion - Ditka, Parcells, Shanahan...Chicago is the town that "Billy Sunday couldn't shut down" - at least it was and should be. The whole team needs a kick in their collective butt. Sadly, though, the McCaskeys, all of them, are intimidated by real power. Fellicelli, stand over there with Dungy, Lovie, and Isaac. Chicago guys stand facing them. Creighton you can stand with the Chicago guys. Sean, you can referee.

Hey Santa Barbara, I get your point but Joe stands with the Chicago guys, he is Bear fan he is just mellow and hopes the team does better. He is not a huge Lovie or Angelo guy.

I am pretty sure he would be bouncing off the walls with Joy if Rex Ryan or Bill Cowher were the head coach of the Bears. You will see this after interim head coach Lovie Smith gets fired in week 14 and the Bears go after Cowher.

However that said this blog will never be dull as long as post here. Even the trib blog has come alive with Creighton Hatred. On twitter you are measured by your friends. In blogging you know your good by the amount of people who hate you. Then again if Dungy or Lovie ran this blog I pretty sure I would banned in about two seconds and the Cult like mentality of Lovie and Dungy would begin their brain washing tactics. "It wasn't a loss it was a non-win." "I really like the fans that's why I treat them like dirt."

Hey Sean I know it is pre season but is their anything you are looking for this game or anything you might know, that the Bears are working on this game? A little what to watch for, maybe.

Personally, I would actually just like to see a little more or Cutler and Knox and the other recievers. I know I am crazy that way. I also want to see a little more of Taylor who looked more explosive than Forte last week. And of course both lines. The Raiders don't do anything well so I guess I will look to see how the Bears run defense plays against their rush. I can't really think of anything else. They have some speed at reciever so I will probably look to see how the Bears corners handle that speed. Oh and special teams, they should step up this game.

Hey, Joe Fellicelli, I agree with you that Isaac Bruce would probably be a terrific position coach, maybe even, ultimately, the best. Look at how many years Fred Biletnikoff contributed to the Raiders when his playing days were over. I think I am sometimes blinded by my distaste for the nice guy image Lovie Smith casts and the weakness it spreads, and think we need not add one more nice guy like Bruce to the staff. I really enjoy your comments, and just wished you were as hateful of the present regime of McCaskey, Angelo and Smith as I am. Isaaac Bruce just doesn't seem as angry and unreasonable as I would like. We need the intensity you see in Cowher's eyes, not the meekness in Lovie's. If, as Creighton says, you are on the Chicago side, but are just mellow. Well, mellow isn't yellow - my hero and model growing up was Roosevelt Taylor, the wonderful free safety of the World Champion 1963 Chicago Bears, one of the mellowest Bears of them all, yet a real Bear, the most underrated Bear. Number 24, Roosevelt Taylor. Your letters are classy, like Rosey Taylor's play.

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