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Isaac Bruce at Chicago Bears practice

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Former St. Louis Rams receiver Isaac Bruce was on the field Thursday for the Bears practice, and he was impressed with what he saw.

Asked about similarities of the Bears offense to the Rams, when they were one of the league's top units, Bruce said, "I don't see much missing.

"I see guys out here who can make plays. [They've] got a quarterback who can wing it. You know, I always like that. You've got guys on the outside who can make plays, who are fast, and can run routes without breaking down. When you've got guys like that in this offense, it's always good."

Bruce, who worked with Devin Hester for most of July, is with the Bears for the remainder of training camp as part of the NFL's Minority Coaching Fellowship. Bears coach Lovie Smith said Bruce can be an asset to his young receivers, who are learning Mike Martz's offense.

"We're just going to let him try to teach the guys how to be a receiver in our offense, and tell them some of the tricks of the trade," Smith said.

Bruce said he'll stress to the players that they need to be confident with their knowledge so they can be comfortable on the field.

Asked what it takes to speed up the process, he said, "Be willing to learn.

"I think anytime you've got a training camp where you have about six weeks to prepare, that's plenty of time to learn any offense."

Bruce was a four-time Pro Bowl selection with 91 career touchdowns.

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I liked the fact Devin Hester worked with Isaac Bruce during his time off this summer. It shows Devis Hester cares. The guy should have a pretty good year. I think by mid-season Chicago's #1 receiver will be Devin Aromashodu however. I think Aromashodu is primed to have a breakout season.

What still scares me is the offensive line, primarily the right tackle spot. I read that Omiyale looked a little better during pass rush drills, but then got his hands up in Mark Anderson's facemask, got beat by defensive tackle Henery Melton and end Julius Peppers, not good. It looks like the line is gonna be Chris Williams at LT, Josh Beekman at LG, Olin Kruetz at C, Roberton Garza at RG, and Frank Omiyale at RT. If Omiyale continues to struggle, they need to give Kevin Shaffer a shot.

I'm hearing good things about the red-zone offense, but through the air. Chicago needs to step up their running game inside the 20 also, that was a problem area last year. I was hoping a guy like rookie runner Harvey Unga at 240lbs would help running wise inside down in the red-zone, but he's banged up, and it might be serious. The good is 2nd year back Kahlil Bell has looked good running the ball, particularly inside. Maybe he can help? It should be interesting GO BEARS!!

"We're just going to let him try to teach the guys how to be a receiver in our offense, and tell them some of the tricks of the trade," Smith said.

The Trade would be Recieving, I take it. I guess the brilliant Drake who has never developed anyone in the NFL needs a little help.

"I think anytime you've got a training camp where you have about six weeks to prepare, that's plenty of time to learn any offense." Said Bruce.

Didn't Bruce also tell Hester it took him 2-3 years to master the offense. 6 weeks or 2-3 years? I don't know, thre seems ot be a bit of a discrepancy in his timeline.

I noticed he mentioned the Recievers, and the QB, thats good, he did not mention RB position though. Lets see the year the Rams won the Super bowl, the year Martz got credit for changing an offense with his scheme. I have little problem with all that he did, all the credit being thrown on him. On problem is basically totally different rosters.

In 98 4-12
In 99 13-3

In 98 These were some of the key positions

QB Banks
RB Robert Holcombe he ran for 230 yards
WR Eddie Kennison, about 4 years before he got decent.
WR Issac Bruce, only played in 5 games
C John Flannery
RG Zach Wiegert
RT Wayne Gandy

On defense
RDE Mike Jones
MLB Eric Hill
RC Ryan McNiel

Now the new players that Martz got In 99

QB Kurt Warner
RB Marshal Faulk
WR Issac Bruce who played all 16 games
WR Tory Holt
WR Az-Zahir Hakim
LG Tom Nutten
C Mike Gruttadauria
RG Adam Timmerman Pro Bowler
RT Fred Miller, before he got old and real bad.

I don't know I think getting nine new starters may helped, and I am positive Faulk helped the most. Did the Bears pick up 9 new starters on offense, 3 of them being HOF calibur players?

On defense they got
Grant Wistrom
London Fletcher

If you look at the 2006 Lions and the 2005 Lions, the team only improved about 3 points a game. But Martz still was the benifit of a new QB Kitna who was actually better than who he replaced. One big difference was in increased FG's But the team only scored 3 more TD's than the year before.

In 2007 his offense took a 41 point jump. They also landed Clavin Johnson in the draft and 35 of those points belonged to him.

It just seems to me that when talent increses on a team his offense gets better and when it gets worse his offense gets worse. So basically as smart as he may be talent is still talent and at the end of the day he needs it, looking at the 99 Rams, I would say he needs a lot of talent.

Creighton, if Devin Hester comes on at receiver, who do you think is gonna get the credit....Drake. If Devin Aromashodu has a breakout season, who do you think is gonna get the credit, yes Drake. Same with Johnny Knox. Drake actually hasn't done all that bad of a job with the scraps he's been given to work with while he's been in Chicago. The only difference is over the last couple seasons Angelo has given Drake some players with potential like Aromashodu and Knox. Both players look like their gonna come on this year.

I think Bruce was brought in because of his familiarity with Martz's scheme. Having Bruce work with the receivers is actually not a bad idea, come on Creighton, the glass is half full, half full!! GO BEARS!!

Fred Miller was drafted by St.Louis in 1996 so how the heck could he have been a new player if he was already on the team in his 3rd year.

OK Creighton it's a slow TV night. So you think Martz's offense improves when he is coaching players that have more talent? .........WOW! Did you think that up all by yourself?

What you don't say is some of those guys, like Warner for example, were not household names back then. They were picked out of the crowd and developed under Martz. What that tells me is that the man not only can coach offense, he can recognize talent when he sees it.

He is clearly a judge of talent and he says that the Bears "heavens yes" have enough talent. He didn't have to say that, but he did. By saying that he is essentially saying he has no "talent" excuses. He thinks he has the players, so if he fails to produce it's because they didn't play to their potential. If that happens it's on the coach. Guys like Sean Jensen put quotes like that in the paper and write them down for future review. Think Martz doesn't understand that? He surely understands and said it anyway. That's very impressive to me.

As far as Bruce goes, two things. He is not here to pick up the slack for Drake. He is in an NFL developmental program for minority coaches. He is basically a trainee they hope can learn to coach well enough to get a real coaching job and start climbing the ranks. So they send him to work under a lousy receivers coach? Yeah that makes sense!

No, there is a reason Drake survived the coaching purge this year. It's because he knows what he is doing. He finally has some young talent to work with and a good system. It's going to be fun to watch these kids run around catching lasers from Cutler this year.

The second thing about Bruce is he did not contradict himself. He said two different things. He said anybody should be able to learn the offense in six weeks, and it took him 2-3 years to master it. Learning a subject and mastering it are two distinct things. Most people who have actually mastered a subject understand that very easily.

Kevin I tend to agree with you about Omiyale. That dude has a way to go to earn our respect after his play last year. The good news is that I can think of no reason that Tice would play favorites? If he is there, it probably means he is earning it. Angelo picked him to play guard because he looked good with Carolina at tackle. (I know, I know, that was a stroke of genius...why didn't they try him a QB?) You must have another source from those I am seeing to think Beekman is the man at LG, but maybe you do. From what I'm hearing Asiata has the best shot, but they are even trying Marten.

I am starting to notice Melton's name popping up a little more often. That's encouraging. The Bears really need a few of these young guys on defense to float to the top. Don't hear much about Gilbert though, but that's OK. If they bat .500 on those two, it would be enough.

By MSBearsFan on August 5, 2010 8:47 PM
"OK Creighton it's a slow TV night."

MS how is me posting any different from you posting?

"What you don't say is some of those guys, like Warner for example, were not household names back then. They were picked out of the crowd and developed under Martz.'

Hey I will give the guy Warner sort of, Warner has played in 3 different systems, and excelled in two of them. So he must have had talent. Thats the only guy I will give him credit on. The other guys were know products or high draft picks. I notice you could only name Warner. I will also point out that no other QB did as well in Martz system as Warner. So while he founf him, Warner had talent. I point to Kitna as well, who did not have his best year in a Martz offense, actually he had two better years with the Seahawks and Bungles. So Martz comes in third out the OC's from those teams.

"He is clearly a judge of talent and he says that the Bears "heavens yes" have enough talent."

This is the same guy that said the smae recievers had no talent last year on NFL network. Also he said the Lions and 49ers had enough talent as well. What do you think he is going ot say they suck? He works for the team, hello.

"So you think Martz's offense improves when he is coaching players that have more talent? .........WOW! Did you think that up all by yourself?"

Well you clearly didn't read this right: It just seems to me that when talent increses on a team his offense gets better and when it gets worse his offense gets worse. So basically as smart as he may be talent is still talent and at the end of the day he needs it, looking at the 99 Rams, I would say he needs a lot of talent.

So let me explain to you. People keep saying its the system that makes it great and that he is a genius. I think he was part of a really talented team and his system is not all that. Thats what that means, I also don;t think the Bears have close to the level of talent as that team.

In 99 on a loaded offense the Rams used a high powered passing attack that nobody else around the league had. Defenses where not geared towards these high powered passing attacks 11 years ago. Now the league is full of high powered passing teams, and defenses have been adjusting over the years. Why do think the 3-4 is so popular? Why do you think aggressive almost reckless defensive play is in vogue? Its all about disruption. The Martz offense has not been much to speak the last six years he used it, even with talent.

Oh and as for Drake, you say has talent to work with. So why does he need Bruce. You didn't answer that. Sure you may get 1 or 2 thousand yard recievers this year.You have seen bad players do that for years with teams that throw the ball as often as the Bears will. The old Oilers fun and gun used have nobody recievers come in get some big yards for a couple seasons and then go someplace else and be bad. Same for the Martz offense in detroit and San Fran. Let me know when he develops a RB, cause Faulk was proven stud before he ever met Martz. Heck let me know when he develops a good running game and balanced attack without Faulk.

Oh and MS nice try. But as usual you don't really no much about the game and think the PR people for the Bears and company lines are real deal.

Tell me who has been right about this team for threes in a row. Literally nameing the the players who would bust out, the games they would win, the strengths and weaknesses, the style of play and everything else this team has been for three years? Who has been the guy who is pretty much right all the time. And who is one of the little people who keeps hoping I am wrong and always trying to read in their own thoughts into what I right so they can feel better about themselves? Hmmmm tell me. Who has been right and who has been wrong? Please tell me what Poster with the initials MSBF has been totally wrong, slow on the uptake and lame, and knows little about football? And who is Mr. Right? Don't worry you don't have to answer, we already know the answer.

Oh and Kevin thanks for filling the board in Omiyale. You are so ahead of the curve. Oh and MS you think I point out the obvious, why not attack Kevin for his Omiyale comment, or do you think thats breaking news? Or did you forget who who said Omiyale wouldn't work out at RT almost 6 months ago, his so called natural position as the media and Bears dubbed it. Or how about Omiyale at guard, that took me what 6 seconds after they signed the guy, or how about Beekman, or Metcalf. Yeah I no nothing about football, I just keep getting lucky and you keep getting upset.

Creighton, you are a trip. Funniest dude ever.

In my fantasy world, Tommie Harris is back to his old self. Teams can't block both him and Peppers without someone else getting free, Israel Odonije finally has a breakout year, and Mark Anderson gets back to his rookie form PLUS learns how to play the run. The three linebackers all either make the Pro Bowl or should. Chris Harris gets a bunch of turnovers playing on a defense that puts a lot of pressure on opposing QBs, and Zack Bowman turns into a shut down corner. On offense, Olin Kreutz is back to his Pro Bowl form after surgery, even if a little slower with age. Chris Williams turns out to be everything the Bears hoped for, Frank Omiyale settles in to be a good right tackle, and a young player beats out Beekman for left guard because he finally gets it and plays really well. With the greatly improved line, Matt Forte and Chester Taylor have big years, including a lot of receptions. And Martz's offense kicks butt, with the young receivers and Devin Hester running wild and Cutler hitting them with pinpoint accuracy.

Now, back to reality. The Bears most likely will end up in third place, slightly better than the Lions. (I expect the Lions to improve a little with the new regime, simply because it would be hard to find front office people as incompetent as the ones who were canned.) If Favre retires, the Bears might give the Vikings a run for second place if Tavaris Jackson is still as bad as he used to be, but that's all we can realistically expect. The Bears have no offensive line and under Martz's system they're lucky if Cutler isn't in the hospital by October. Their receivers are average at best, and so are their running backs. Defensively, Tommie Harris's legs are shot, he'll never be what he once was. And without a top under tackle, Lovie Smith's style of defense is doomed, regardless of what any of the other players do. Julius Peppers could have a career year in sacks, but the defense will still be porous and not be able to pressure opposing QBs consistently, because Peppers will be double and triple teamed every play, and no one else is capable of applying consistent pressure. The linebackers should be excellent, but without a good line in front of them, their job will be next to impossible. Then we have Lovie Smith, a coach who sticks to his scheme even when he doesn't have the personnel to play it or it otherwise proves useless, who can't adequately motivate his players, who plays not-to-lose instead of to win, and who doesn't have a clue once the game starts.

But hey, there's no law against dreaming and hoping, and since we don't work for the team, our doing so doesn't hurt. So go Bears, let's all have our Super Bowl fantasies before the season starts and they get crushed.

Fred Miller- played 14 games his rookie year. Then played 15 games in 97 and 98. Played all 16 games in 1999. So he was with the team in 98 and starting. Remember Creighton Fred miller was a 5th round pick by St.Louis in 1996.Creighton. Booyeah baby! BUSTED HA

Torry Holt-Played 16 games in 1999. 52 catches. 788 yards. 6 TDs. Hmmmmm sounds like Devin Hester's numbers last year(57 catches. 757 yards. 3 TDs). Busted Again only because you have said Hester is not a number one or two wide out. Give it to me yeah!

Kurt Warner- MSBearsFan said it the best. Warner wasn't but a Caleb Hanie on the 1999 Rams. Heck maybe Caleb Hanie can pull off a Kurt Warner??? Again not by me but by MSBearsFan you were Busted out! BURN.

Az-Zahir Hakim- 8 TDs in 1999. He was an after thought and the defence thought so too. Well the Bears have one of those in Johnny Knox or Devin A. or Greg Olsen or Devin Hester. It is the system that made Hakim better period Creighton. He only had 39 catches that year system system system!!! Yeah did you choke on you PPJ toast with no crust.

Marshall Faulk- This guy was good but not realy that good before he became a Ram in 1999. Lets see here as a Colt Faulk avg. per rush was: 1994-4.1/ 1995-3.7/ 1996-3.0/ 1997-4.0/ 1998-4.1//// Now in 1999 through 2001 under Martz his avg per rush was this: 1999-5.5/ 2000-5.4/ 2001-5.3/// WOW what a difference CREIGHTON, you know why CREIGHTON because of Mike Martz's SYSTEM

Creighton stop trying to sound like a NFL historian, because your NOT!

MS bears fan - thanks for a readable post that clarifies others BS. Creighton find another hobby buddy. Brando your funny and Wrigley field bear please go back to talk radio and take your negativity and keep it within yourself. You would be killed by Confuscious for being so engulfed by your hatred for a team that you are supposed to love, not judge. I just hate the haters who said the same BS in 06 and look what happend then and guess what if we don't get injured too bad and thats a big don't then we do have a chance to go to the super bowl and we do have a chance to just be a fan and enjoy a game. It's not that I am oblivous to some weaknesses that we have, it just that I am a fan that enjoys the game not a fanatic that focuses on the bad aspects, please stop watching sports and pick up a childrens book so you don't stress over a game, you look childish already.

My name is Creighton and I know everything there is to know about football and yet I don't have a job with any football organization. I am so much smarter than everyone else and I can predict the future precisely with simple statistics.

I totally know what I'm talking about too because I watch a lot of football and I'm really really smart. Like super smart.

Somebody once said that brevity was the soul of wit. Clearly the bloggers on this one do not buy into that concept.

Poor creighton I almost feal sorry for you, wait no i dont!!! So brando throws some statistical knowledge @ you and the best you could do is write that nonsense? Oh by the way why didnt you have anything say on the statistics he gave you on warner holt and faulk? tsks, tsks, tsks so sad....anyway hopes are high seeing as we went 7-9 with only 1 starting linebacker an average D-line and a bad secondary, not to mention a ron turner offense that by comparison makes hedgehogs look like turtles.

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