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Hester set to return for tonight's practice

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Bears receiver Devin Hester missed the last four practices with what coach Lovie Smith described as "groin-area soreness."

Hester did some running Tuesday morning and said he's ready for the evening practice at Olivet Nazarene University.

"It felt good," Hester said. "I wanted to see where my conditioning was. Hopefully, I'll be ready."

Below are other highlights of what Hester told reporters just before lunch time:

* On when he hurt himself: "It just kind of built up. I didn't hurt it on any specific plays. When you're working hard, things like that happen. Coaches always say, if you don't get hurt in training camp then you're not working hard enough. so I guess I'm working hard."

* On how he's getting a handle on the offense: "Most definitely. It's all about repetition. The more reps you put in, it makes a lot of things easier for you. That's what I've been doing, from OTAs and the offseason and training camp, its just constantly getting a lot of reps in. Players are starting to pick up everything. We're having fun with it."

* On how important it is to get some reps on punt returns in the preseason: "We haven't really talked about it. The past couple of years, they don't want me returning anything. If I'm back there, they just want me to fair catch. I don't know what's the plan for this preseason, but I always try to sneak one or two in."

* On if he needs that live action: "I do. And I think they understand that. Sometimes they tell me to fair catch, but I give then the look... If I get an opening I'm going to sneak one."

* On how big a difference this offense can make: "A big difference. The defense that we have is really going to help us out. This offense is designed for the offense to get a lot of turnovers. When they get a lot of turnovers, we're going to put a lot of points on the board. The way our defense is designed it's going to help our offense at the same time. We're going to get a lot of opportunities, so it's up to the offense to put points on the board."

* On how exciting this offense is: "Very exciting. There are four or five receivers in this offense every year that seeem to have a lot of success. It's not one single receiver that stands out. the way this offense is designed, a lot of receivers are going to get their opportunities."

* On what this offense can do that last year's could not: "It's a new year. The way this offense is designed, I think it's capable of putting more points on the board. The offense we had last year was the same thing, we just didn't put it together. Hopefully this year we can come out and [get] the things that need to be done and get it done."

* On emphasis of red-zone production: "It's real good. This offense is designed to kill the red zone. When we get down in the red zone, coach [Mike] Martz always puts pressure on us that we need to score 80 percent of the time down in the red zone. That alone right there speaks for his expectations for us and we have to do the same for ourselves."

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**The offense we had last year was the same thing, we just didn't put it together.**

This guy is incoherent. They ran the same offense last year? I don't think so, Devin. So he's really grasped this new complex offense? Call me a skeptic.

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