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Gutierrez officially signs

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According to a league source, quarterback Matt Gutierrez has signed a contract with the Bears and is expected to practice this afternoon.

The Bears have been looking to sign a quarterback since Sunday, when they learned the extent of a shoulder injury to backup Caleb Hanie.

Gutierrez arrived late Tuesday night to Bourbonnais.

Hanie is not expected to be out long, but the Bears still tried to convince a veteran to sign with the club, although they wouldn't promise the player a guaranteed spot or any guaranteed money.

Trent Green and Todd Collins were among those that passed. Josh McCown was not an option because he wanted to honor his UFL contract (here's the story

Gutierrez was undrafted in 2007, but he has spent time in the NFL with the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs.

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I can see why Todd Collins passed, theres virtually no way he'd see the field once the regular season starts. Probably the same with Trent Green, at this point in both their careers, I doubt they wanna be clip board carriers. With Jay Cutler, thats all either one of them would be in Chicago.

Now a young guy like Matt Gutierrez, whose bounced around a little and never really gotten a chance, this isn't a bad gig. At the very least he can get a little action in the next few pre-season games to have some game tape to show other teams to maybe land a job somewhere else. Once Hanie comes back the #2 job is his.

As far as Gutierrez, he's a big kid at 6-4 230lbs and has shown a strong arm in limited action. It should be interesting to see how he runs Martz's offense GO BEARS!!


It is being reported that the Bears signed former Bengal's safety, Aaron Webster. And in doing so, cut Vance and Mayberry. Now, I am no JA or Lovie {thank the good Lord for that}, but wasn't Mayberry having a decent camp and other than the miffed sack {and haven't we all had one of those in our lives} was one of the standouts in the game. How about releasing #39 Brown, or one of the WR's from NW, or Iglasias?

I suspect that someone will pick up Mayberry. The Bears are just too strong at linebacker to give him a solid chance. Whom would he replace?There are some other tough decisions the coaches will have to make as well. It's still early, but the Bears have to start settling firmly on starters to get them used to working together. Giving the youngsters too many reps detracts from that.

Wasn't Jeff George available?

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