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Gutierrez en route to Chicago, could sign

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The Sun-Times has confirmed that former Patriots and Chiefs backup quarterback Matt Guiterrez is en route to Bears training camp in Bourbonnais and could sign pending a physical.

The former Patriots and Chiefs backup was considering playing for the UFL's Omaha Night Hawks if he did not receive an NFL offer.

Gutierrez played collegiately at Michigan before transferring to Idaho State for his senior year. He prepped at De La Salle High School in Concord, Calif., where he was a three-year starter and never lost a game.

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I am so in tears laughing. This is maybe the only guy that wouldnt take gaurantee money. This is comical. I wonder if him and Brett Favre are gonna be on the same plane? This guy will be cut when Hanie gets a medical clear to play.

Maybe it's just me but I find it ironic that the Bears are getting Gutierrez on the same day Favre is returning to the Vikings. It's just wierd, now watch Cutler get hurt for the first time ever and Gutierrez has to start the season for the Bears.

Wow, comments by both THE Brando and THE Creighton on the same blog without attacking each other.

Gutierrez will probably out-play LeBack-Up.

Is Brett Basanez available? I didn't see where he got picked up by anyone after being released by the Bears in mid May. I think he was there for a little while with Martz so he should have some grasp of the terminology. And let's not fool ourselves, this has nothing to do with a veteran QB to back up Cutler. If the Bear's had signed one, then with that QB's experience in the league and presumably with a history with Martz, he would have been #2 off the bench the other night and probably injured instead of Hanie.
This is all about the ineptness of the offensive line. Period. The OL is setting the offense back by not allowing the first string to get as many reps as needed. You can't tell me that it was beneficial from a cohesiveness standpoint for Cutler to be in there for only 1 series. Here we are going into preseason game #2 and Tice {you know, the Rod Marinelli of 2010} has yet to settle on 5 guys. If Marten has not got a legit shot at being a starting guard, then having him in there only pushes back the development of Louis. What happened to the all the hype over Johan Asiata 3 weeks ago? We were told that the Bears didn't draft any guards with the over abundance {cynical there} of draft picks because they liked their young guys. Instead we draft a major project at QB, a CB who has a hard time carrying grocery bags in from the minivan, and a DE who is 3rd at his position on the depth chart. But we were told that he was a first rounder that slipped to the 4th due to an injury that was now 100% healed. If it is healed, he should be able to beat out a 1 trick pony like Mark Anderson.
Yeah, I know I am btchn here, but this falls squarely on the shoulders of JA. One last complaint. Antrell Rolle looked pretty good last night in a Giants uniform. Would have been nice to have him instead of a 2nd string blocking TE with a bum knee.

Gus just scroll down one article on the main page. Someone is very angry at me about the Bears loss. Give you want hint, it sounds like Lando.

Beep Beep.

No one should be surprised because they weren't interested in finding a quality back up because they don't think it's important. That same mentality has plagued the organization for years. You must plan for the future if you expect to compete for a long time. If they were serious about winning then they would've parted with that money for Collins. Just because Caleb looks good in a couple of situations and in practice doesn't mean he's ready to compete on a weekly basis. He could've sat behind Collins and absorbed alot more knowledge. It has proven to benefit alot of qbs because it allows them the extra time they may need to prepare. I could call this a laughing moment, but after all we've been through lets just take it as another step towards something we can't understand.

ole JA really "outsmarted" himself this time around (again) - wtg angelo . . .

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