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Getting to know... Roberto Garza

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Feel free to send in your suggestions and questions. In our third installment, we get yet another offensive player. This time, it's starting left guard Roberto Garza. He is the second lineman (Olin Kreutz was the first), and he was happy to oblige Ryan Cox's request.

Here are Ryan's questions, with a couple of my follow ups. Great job, Ryan!

RC: What is the most challenging part of transitioning into a new offense?
RG: Picking up the techniques and the details of the offense, obviously. The terminology is going to be different, and the philosophy. Just getting comfortable with what the plays are and knowing what to do.

RC: Who is the best player you have faced in the NFL?
RG: Probably Warren Sapp, when he was in Tampa. I was a rookie, so he worked me over pretty good. He's a tough player. He's one of the greats to ever play the game.

SJ: What made him so hard?
RG: His first step was really explosive, and he was a smart player on the field, and he was tough to block.

RC: Did you try to emulate your game after anyone when you were growing up?
RG: Growing up, I was a Dallas Cowboys fan. So they had one of the best offensive lines during that era. I was not a real big guy, so I liked Mark Stepnowski the center. At the time, I was only 270, 280. So he was one of the guys I looked up to.

RC: Is it difficult playing a position that gets hardly any fanfare?
No, we do this because we love to play football. you don't do it for the accolades or anything. We do it to be a part of the five guys that are out there fighting every single play to make the play happen. You become an offensive lineman to be a part of the camaraderie and the friendship you build with those guys, and going out there to battle, play after play.

Q: What are you most proud about (in terms of your career)?
Obviously the NFC Championship. That was a special moment for the Bears organization for us and being able to play in that.

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Thanks, Sean!

By the way, who was it that made that "Ohh Mexico" comment in the background? LOL


Can't remember. Thought it was an offensive player, though. Not one of the linemen, because he walked out with most of them when he stopped to talk to me.

Does Oscar Hammerstein know about this.

Was it Olsen?

This is a temporary fix to a long term problem.

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