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Getting to Know... Olin Kreutz

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I'm excited to debut our new blog feature, Getting to Know....

Jim Cazel wanted me to interview longtime Bears center Olin Kreutz, who was happy to oblige Thursday after lunch. Jim didn't say, but I'm assuming he's from Hawaii, since he started his email to me with, "Aloha."

Below are Jim's questions, along with a few follow ups and extras from me. My questions will say SJ.

Without further ado...

JC: How is the offensive line coaching together and digesting the new playbook?

OK: It's coming along fine. We're putting in a lot of work. We've got great coaches, in coach [Mike] Tice and coach [Mike] Martz, who are feeding us information, at a pace that we can retain it. So we're in the first week of camp, and I think we'll be ready by Sept. 12.

JC: How do you feel?

OK: I feel good. I feel really good. I feel about as good as I have in a couple of years. So hopefully, that translates onto the field.

JC: How much does it help a young player like Chris Williams to practice against a player like Julius Peppers?

OK: That's huge. That's huge in your young career. I had Ted Washington when I was young, and he taught me a ton of stuff about playing in the NFL, and blocking a big nose guard. Ted Washington, to me, was the best nose guard to ever play the game. He was just an animal. To play against him every day, by the time you got to the game, no game is easy - but it was easy. In your mind, you think, 'I can block this guy, because I've blocked Ted before.' Ted would beat you up some days and teach you lessons.
'You better not take that step, or else I'll shove you into the ground.' Julius is going to do the same thing for Chris, and Chris is going to be an elite left tackle. And now having the advantage of having Julius to go against, the sky's the limit for him.

JC: Have any of your offensive linemen tried poi yet?

OK: No, none of them. I don't think they'll like it, anyway.

SJ: You going to take them to a [Hawaiian] restaurant?

OK: You got to grow up with poi, then you'll enjoy it.

JC: What does coach Tice bring to your unit?

OK: A ton of experience. Coach Tice is top one or two offensive line coaches in the NFL, so when you have a guy like that, you can't help but get better

SJ: Were you aware of him?

OK: Oh yeah, I knew coach for a long time. He actually worked me out at the University of Washington, when I was coming out. And I played against him, when he was the head coach in Minnesota, so I've been aware of coach Tice the whole time I've been in the NFL.

JC: What will be the biggest challenge for your offensive line this year?

OK: Learning the offense, learning the details. That's the biggest challenge in any offense. And in the NFL, the small things win. It's not the big stuff. So doing all the small things right together. That will always be the challenge, no matter what year it is.

SJ: Martz said it would take the offensive line a while to come along. What do you tell your teammates?

OK: First of all, the o-line hasn't been doing that bad. Second of all, you never panic. The NFL is about getting better. If you get better every week, you'll be ready to go.

A lot of guys start off looking great then they fade and that's how you lose games in the NFL. How you win in the NFL is get better every day, and that's what we're trying to do.

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Mark Bradley former Chicago Bear, K.C. Cheif and Tampa Bay Buc had signed a one year deal with the Saints. This could be his last stop unless he turns it on. Mark will probably be a 4-5 WR but he could put up some good numbers with that Saints offence.

I hope he is 100%, because if he plays like he did last year, he'll be third on the team in rushing since he spent the majority of his time being driven back to the H spot.

Playing hurt is comendable, but he was horrible, which begs the question. Is the backup center(Beekman) so bad he can't do any better than a hurt Kreutz?

I have to agree with Cbgrunt, but I like Olin's comment about Williaws playing against Peppers.Playing up to the level of your competition is always a lot better than playing down to it. That pro-bowl competitor on the other side of the line almost has to make the offense better or else they will get smeared all over the field.

Creighton has said, "Chris Williams will be a total bust!"

Olin Kreutz, an actual NFL player that actually knows what he's talking about said, "Chris (Williams) is going to be an elite left tackle."

Hmmm...I think I'll go with what Olin Kreutz has to say.

Really I'll take what I say over what Olin says. What do you think he is going to say, Williams sucks? Just a reminder Olin said Frank Omiyale would be a All Pro last year and Chris Williams would be an All Pro right Tackle.

So that's Creighton 2
And Olin 0

Creighton is winning, thanks for playing.

"Da Da Da yeah I got you this time Creighton all the players say all the other players are Great and so do the coaches, this is the best team ever. They would never lie about eachother. There is no bias at all. Now I gotta go ask Sean if he roots for the Bears are Vikings, I'll show you guys."

Hey the "The Legend of Brando Tomczak" why don't you post under your real name when writing garbage like that. Oh thats right that would mean you actually have to be a real man to do that. Instead you hide behind the mothers skirt of anonymity that is the internet. Really poignant words from a guy who doesn't have the stones to use his real name when making a comment. Well you didn't show me up but you did show me you may be a bit of a coward if using your regular screen name on the internet scares you. What are you affraid you will wrong again and I will be right again, you should really be used to it by now.

Going against Julius Peppers will help Chris Williams. Peppers is one of the leagues better ends, if Williams can hold his own vs Peppers in camp, he should do fine during the season vs other ends like Jarred Allen.

I think Olin Kreutz is still pretty solid, he's probably not the all-pro of a couple years back, but he's still probably a pretty good center. I bet theres a bunch of teams out there that would love to have him.

I do like the young linemen Chicago has brought in, you gotta like Chris Williams, Beekman is solid, Lance Louis looks like he has a bright future same with Johan Asiata. Rookie J'Marcus Webb is another one that looks like a good player down the road. I think the 6-8 328lb tackle will eventually end up as Chicago's starting right tackle, maybe by next season. Webb is a big man at 6-8 328lbs, and scouts like his mobility in the open field, his footwork, and say he has enough strength to hold up vs NFL DE's. Webb could turn out to be a pretty good tackle for Chicago GO BEARS!!

Kevin Armstead I found out why Creighton has been on a I know it all and you know nothing tangent. It is the turn of a new month. And when he reads post he DEPENDS on his EMOTIONS to lead the way.

By the way Oh Great Nothing (Creighton) That Tomczak dude was by far not me lol. You really think that I care if I post a 100 post in a day if anyone knows its me or not. No I can give a hoot less. You are allways giving me credit for someone elses work. It is funny that you think its me and get all wacked out of shape about it. Someone on this blog knows how to pull your strings and push your buttons. LOL

Hmmm....The "real" Olin Kreutz? You mean the guy who challenged a salt and pepper haired, over weight guy in a Hester jersey to a fight at last year's Bears Bengals game? I was 2 rows behind the guy and he never once got personal with Olin. Just gave him the business about getting beat on almost every play. Or the same "leader" Olin who clocked a fellow O lineman in the head with a dumbell a couple of seasons ago. That's real leadership. Or how about the Olin who can't seem to get a shotgun snap up past his "crack"?
I have stated many times that his salary would be better spent on someone else. {Hmm, here we are talking about safety issues for what?..the 4th camp in a row?}. Beekman would do fine at that position. As for Webb, he needs some major weight room time to be a RT. I don't see the same out of Lance Louis. These young guys should be pushing the vets, but it doesn't seem to be that way.
As for Chris Williams, I agree, what's Olin going to say? You have to support your teammate. I was really impressed with Williams against Allen in the game at Soldier Field. Sure there were times where he got some help, but, as was correctly pointed out on the broadcast, there were times when he beat Allen 1 on 1. To be an elite tackle, that has to happen game in and game out.
Mike Tice is no better at coaching the OL than Marinelli is on the DL. And according to everyone he failed. He "failed" due to lack of talent. You can polish a Gremlin till your fingers bleed. When you step back and look, it's still not going to be a Porshe. It is going to come back and bite this team that the GM has ignored the offensive line for so long.

This is Creighton's song to his Best Friend MSBearsFan

Here is my vision on what the dinner table is like at Creighton's parents house.

This song Creighton e-mailed me one day and said Im sorry for all the crap I put you through. Please forgive me.

This is the song I sent him and I ment it!

I agree that going against Peppers could help Williams, but I think more importantly it will help the Bears evaluate their o-line better. There were concerns about the line last year but apparently the Bears had no idea how bad the line was going to be because Pace and Williams were going against Wale and Brown in training camp - and as we saw last year, Wale and Brown were not very good at getting to the qb. Peppers should make it easier for the Bears to determine who is real and who is a pretender.

Sean, just how can you let Creighton do this? Every week it seems he runs his mouth telling everyone how only he is right about everything, that everyone else is wrong, and then he continuously puts down all the bloggers who don't share his negative views.

How about a walk back into the past, Creighton?

Creighton on Zak Bowman pre-draft - "He is a nice kid and was voted his HS VV, but he is not a football player. He has no experience and played in only hand full games, he is a great athlete but his injury list is long deep. He will never stay healthy long enough to get playing time. Thats why he only played in a handfull of games in college, he couldn't stay healthy. Just like most of the Bears defense, so he should fit in. They can all sit on the bench together talking about there needs."

Oops Creighton. Looks like Zak Bowman is an NFL starting CB and led the team last year with 6 picks. But how is that possible? He's "not a football player" according to you. Wrong.

Creighton on the 2008 Bears team - "With Benson all but gone I say the Bears go 6-10. Which is two games better than the 4-12 I gave them earlier."

The Bears went 9-7. Could have very realistically made the playoffs. Wrong again, Creighton.

And of course, the most famous blunder, here's Creighton on whether or not the Bears would acquire Jay Cutler -

"In fact I am so sure that Angelo will not get him [Cutler] that if he does, I will be outside Soilder Field in a hot pink panties that say spank me, singing the Crackers Happy birthday to me while holding up a sign that reads Brando rules and I suck... First home game and I will also paint myself Orange and Blue and get a tattoo thats says Angelo is the man on my forehead."

You have every right to your opinions Creighton. But don't you dare come on here and tell everyone that you're infallible. Because you're not, you're just delusional. Think next time before you speak. And oh yeah, man up!


Your gears aren't working in the head. Olin is not what he used to be but he is still an NFL Center that could start for many if not most of the teams in the NFL.

Last time I looked, there are two players in every NFL game that are responsible for the snap, the one that snaps the ball, the center and usually the QB that receives the football. It takes two to tango, either the center or the QB is responsible for a botched snap, not just one, the center. Your effort to blame Kruetz for every missed snap is ludicrous to say the least. I am sure that if you asked the QB's they would assume at least half of the responsibility for a missed snap. I would bet that any of the QB's of the last few years from Rex, Orton to Cutler would support Olin and accept some responsibility for fumbled snaps.

I think that Olin has earned the respect of most Chicago Bear fans with his numerous probowl honors and the respect he gets league wide. I will give Olin the benefit of the doubt, I think he played injured all year last year, not like some other players that did not even practice most of the season and played poorly when they did play.

My bet is that Olin Kruetz will have a good year. By the way it helps a center when the lines offensive guards are also playing well which I have to wonder that many of the ills of the line from last year could have been spread around to poor offensive guard play as well, particularly left offensive guard.

At least one person just attacked me (anonymously, of course) for not posting a comment about Creighton. I'm at practice!!!!! Give me a break. If you make a long comment, it will take me time to get to it and make sure it's appropriate.

Actually Brando you do post under other names all the time. Brad Biggs busted you out on it. Thats when you stopped being a regular poster.

By Brando on August 6, 2010 5:33 PM
"By the way Oh Great Nothing (Creighton) That Tomczak dude was by far not me lol. You really think that I care if I post a 100 post in a day if anyone knows its me or not. No I can give a hoot less."

If you didn't care why are you even responding to my post? If it was not you then is does not matter and you don't need to defend anything. But you are defending yourself. Oh and yes you do care what people think about you, you care what everyone thinks and everyone knows it, thats why you are trying to make pals with Kevin again and why you are generally afraid to post under your own name. Do you think I actually care if it is you or Mike or Tripper? Do you. It can be anyone, I just prefer it to be you, it's kind of one long running joke. Lets take a look at some classic Brando moments shall we.

Back when you thought you where related to Brad, also just a couple of days after he busted you out on the Crap-ton thing. But you are still posting. Last time my eye.

By Brando on March 21, 2009 9:36 PM
"Brad Why did you let Creighton offend our family???? This is the LAST time I'm going to respond to this site!!!!! This is ridiculous BRAD, to let a person like Creighton to degrade our family like that. UNCALLED for!"

I'll just post a link to this one, sense its one of your crazy songs.

Click it or ticket, but no you don't care. See you care click it or ticket buddy, cause seatbelts save lives. I thought it was a normal post until read that and it just seemed like you where trying so hard.

By Brando on May 22, 2008 4:59 PM
"I like Bradly. He seems to be a team player. Never herd a peep out of him last year when he was the #5 WR. He has the size, speed, and the ability to make people miss. It unfortunate that he has had injurys. I tell ya when the Bradly is in the veiw of the camera on running plays, He seems to have a passion for blocking. Twice I have seen him uproot a corner back and proceed to hunt down another defender. He is a head hunter, has a little nasty streak when he is on the field.
Good Bye
Have a great Thursday night and be safe
Seatbelts saves lives
Click it or ticket"

You know whats real funny. Everytime Kevin and me get into a fight, which is often you come running along to aid him. I think you gotta man crush on Kevin. You try so hard to talk to him. The dude hates me and still talks to me more than you. What does that tell you? I think he is a little scared of you. In fact he never talks to you, nobody does.

Brando I don't know how to tell you this. I may be the biggest A-Hole on this board and I probably am. But everyone knows that, its just who I am, a big bloated egomaniac jerk who believes he is always right and never says sorry. Howver I would rather be that then you. There is just something so creepy about you, everyone knows it to. Its so hard to put your finger on it but its like a strange Norman Bates quality you have. By the way I know you don't know a lot about Women but let me correct your attempted insult.

By Brando on August 6, 2010 5:33 PM
"Kevin Armstead I found out why Creighton has been on a I know it all and you know nothing tangent. It is the turn of a new month. And when he reads post he DEPENDS on his EMOTIONS to lead the way."

I take it this a femal monthly bill remark. Ummm women don't wear Depends for that. Depends are for old people and have nothing to do with that part of a womans biological nature. No they have other products for that. But you should really have your mommy or daddy explain this to you. Cause if you ever actually meet a woman and go through the whole thing, your gonna not want to pick her up some depends. Cause she will kill you. Is that how you think it really works? By the way your entire statment reguarding depends was a total derogitory remark about womans bodies. So lets see Brondo has a man crush on Kevin and likes to insult women and is not sure what products they use or how their bodies work. Yep you are a little Norman Bates kinda creepy.

Nah, everything is working just fine. Except for the fact that I don't drink all the "kool-aid" forced down my throat. A ton of teams he could start for right now? Would he even start for any other team in the NFC North? With Wells, Sullivan, and Raiola playing center for their respective teams? Doubtfull. Or how about the Colts, Giants, Jets, Jaguars, Broncos, or the Chargers? Olin would be sitting on the bench for those teams. Well, by my count there is 9 teams that Olin couldn't start for. Oh yeah, I forgot Kalil for the Panthers and Birk for the Ravens. I would take those 2 over him too. {now it's 11}
And reading is a skill. I didn't say a regular snap, but a shotgun snap. And when the snap is bouncing along the turf like a Larry Bowa grounder to short, that's not a QB's fault. And sorry to correct you again, but if you go back and look at the fumbled exchanges between Grossman and Olin, most of those were Grossman's fault 100%. He was pulling his hands out too soon or not receiving the ball correctly. Thanks for your input.

By Sean Jensen on August 6, 2010 7:42 PM
"At least one person just attacked me (anonymously, of course) for not posting a comment about Creighton"

Ahhhh internet tough guys, you gotta love them so brave. Gosh I wonder who it could have been? Lets see Kevin wouldn't insult you, and Dahli won't insult anyone, Tripper has not been mad at me recently, Mike and Coach have not posted in awhile, Randy is my apprentice, Bill Holland tries to avoid fights, MOMO loves me, Joe F at least respects me sometimes, so that leaves Brando, Val, MSBF, Jerseyshoreboy, and any other Creighton haters feel free to fill in the blanks.

Sean stop doing your job and focus on me. Well I am actually glad you didn't post my last comment it was probably over the top but please feel free to post the Creighton insults. I don't mind reading them actually, its not like it will hurt my feelings and they are always entertaining.

By the way "DEPENDS" Brando? Really? How do depends, something that happens once a month, and emotions all relate? Please I am sure a lot of women would like to know too, cause even they are shaking there heads. Brando you are in the wrong isle of the store and you got confused.

Oh and Kevin Brando is trying to get your attention.

Oh and Sean if you think its starting to get bad, wait till the season starts and the Bears lose their first game. Rage, Hatred and some fans will want to blame someone who has nothing to do with the teams performance. Your new right? Have fun with that. When I come back we will compare hate posts. Although I do have a long supply of them.

Just for you though , I will take a couple of weeks off from the board. I had the flu for like a week so I need to get back in the gym I am alrady stir crazy from being in the house for to long. I am also a little board with blogging, ALTHOUGH i did catch up on Breaking Bad, so bonus. Have fun running the asylum.



I totally agree the Bears have neglected the offensive line in the draft. When they drafted Benson they should have drafted a left tackle instead. Etc. My theory of drafting is to draft only linemen and QBs in the first two rounds, absent a rare exception like Jerry Rice or Walter Payton.

But the Bears did draft a lot of defensive linemen, and a lot of those were busts. The bigger problem is that this organization has no idea what it's doing, because the owners are so obsessed with making their entire extended family rich that they've got an accountant as team president instead of a football guy. The accountant hires Jerry Angelo, who hires Lovie Smith. They got lucky for a couple of years, but it's all come crashing down. And if it weren't for Dave Toub, the Bears would have won about six games the last few years instead of seven or nine.

Sean I can assure you that anonymous attack against you was not me.Sorry if you did think it was me but it was not.

As anyone who follows this blog knows, I have never been an Olin K. fan. Even so,the man has been a pro for a long time and should have a bit better concept of offensive linemen's potential than Creighton. Williams did look good toward the end of last season,and because of his injury his first year, this year is only his second as a starter. I'm willing to adopt the "wait and see" approach and hope Olin is correct in his assessment. Is everyone else as anxious for the season to start as I am, so that we can quit guessing and actually see some results one way or the other?

I am not going to get mad but Brando really? What is it with you, cant you find a better song then that? I hate Guns N Roses. No I am not going to cry and I will not let you personly attack me again. I only let that post go through to show everyone here that Brando is a blog bully. I will find the time to filter anyother wise cracks at anyone who try's. Brando, Creighton, Tripper and whoever, all of you are on probation untill this matter is cleared up!

Be nice and your post will go through if not I will e-mail you a warning.If anyone gets three e-mail warnings you will be banned for 7 days. Anyone that does not want to play by my rules your blog name and e-mail will be banned for the season.

Thank you, Shawn Jenson.


I don't have a problem with anyone making fun of me. I'm just trying to keep some level of decorum on the blog. Just keep in mind that the really long posts are harder to go through, especially if they include links to YouTube clips. Ultimately, I'm partly responsible for clearing the comments you guys make, so I have to be careful.

I will try to update them as soon as I can, but that's not always possible.

BTW, anyone else going to suggest some players and offer up some questions for the next "Getting to Know...?"

Hope everyone is well.

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