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Getting to know... Chester Taylor

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Reader Gabe Strenk wanted to hear from former Minnesota Vikings running back Chester Taylor.

Strenk submitted some solid questions, and I include a few follow ups along the way.

Here's the entire interview.

GS: How has the transition from being a Minnesota Viking to being a Bear worked out so far?
CT: It's been pretty good. It's the same thing, like when I left Baltimore to come to Minnesota. It's just a new experience, with new teammates. There are great guys to play with.

GS: What are some of the notable differences between the Viking's offensive schemes and the Bears?
CT: It's real different, because you're using the running back a lot more out of the backfield, as far as lining up in the slots or running routes. It's a lot of different shifts and formations.

SJ: Does it better suit what you do?
CT: I believe so, because I love catching the ball. I just want to use all the skills that I have, so I can go out on the field and do my best.

GS: What do you think of Mike Martz's coaching style?
CT: I believe he's real determined, and he wants perfection, and he wants things done right. We try to go out here everyday and make the plays right and try not to make the same mistakes twice.

SJ: Is he a tough coach to play for?
CT: No, he's not a tough coach. I mean, he's a coach who wants to win and loves doing things right. We try to go out here and execute like we know we can, so we can do things right.

SJ: Is he the smartest coordinator you've ever played for?
CT: Uh, yes.

GS: How do you anticipate playing a lot more games in freezing temperatures?
CT: I played in college. Toledo is not too far from here, so I'm pretty good in playing in cold weather. I don't have a problem with it.

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Super awsome interview Sean! If Chester Taylor and Matt Forte don't end up in the probowl with over 2000 yards each then I'll eat my hat! Go Bears!

2,000 yards together, not individually, that isn't going to happen!

Ya thats called sarcasm phil...

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