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Former Bears scouting director critical of team's debut

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Greg Gabriel was the Bears college scouting director for nine season, up until his contract wasn't renewed after the latest NFL Draft.

Now, Gabriel provides insight for the National Football Post, and he was critical of his former team in a breakdown of this past weekend's preseason games.

Here's what he wrote about the Bears preseason opener in San Diego:

"Chicago disappointed. The Bears are in a position where they have to win this year. Saturday they didn't look like they will challenge for the division this year. One of the things the Bears wanted to improve this season was the run game. In Saturday's game, the running backs ran 17 times for 32 yards. That is not going to win a lot of games in the NFC North."

"While most of the offensive starters played a good part of the first half, quarterback Jay Cutler only played in one series. I felt that was odd being they are playing in a new offensive scheme. Backup quarterback Caleb Hanie had his moments before he left the game with a shoulder injury. He makes plays because of his ability to move around in the pocket."

"In 2009, the Bears defense could not get off the field. They gave up a number of plays when in third-and-long situations. Saturday was no different. They showed virtually no pass rush and the secondary gave up too many plays. On a bright note, third-round pick Major Wright played a very strong game at safety. He is physical and an excellent tackler."

His final paragraph is on the Chargers, and he noted that first-round pick Ryan Mathews "looked excellent."

"He has all the tools to be a very productive back in the NFL," Gabriel wrote. "He is a very strong runner with top run instincts and the quick feet to make defenders miss. San Diego played without a number of key players yet still dominated."

To read his entire entry, check out the link.

Thoughts, anyone?

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sounds like a disgruntled employee.. first pre season game dude!!!

Bitter, party of one

Basically, he's admitting the players he scouted and had a hand in picking "suck" and he was a failure. Dude, we arlready knew you were terrible at selecting talent.

Say what you want about disgruntled employee but we all saw the same thing. They couldn't run the ball and those t-shirts didn't do a thing to get this defense back to Monster status.

I live in eastern TN w/no chance of watching the game. But by ALL accounts Mr. Gabriel was "right on target."

Whether he had "payback" in his mind or not, most fans could've written this account - last month!

Oh well, we can wait another 25 years before they win it all - right? ... Or is that too optimistic with this ownership group!?

Are you kidding me? Really? If he is right or worng I don;t actually care at this point. Cause this is one of the Chief piles of garbage that made this team as mediocre as it is.

"Gosh these players are bad, hahahahha my draft picks really helped sink that team, hahahaha. Thats what you get for firing me, you get to keep my lousy draft picks and I get to point the finger."

Just wait till late in the season and Angelo and Lovie are at war.

"Gosh that Forte relly looks slow, what was thinking? Hahahahaha ooops"

I do agree Mathews looked good. I watched the Detroit pre-season repeat on NFL network. Let me tell you, they still have some holes but that D-Line is going to be nasty, they improved at reciever, Staff is looking pretty good, but the guy that stood out was Best. That guy can flat out book, if their O-Line steps up a little bit they have a pretty good offense. I didn't see Suh and don't think he played but add him to a line that looked pretty good and they could real problem.

Also saw the packers game which is on right now, and the vikings game, oh and the Cowboys game. Thank you NFL network. For those who don;t get to see the Bears they almost always repeat every game.

Looking bad or good in the preseason generally has zero effect on what happens in the regular season. Teams often go 0-4 and make the playoffs. On the contrary, teams that do really well tend to lose a lot when it matters. With that said, all the same problems seem to still exist, but patience is required to make it through the nonsense of four games that mean nothing. I still think Peppers is going to dominate, while Harris (Tommie) has a rebound year. I'm not so sure about the running game though.

If it had no effect coaches would not base performace and jobs off preseason games. Now winning or losing does not matter. But how you play does. You play bad in the preseason you can lose your job. You play great with the first team and you can be a new starter. If it did not matter coaches would not be watching film of the game and players would not be getting the riot by the coaches, which Urlacher and Peppers both said happened to them in an interview today. The coaches where not happy with that game according to team Captain Brina Urlacher.

Some teams go a lot further than the Bears do in order to get ready for the season. Some teams do full contact scrimages, and a lot tackle to the ground.

Vets may not like Pre-Season but the rookies need it. All the Bears do is drills, this is the only way they can evaluate talent. Guys are fighting for jobs. Do you want to be out of the NFL or would you like to be rich and play football, sounds like motivation to play hard in the Preseason to me.

I get so sick of peole saying it doesn't matter, it matters as long as you have an idea of what to look for. You see a slow reciever dropping passes and running sloppy routs in 3 preseason games chances are better than not that he is gone no matter how ell he practices. Mike Hass anyone.

Most of all in the preseason you do not let the other team beat up your QB, ever. What you think it is preseason so injuries and slamming the QB to the ground is ok to let happen? I don't care if it is a backup or a starter teams do not allow that. Why do you think Cutler was pulled. Lovie said they where going to play the half and then what he suddenly changed his mind last second but left everyone else out there for the half. I don't think so. He had to protect his starter because the line was not.

He probably is a bitter former employee, however unfortunately, it actually sounds pretty accurate to me.

He ought to know 'em - he scouted 'em!

If he hadn't been let go, he probably would have been partially blamed.

I could not agree more with Creighton. I don't care if we have more points at the end of a preseason game than the other team does, what I care about is that the team looks like it can do play some basic football without too many mistakes. Not picking up blitzes, dropping balls, no pass rush, giving up a ton of rushing yards and not being able to run or pass block consistently are all the ear marks of a pretty mediocre team. Yeah, its one preseason game and its the first one, so is it necessarily the end of the world? No, but how come other teams (that usually do quite well during the reg. season) look like they know how to play solid football even in the first preseason game? How come other teams don't commit 10 penalties and look sloppy even in the first preseason game? How much can we really expect them to clean their play up in 3 more games?

As far as Gabriel, yeah, his review is self-daming for sure. He did help make those picks. Regardless of that, he's right. The Bears didn't show much and it's a cause for concern. So even if he was a bitter ex-employee, he didn't say anything that you can't see in the game yourself.

Having said all that, I really hope the Bears do pull it together and have a great season. I've been a fan for over 16 years and I don't plan on changing that. It would just be nice if my (and everyone elses)loyalty could be repaid with a quality team that's well coached. Here's to hoping that's the case when the season opens up against Detroit.

Many good points about running routes, how the team does with the basics etc.

With the team essentially learning a whole new offense, three new offensive linemen and Chris Williams only on the left side for a small number of games last year, one would expect some real miscommunication and breakdowns.

Preseason is a time to watch the second and third stringers and determine the core of the team who to cut when its time to make those decisions.

I remember many a team that looked pathetic before the season, some looked like they would be lucky to win 5-6 games and then when the bell rings, they come out looking pretty good.

I don't expect miracles with the offense or offensive line until mid season when I think they will really be starting to put it together. The defense however will shine this year as well as Special Teams. Those two units will help the team win some games until the offense starts to show its stuff mid year. 9-7 or 10-6

I was a bit surprised at how much of their defense the
Chargers utilized...throwing every blitz package they had in
the first preseason game. The Bears didn't look very good,
but they were playing a quality team which was focused on
bringing pressure. Let's see another preseason game or two
before tossing the season under the bus.

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