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Forbes calls Bears "greatest unlocked asset"

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The latest issue of Forbes Magazine calls the Bears "financial flatliners."
The magazine's list of NFL valuations lists the Bears ninth, worth $1.07 billion, making them the league's lowest ranked big-market team. In the accompanying article, the magazine calls the Bears the "greatest unlocked asset in professional sports, with potential to be worth $800 million more than they are now."
One reason why the Bears may be ranked lower than other big-market teams is that they do not own their own stadium.
Team ownership was returning from league meetings in Atlanta on Wednesday and were unavailable for comment.
Forbes also claims that while team patriarch Virginia McCaskey plans to hold onto the team for the foreseeable future, the franchise could be "the deal of the century for a new owner."

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New Ownership would be really exciting; New & Great ownership would be fantastic, but I'd settle and be happy with draft picks that actually make and improve the team.

Good job Virginia!!!!

Sell the team! Please!

Let someone who really wants to run it correctly with a passion for winning. Chicago has the most potential of any NFL franchise. Bigger than any city sans New York. But New York shares 2 franchises, so it is split.

Let someone else run it, and tap into that potential. Sell the team for 1 billion. That should be enough to live on the rest of your life.

All Bears fans should read that Forbes article. Particularly refereshing was the way the author quickly sliced through some of the McCaskey excuses for their incompetence and neglect.

It should go without saying that the Jim McMahon line as well as the articles that "[t]he problem begins and ends with the ownership" is a bit oversimplistic. If you're unclear about that, please visit the postings here of a one Kevin Bumstead, and similar. Then you'll know how the club has scraped by for as long as it has.

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