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Day 4 Camp Summary: Wright injures groin

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It was an action-packed day in Bourbonnais. Very lively practice, with lots of highlights.

The big story coming out, though, was rookie Major Wright suffering a groin injury towards the end. Up until then, Major was one of the stars of the practice, with an interception. He also showcased his speed and range, even getting some snaps as the starting free safety.

Bears coach Lovie Smith indicated that the injury wasn't too serious, though.

"We think he'll be OK," Smith said.

Asked what he's liked about Wright, Smith said, "Big hits, and also I like the way he's played the ball.

"He's been around the ball quite a bit. He's got good hands."

Other highlights from practice today:

* Play of the day was a seam pass late in practice from Jay Cutler to Greg Olsen. Why was it so great? The defense (Craig Steltz and Danieal Manning) was solid. It's just that Cutler led Olsen -- one of the keys to the new offense -- and allowed him to make a play. The tight end barely got to the ball, stretching his arms forward, and he made the catch, which would have been for a touchdown. It shows that tight ends -- particularly Olsen -- is very much a part of the plan, and not just on underneath routes. It also shows that Cutler can make those type of passes: drop back, set up and throw to a spot.

* OT James Marten more than held his own today in a two-on-two pass protection drill. Marten, 26, previously spent some time with the Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders. He played his college ball at Boston College.

* Frank Omiyale was pulled for a play during a drill after another false start.

* Al Afalava dropped an easy pick early in practice, but he got one toward the end.

* Mark Anderson continues to make more impact plays than Israel Idonije. I can't attest for how he's doing in terms of consistency (not watching them closely on a bunch of plays, yet). But, Anderson has gotten the sacks and tips.

* Tommie Harris and Julius Peppers flashed their one-two punch, steamrolling Chris Williams and Josh Beekman on two consecutive plays during a pass protection drill. The offensive linemen, though, did a better job on the third and final play.

* Textbook blocking for Johnny Knox on a punt return during a special teams portion of practice. Knox had a nice lane on the right side of the field, and he would have turned on the jets for a touchdown.

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I here Knox is far and away the standout of the recievers so far, but Bennett is struggling. Knox is the prototype for this offense so he should excell.

So Anderson and Harris are beating up on Omiyale and Beekman. Hahahaha, Bullies picking on False Start and Stubby. So far I have heard the O-Line is not looking very good. I feel bad for Tice.

I have also heard that the DC Rod Marinelli seems to be spending most of his time with the D-Line. Hmmmmm I am sure he is the play caller.

Wright should be fine, I here he looks like a more athletic Mike Brown: undersized, smart, good break, nice speed, and hits hard.

Someone needs to take Knox of special teams, the guy will probably be the number 1 starter at reciever he should not be on special teams. Let him focus on being a reciever.

Was Cutler laughing at a certain TE who fell on his face on a pass play?

I think it's really interesting to hear about James Marten looking solid. This kid could really be a solid tackle for Tice to work more with, and he could eventually challenge Omiyale or at the very least be one solid swing tackle. Sean, is there any undrafted rookies like that yound DT we signed making plays? How has Woodny Turenne looked thus far? Thanks Sean.

I see the Bears are doing the PR spin again. Didn't we hear in last year's training camp about how well Zach Bowman was playing against our receivers? I honestly don't care how Mark Anderson looks agaist Beekman, or Omiyale. I want to see him against other teams starting linemen. Then we can make a fair assessment.
When I read that Aromashodu was in the slot it made me sick. I am guessing that word continues to come down from upper management to force...err..I mean put Hester in at wide out. When Martz was hired I remember an article about he saying Hester was going inside and that his role was going to be limited so he could focus more on returns. That must have went over like a fart in church. Knox and Aromashodu should be split out and Hester should be the slot receiver. And for the record, Sean, if Manning and Steltz had been playing good defense the pass would not have been completed.

What is it with the freakin safety position once Smith became HC?

Mike Brown turns into jello.
Numerous other injuries to the position the last 6 years.
And now, starting out with probably the eventual starters suffering "nagging" injuries to their back and groin.

A little bad luck? Perhaps. How are they training these guys? Is a chiropractor working on Harris? Because they should have one working on him. What about Wright? A groin pull lingers.

I don't want to sound too pessemistic, but this is all more of the same for the Bears at the safety position.

I wish there was an answer for it.

Oh well. Hope they heal up.

Go Bears!

I made the annual trip with my sons today to Bears camp. Except for the obnoxious moron a few rows in front of us who thought he was a coach and was constantly screaming advice/criticism to the players after every single play, we had a delightful time.

As someone has pointed out, every good play by one player usually means someone was beaten. So is the glass half full or half empty? If I am a glass half full type of person, I am convinced after today that Peppers is going to get 30-40 sacks this season. He completely abused Williams. Of course, if I am a glass half empty person, Williams is going to allow 30-40 sacks and get Cutler killed. A positive about Williams is that he didn't have many problems with anyone else. Of course, that may say more about Gilbert, Melton, etc. than Williams. I guess we will have a better idea after Williams goes against some other players during preseason games.

Knox looked very good. Gould did not kick at all today - is he just resting or does he have an injury, too? I must say, going to camp got us all excited for the season to get started.

Now that the pads are on. Can anyone tell me how have last years draft picks looked so far. In particular Jarron Gilbert, Henry Melton and D.J Moore? Besides Knox, I haven't heard much about other guys from last years draft, which makes be believe that most of them will not pan out. Is anyone else showing any promise?

"Except for the obnoxious moron a few rows in front of us who thought he was a coach and was constantly screaming advice/criticism to the players after every single play"

Creighton? or Brando?
Anyone up for taking a poll?

I want to be optimistic, I really do. But this is my 42nd (?) season as a Bears' fan, so I know better.

"Hope for the best, prepare to be disappointed.

I do remain optimistic that this is Lovie's and Angelo's final season.

"A little bad luck? Perhaps. How are they training these guys? Is a chiropractor working on Harris? Because they should have one working on him. What about Wright? A groin pull lingers."

If a chiropractor is working on Harris's back, who will be working on Wright's groin?

Wow Jerry what an overwhelming response to your poll. Boy you really look good writing that. You are so cool, everyone really responded to your post and you gained so much respect. Hahahahahaha, is that what you thought people would say after you wrote that stupid comment about me and Brando.

Congrads you now have less respect than Brando, a truly magnanimous achievment.

Great insight by the way on the article. Your focus is clearly on the Bears and not on trying to make yourself popular. Popular on a blog no less, how very sad.

Is someone feeling desperate for attention. Hahahaha "Hey lets take a poll, hehehehe I am clever" Thanks a lot CCN why don't you poll this, use your imagination.

Can someone explain as to why the secondary members of this team are injured during the first week in camp EVERY YEAR; even though this idiot head coach runs a spa instead of a football camp? Does this team not have a conditioning program?

o often feel the same why arent these guys in shape and condition themselves? yoga would do wonders for them as ray lewis can attest too.. keeps the body string lean and supple.. bear down bears!!

"Didn't we hear in last year's training camp about how well Zach Bowman was playing against our receivers?"

Yes, and Zach Bowman was more than a pleasant surprise for us last year. Considering this is not Sun Time writeup, I don't think it's Bear PR spin, but it is more of the same. I agree. I want to see these guys against other teams.

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