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Cutler remains confident in offensive line

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Jay Cutler laughed when asked if he would have more chances to scramble in Mike Martz's offense.


"I don't think you want to use my scrambling abilities the way we did on Saturday," he said, referring to the Bears offensive line surrendering six sacks in a 32-17 loss to the Raiders at Soldier Field. "We want to try to incorporate some nakeds and some bootlegs and stuff but maybe not in the manner we did Saturday. The line, they had some struggles, like we talked about after the game. They were in the right spots. It was just a matter of setting correctly and stuff like that. They're going to take care of it. I'm not worried about it. This week is going to be a good test for them and I expect them to be there."

Even though left tackle Chris Williams allowed Raiders outside linebacker Kamerion Wimbley to sack Cutler four times, Cutler said he didn't feel the need to try to boost the confidence of his old Vanderbilt teammate.

"He's a professional," Cutler said. "He has been in the league long enough. He knows what we expect out of him, which is very big things. He's our left tackle. He's a No. 1 pick. I've played with him many years now. He knows all of our expectations are high and I don't think anybody has higher expectations for Chris than himself."

Cutler said there isn't time for him to address problems on the offensive line between plays. He leaves that up to veteran center Olin Kreutz.

"Olin does a lot of that stuff," he said. "I talk to them on the sideline a little bit but in between plays Olin is taking care of that. I'm getting the play and getting the guys in the huddle organized. Those guys are professionals. On this team, these guys are old enough and they've been around and they expect enough out of themselves that I don't have to do a lot of yelling. I've heard Olin a couple times during a game get fired up but we're going to take care of it in our own way."

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If anyone remembers Elvis Dumervil working against Pace last season, this was almost an instant replay, except that Wimbley is grown-up sized. The Bears continually allow these smaller rushers to fly off the ball unchecked, and by the time Williams tried to use his hands, Wimbley was already turning the corner. It is a matter of aggression if you ask me. Williams has a poor hand punch, and Pace last year was dealing with a bad shoulder.

Tice needs to drill it into him, and make him go against Peppers, Anderson, D Manning, the DTs, and anyone else he can throw out there. Teach him to engage early, disrupt the acceleration of the defender, and ride the man past the pocket. What he is doing now is getting to his set point first, and then trying to divert 250-300 lbs. of NFL player moving full speed trying to get through. Most of the time, using a hand punch on a man moving full speed doesn't work.

Cutler is saying all of the right things, and not selling out his teammates, which to me shows a lot more leadership than people give him credit for, but at the same time, he understands he is in real danger, and will not stay quiet forever. I saw Olin chewing out Louis on one play, and at least a couple times yelling at someone else (assuming it was Williams, since he was so terrible on the whole). That's a good thing, but they aren't correcting it. The mistakes happen every time out, so that falls on Tice. Someone needs to get it in gear, and quickly.

TheBears should handle the Cards no problem. They have 1.5 sacks total in preseason and have scored a total of 3 points in the first 3 quarters of both preseason games combined. They look really, really bad. just wrote an article about Arizona being so worried that they are asking Warner to come out of retirment and play.

It's pretty clear they are an awful team and they know they are bad.

Chris Williams still has the hope to improve. but he will probably always struggle with speed and run blocking.

Roberto is at the end of his career and will work hard for you but he is not a talented player.

Olin Kreutz still has some skill but gets into trouble trying to help out the guards. Kreutz is in decline and at the end of his career, but one thing that he does that annoys me to no end is get false starts, no center ever, should lead his team in false starts, he knows the snap count and is holding the ball.

Louis has abilty but is very Raw and Kreutz will have to help.

Omiyale has no buisness in the nfl, whoever thought it would be a good idea to start this guy, let alone start him next to a Raw rookie has lost their mind.

To be fare Joe, I don't know that the Bears did much with protection, how they slanted or chipped. Then again the Raiders didn't attack much, wasn;t the first sack on a 3 man rush? Anyway man on man Williams got beat. I don't think the Bears will be able to leave the tackles on islands very often. Martz has 37 protections why he did not feel fit to use one of them to protect Cutler is beyond me. Usually the idea is to protect the QB. One thing that annoys me about Martz is that he has no problem letting the QB get hit as long as they run the play he wants. He seems to be more about the X's and O's than he does about the players. I know he says a lot of stuff about the players but actions speak louder than words.

"Even though left tackle Chris Williams allowed Raiders outside linebacker Kamerion Wimbley to sack Cutler four times..."

That about says it all.

But things could be even worse.
Orton could still be the quarterback.
And Ron Turner could still be calling the plays.

It slipped my mind how much worse the Bears could be. Thanks for reminding me of Run Turner and pre-Cutler QB's.

Hey Creighton - Who cares about Arizona's effing preseason stats? BORED... Its preseason stats. We all know they are struggling.

It is nice to know that you have the O-line figured out though. Thanks

Hey Creighton - Who cares about Arizona's effing preseason stats? BORED... Its preseason stats. We all know they are struggling.

It is nice to know that you have the O-line figured out though. Thanks

Joe Fellicelli: that was a terrific commentary, Joe. Keep it coming.

Ask any great left tackle and he will tell you that the most important aspect of your game is your footwork. Williams has none. I listened to the game live then watched it twice. The second time this morning and I concentrated on the line play. Wow, this guy just doesn't move his feet well at all. If you just focus on the feet {yeah, I know, I need a life if I am DVRing the game and watching the feet.} it almost looks like he was at slow motion and Wimbley was at 2X speed.
Hand punch is part strength and part aggression. I think of 3 guys who had incredible hand punches {Lachey, Boselli, and Covert} and all 3 were nasty players on the field. There was an interview years ago, with, I think Tippett, where he said that Covert once almost knocked his chest through his shoulder blades and it took him 3 series to get his breath back. Basically anything else {besides attitude and work ethic} can be taught or worked on in the weight room. And if my mind is clear on this, wasn't there some question of Williams' "nastiness" when he came out of Vandy?
This was another "knee jerk" reaction by jerry Angelo 3 years ago. When the Bear's came up to draft in 08 I was on wscr and got into a verbal exchange with one of the biggest Bear's apologists of all time, the Hubster. I was screaming trade out, trade out and told Hub that the Bears could trade out and get Mendenhall {did anyone else see his combine performance?} and pick up a left tackle in the late 1st or early second. I was "scolded" by the Hubster that "you can't trade if you don't have a partner." Well, the next team on the board, the Lions found a partner and moved down.
Any fool could tell you that it would be better to have the best {or second best} RB on the board than maybe the 8th or 9th best tackle. And these aren't "20/20" comments 3 years later, I said them on draft day. BTW, the guy I liked was Sam Baker out of USC. Yeah, he had some injury concerns, but heck so did Williams. Anyway, enough ranting.

Oh your welcome Perry, it was no problem. Yes I do have line figured out, I see you are still struggling with the Submit button though. Don't worry I am sure you are big boy and figure out one day.

I love the Board comment. You say it with such flare and you used caps. Man that's letting me have it. "Take this Creighton" Caps Lock on"" Hahahaha, oh I love it when people use caps.

I know it seems crazy Perry talking about the Bears offensive line in a blog about the Bears ofensive line. Why do that when we can talk all about me. Thank you for your football insight and recognizing how brilliant I am. But you know what? Board. Oh wait sorry "BOARD" already hahaha. If you are really so board why are you reading my stuff? "BOARD" You type like Ava Gabor.

GearheadBoy I do remember that draft and you where screaming Williams.

Just kidding, Yeah I remember you liked Mendenhal and Baker. I agree about the hand punch. You know Brad liked Otah who could have been a RT for the Bears, and Albert could be the best LG in football if the Chiefs would stop playing him at LT. Both needs and everyone new it. They also could have traded up for Clady, but Angelo wanted to stand pat.

But remember both Smith and Angelo liked Williams the best, they where all over him, didn't they see him like 6 times? But the whole line has been ignored sense he has been here. The don't draft for the line. We have gone over this for years here. Even Kevin A agrees they ignore the line to much.

Well, ya have to admire Cutler as a team leader by not dissing his O-line in public. He knows they suck, and he knows he is gonna get killed this year.

Williams completely sucked against the Raiders. 3 of the 4 sacks were completely his fault. The only one that wasn't completely his fault was the stunt by Wimbley in which Kreutz should have been there to pick him up. The second sack was a complete embarassment as the Raiders got a jailbreak with only 3 rushers. Pathetic.

Urlacher probably would have played the rest of a regular season game with the minor calf injury. Harris is on the injured report again with the same knee that has bothered him for the past 3 and half years. That's too bad, but we knew it was coming.

I hope the Bears do good this year, but it doesn't look good with that schedule. If they do suck, as I predict they will, then the next regime will have plenty of house cleaning to do.

I figure that Harris and Urlacher will be let go as the team rebuilds. On offense, the only mainstay is Cutler. All the rest of the positions will be up for grabs come the offseason. It will be sad to see someone like Urlacher go, but time eventually wins the war everytime (getting older sucks).

Hopefully, the next regime will bring a physical mentality to the Bears in the future.

Joe, have you ever played tackle against a decent 7 or 9 technique? In simple terms going out there to engage simply opens up your inside which is ok in some protections but I wouldnt think many in Martz's playbook.

I dont know how Tice coaches his footwork but Williams will always be a finesse blocker and will always suit a vertical approach, that is getting much more depth than horizontal movement from his kicks. Going out there horizontally will just open him up to getting bullrushed and beaten inside as he's not got the strength to hold guys off with a flat base.

By Engagement I am talking about hand punches or some sort of contact, not a full body block. Your goal is to disrupt his momentum, not to run block him in a passing situation. If you watch the best left tackles in the game, and Walter Jones was my favorite to watch over the last 10 years, and he always got his hands on his opponent early, especially if they were a speed rusher, and then used superior footwork to stay with him and move him past Hasselbeck.

Maybe my terminology is not as clear as it could be, and I was never an OL, so I could be using the wrong wording. If he fully committed to blocking right out of the gate, he would over-extend himself every time, and that is how Freeney manages to spin-move the crap out of most of the league. He sets them up better than any player I have seen. Wimbley does not have any other moves. The sack he got on a stunt was because no one saw him come around, and the guard and back did not react to the threat. He was a 1 trick pony, speed rushing with a slight hesitation move to make Williams set his feet to defend against the inside rush.

Against Jared Allen, you can't ever extend yourself, as with any premier pass rusher. You have to be using your arms and hands all the time to slow him down. He's like a whirling dervish on his pass rush, where he can beat you any way there is. When you chip him early, he has trouble getting going, which is why I think hand contact at the snap (wording it differently this time) is the way Williams has to evolve to become a serviceable left tackle in the NFL.

Creighton, wasn't posting or reading back here in 08 but wish I had been. It is fun to read the posts. But all kidding aside, it's football and some people think football is brain surgery. I don't ever expect the Bear's GM to be perfect, but I do expect him to use common sense and put the team's needs above his "know it all, I'm a 'Jerry Krause Jr, sleuth' ego."
And we have both blasted JA for ignoring the OL. He will go out of his way to draft D linemen out the ying-yang, bombarding us with the Meltons Gilberts, and Bazuins of the world, but can't pull a healthy O lineman out of him before the 6th round to save his life.
What I really want are some media types in Chicago that stop handling JA with kid gloves. It's as if he holds the keys to the proverbial castle. Where was Biggs, Pompei, Hayes, Jensen, McNeil, Mulligan, etc., blasting this clown for taking a DE {after drafting 2 the year before AND bringing in the biggest fish in free agency} in the 4th round, a weakling CB in the 5th, and a project QB in the 6th before addressing the OL in the 7th. And honestly, Webb doesn't look half bad, but he's at least 1 good year of coaching away from even thinking about contributing. Anyway, enough about that. We can only hope for the best.

Yeah just checked it was Philbert, Da Church, DJ, and a few others, it was a big blog war over Mendenhal and Williams. I thought you where one of the guys in our camp back then.

Forget about people in the media handaling Angelo with kid gloves. The only time that will stop is when they smell blood in the water We know about all the D-Line picks I worte something right before Biggs left and he posted about the D-Line picks. It's been a long debate here. Biggs gets on him a little, outside of that people try to mantain a working relationship with him.

If you want scary let me give you the latest low down. Outside of a total disaster of a season like 4-12 with several blowouts, the Bears will bring back the entire crew. Why would they do this? Contracts.

And yes some people think this is hard science, and the only people whpo could understand it are the people who work for the organizations. When fact football comes down to two things, blocking and tackling. The Bears are good at niether.

I always question how players wh oare on the second or third team play in the 3rd quarter on a preseason game.

Joe, thanks for that I think the key thing is what he's being coached. I know some coaches prefer tackles to let ends come on to them so they keep a more balanced base and provide a tighter pocket, I dont know enough about Tice to say what his philosophy is but that might be why Williams is struggling as Hiestand's a pretty aggressive go make contact kinda guy.

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