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Cutler on if he wants veteran QB: "Mike is the guy"

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Bears starting quarterback Jay Cutler said he didn't pay attention to the veterans being mentioned as possible backups.

As far as he's concerned, he doesn't need a mentor-type of veteran behind him.

"Mike is the guy," Cutler said, referring to offensive coordinator Mike Martz. "Any questions I have, I go straight to him. He's the all-knowing source for this offense. It's kind of his baby, and he does a great job of giving me all the information.

"That's one thing that he's excelled since he's got here. Hs going to give me every possible tool to succeed."

The Bears contacted several quarterbacks, including Trent Green and Todd Collins, before signing Matt Gutierrez this morning.

Here are a few other highlights from Cutler's post-practice press conference:

* On the blandness of the offense in preseason games: We only got eight plays. We kept 'em pretty basic. I think we're going to keep 'em pretty basic these next couple of games, too. You know, we're getting a lot of work done out here. We've done a lot of plays with the guys, and a lot of stuff with the offensive line, and getting everything ready for that first game. We've got 16 games. It's a long season, so we got to get a lot of stuff done between now and then."

* On if they get more accomplished at practice versus games: "Yeah. I mean, we're out here for two hours, and going over every little thing for two hours. In games, you get a limited amount of reps, and a limited amount of looks from a defense. Out here is where you really got to make it happen, and that stuff has to translate to the games. If we see a look out here, we've got to be able to recognize it and react correctly in a game. So this practice time is invaluable to us."

* On if he would have preferred to play more than eight snaps last Saturday in San Diego: "It doesn't matter. I mean, we've got four preseason games. We've had a great camp. There's a lot of time left."

* On a long touchdown pass to Devin Hester in practice Wednesday: "Yeah, we wanted to go back side on that, so he was kind of there for show. But, in this offense, you never really know when you're going to get the ball."

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