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Cutler hopes to play more in next game

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Jay Cutler said at half time that he hopes to get more than one series in the next preseason game.

"Yeah, we definitely have to play more," he said. "We were excited to get into rhythm. We just wanted to get in there and knock some of the jitters off.

"We're learning a new offense. We wanted to get in and out of the huddle and get in a little bit of a rhythm. We definitely have to play more and get a little deeper into the first half."

Cutler played only one series, going two-for-two for 47 yards. His drive set up a 38-yard field goal for Robbie Gould.

My take: I was very surprised that Cutler only played one series. I had no problem with Mike Martz showing a very vanilla offense. But, it would have been nice to see some of the timing-based throws that are -- based on training camp practices -- are a staple of Martz's offense.

The offensive line definitely didn't do anything to temper the heat they've endured, especially in the run game. But, given the relatively short time they've been together, I also don't think it's time to panic about the group.

I thought it was silly of former Bears defensive coordinator Ron Rivera to blitz his defensive backs at least three times in the first few series.

What's encouraging: Knox, Devin Aromashodu, Caleb Hanie and Chester Taylor (as a receiver) on offense. And rookie Major Wright, linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa and Brian Urlacher on defense.

What's discouraging: Special teams. It's understandable to give up a big return or two, since there's so many young players they want to look at. But the night, overall, was pretty ugly. Also discouraging was the defensive backups and rookie quarterback Dan LeFevour.

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The Bad:
The O-line the run blocking is bad. The pass blocking is decent on the left outside but inside they are horrible. Blitz recognition was horrible, it was a Corner blitz all night, pick it up. 6 sacks????

The D-Line they played for a half for a reason and didn't do much and that Charger line is bad. Three false starts and they still let them score. Granted it's preseason but still put Rivers on his but. The quick drops where killing the bears.

Special teams did not show up.

The secondary, Tillman was not bad but Bowman and Harris stank it up. Steltz is now little Dusty.

Tackling, Bowman and Briggs where two major culprits.

Forte and Taylor looked bad. Forte still looks a little slow and runs way to tall. Taylor fumbled, and if you combine his lone reception with his rushing yards he is still under 4 yards a carry.

The Good

Knox and DA, Hester should not start in front of DA, he is not as good.

Cutler, looked decent under some pressure held on to the ball when he got in trouble and ran.

Major Wright, is still really raw, and he does not look like a FS, but he does look like he could be a solid SS.

Urlacher looked good.

Tillman looked decent.

Chris Williams, I can't say he was good but he wasn't bad he was decent, he still can't run block, but he was the best in pass protection.

It's pre-season but the O-Line and secondary are still problems. But even in pre-season they have to block or you get a guy hurt. Just ask Hanie. I think they pulled Cutler early as soon as they saw that the O-Line was not picking up the blitz and did it to protect him. Not sure why Olin came out cause Beekman is worse at Center than guard.

Anyone want me to post what I wrote a few days ago right here about this game. Hmmm about Blitz recognition, the Corners, hmmm how about Zack Bowman? That hole between the Corners and LB's, is still there and the quick drop is still trouble for the bears. How about that O-Line, hey Cutler only got sacked once and pressured twice, in his only series. How about the D-Line? Or the run game that Matt Forte is so explosive. Yes I know nothing about football. You want the link guys? Please tell me to post it. Cause all the things I have been harping about, look pretty justified at this point. Maybe they will improve but right now they are mediocre, not bad but not good and they could go either way depending on who steps up and who goes down.

Oh and Sean I don't agree about Rivera, he was running the same Corner blitz all game the Bears did nothing to stop it. He was not mixing it up much. The only way the Chargers can get to the QB with their current roster is to Blitz. Forte was in position to pick up the blitzing corner once and missed him and gave up the sack. If that is what the Chargers where working on then you gotta pick it up and do something about it, you can't just wait for it to go away. Should they have just let the Bears do what they want.

Do you think Rivera blitzing with DB's had anything anything to do with why cutler was only out there for 1 series?

Good point, Creighton.

The Bears should have picked those blitzes up. I don't feel comfortable assessing Matt Forte in terms of blitz pick up, but I know the Vikings really liked Chester Taylor in that role, which is why he was their third-down back against of Adrian Peterson.

The coaches used to tell me Chester was smart and tough, as as pass blocker.

And Slade, I think you make a good point. Yes, I wouldn't be surprised if that's why Cutler only played one series.

I think we'll get a better picture about how good the starters are next week. They probably will play a whole half. But my concern is the depth. We don't have any. Besides Melton and Wright, I could not name anyone else that looked like they belonged in the NFL. The second string players on both sides of the ball were just horrible. We keep talking about how Lovie needs to go but the biggest culprit is Jerry Angelo. This team is lacking young talent BIG TIME! at all positions. Where is the young talent?

I didn't think the Bears didn't looked so hot again San Diego and yet it's still too early say if they're going to be a 10-6 or 6-10 team from one exhibition game. But, with a new offense which seems to cause players to have paralysis from over analysis and an offensive line that needed another veteran tackle or guard as much as much as the White Sox needed a 'power-hitting' left-handed bat in the off-season, I'm leaning towards a 6-10 season.

And, it seems the Mike Tice needs to throw a huge 'throw' cushion in the backfield to cushion Olin Kreutz when he gets driven into and slammed in the backfiled on run plays like he had happened to him vs. SD.

On defense, it's going to be a long year if the Bears don't start tackling, not tickling, ball carriers. And, if the Bears don't start taking better pursuit angles to the ball and go where the ball carrier is going and not where he's been, then it's going to be a long year and it could signal the end of Lovie Smith's 'Cover Who' defense.

Disappointing! Evidently the Chargers had a much better game plan than the Bears, especially once the first string offense of the Bears left the game. I understand that the short drops and quick releases prevented much pressure on the passer, but I still expected to at least hear Peppers' name on a play or two. Did he disappear? Clearly the defense needs some more hard-nosed work. They did not do much on passes or the run.Haney obviously had a bad night regarding turnovers. The next preseason game better show some solid improvement or I'll start to think the hype about new coaches, Peppers, and the Martz system are all so much wind blowing down the airwaves.

Obviously, you aren't going to let the QBs get hit in practice, but is anyone else starting to wonder if all of the injuries/dings that this team seems to get every preseason (particularly at safety, the most physical position in the secondary) are a direct result of camp Lovie? Our tackling has been bad for several years, ever since we started this "we're not going to hit" mentality. Sure, the veterans love it because they get to take it easy, but that also means they are getting back into the swing of things as the season gets started.

I won't get to see the game until the broadcast tonight, but from what I heard, we were not physical enough up front on both sides of the ball. With what Green Bay can do to you if Rodgers has time, and the weapons Minnesota has on offense and defense(even without Favre), we are going to need to be able to smack people in the mouth in the trenches, or we are in real trouble, and will be asking Cutler to win the games by himself, with no running game to speak of, and the defense giving up huge chunks of yardage, and spending 35-40 minutes on the field every week.

A great quarterback is a terrible thing to waste. Cutler is going to get killed or be with his fourth offensive coordinator next year. Why? Because Mike Shanahan went to Washington, instead of the Bears cleaning house and bringing him in. So, how did the Redskins do with the bad offensive line they had from last year Friday night? They killed the Buffalo Bills in all phases of the game. They rushed for over 140 yards. Rex Grossman looked great too.

The Bears last night looked like the same pitiful team they put on the field last year. That's just sad.

By The Three Bears.....

I agree with you my man....They are going to ruin Jay Cutler by having him learn ANOTHER offense next season when a new coordinator comes in. If Russ Grimm, Heimerdinger or Ron Rivera (That's who I'm pulling for) comes in, you know they wont keep Mike Martz with his high risk, low rushing attempts offense. This organization is in shambles...Lovie shouldve been coaching D-backs in Indianapolis this season... Instead the idiot Bears are going to ruin the most talented quarterback to have ever donned the Halas blue and orange...Idiots.

I was actually at the game and I agree not a lot to tell from an overglorified scrimmage.. nice to see the big turnout of bears fans though in san diego and their fans are not obnoxious.. stay classy san diego!!

Oh my god Ron Burgandy. I forgot about Ron, I could have done my whole right up as a Burgandy report. I am disgusted with myself. The obvious Ron Burgandy joke and I missed it.

Its preseason so you can't tell much. I can tell you the additions on offense and defense are not going to help this team much. Lovie bend but don't break defense is exposed and will be the same. All the players are older and baring injuries and the first part of the season they are going to be hurting come the the end when the vikings, packers, jets patriots beat them up. . I hope they win its a more enjoyable week when they do, I don't hold out much hope and the only other thing to look forward to is when Lovie is gone and they bring in Bill Cower.

This is what happens when you have a head coach whose brother and defensive coordinator and three assistants were sacked unceremoniously by the opposing head coach with the name 'Lovie Smith'. They clearly wanted to disrupt Bear's plans and Hey - when you can blitz all you want to damage the quarterback because there's no price to pay, its a meaningless game, why not?

Clearly the Bears expected some of this as they landed in San Diego. But they didn't expect the carnage to continue when Hanie was put it. Now that's a significant loss.

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