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Collins passes on Bears offer

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Veteran quarterback Todd Collins passed on a minimum contract offer from the Bears, according to a league source.

It's believed Collins was looking for the Bears to guarantee him some money, so he wouldn't be used as a camp arm but the Bears apparently weren't willing to give him the money.

That the Bears won't guarantee any money to a quarterback is an indication that they do like Caleb Hanie as a backup and that he shouldn't be sidelined long.

UPDATE: Veterans like Collins would only make $1,400 a week during training camp. That's why he would want guaranteed money.

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2 words--camp arm....2 more words...Chase Patton

If Hanie is really going to be ok, we just need someone to save wear and tear on Cutler's arm, and run the scout team. The kid had a tryout last year, and many thought he could be a better pro prospect than Chase Daniel, who started ahead of him at Missouri. I wonder if the kid is in shape, or if he is even throwing these days.

Either way, if we were offering Collins a minimum contract, we wouldn't want to spend the money to buy out McCown from the UFL.

Did Jevan Snead make a roster after the draft? How about Paulus? Zac Robinson? There are plenty of camp arms out there that can help I would bet. We just need to find one...

I can throw the ball and am willing to take a hit. Sign me up. Give me the vet minimum and I will throw the ball wherever you want.

OK, seriously. Just take a look through some of the old Rams, Niners or Lions rosters and find someone that has at least seen Martz' playbook before today and sign them up to run the third string offense while Hanie recovers. If the injury was serious Hanie would be on IR. The Bears have no problem throwing people on IR just to save them for the following season, so obviously Hanie will be ready for the regular season.

I'd like to see this situation settled soon, Bring back Basanez or Teel at this point, they both have some experioence with the team and the playbook and will be able to get some Reps this week against the Raiders. Do not put Jay out there for too long until the O-line gets settled some. I liked Hanie, but he got hurt by trying to make a play instead of protecting the ball when he got sacked the other day in the Chargers game. He knew he was under pressure, he would have been better off accepting the sack and protecting himself and the ball.

Unlike baseball and basketball, contracts in the NFL are not guaranteed. You can sign a contract on Monday and be cut Tuesday without payment unless you made sure that there was guaranteed money involved. No one is going to show up for that, contrary to what people may believe. He was right to turn it down. The players have fought long and hard for the rights they have so don't just let them fall by the wayside. They want better treatment by the owners and if they need to strike-go for it because I'm in favor of it. They should have guaranteed contracts too because the owners have the money and the NFL makes a fortune. Another team will take a look at him as a potential back-up because of his experience.

Contracts without guaranteed money is basically working for free. It's not happening.

I am sure there are "practice bodies" available to throw. That is all they need. In the meantime, LeFevour can do all the work.

Never mind on Patton. he is in dental school. Zac Robinson is in New England, and Snead is in Tampa.

If nothing else, this makes us sure to have Cutler play most of the first half in this next preseason game. They won't put Lefevour out there for 3 quarters (I hope). We need some time to get into a rhythm on offense, and let the offensive line play more than a couple of series.

No Ryan, LeFlavor can't do all the work, thats the problem. Remember they have 3 preseason games to play. They can't send LeFlavor out there for a full half or 3 quarters. Nobody will get any work done and he will get killed. If they pull Cutler early again because of pressure then you are stuck with this kid for the whole game. I don't think so.

You all need to watch some other preseason games, that Chargers game was pretty tame. Manning is in the Hospital, the Jets first team looks really nasty and I think like want to kill someone. Detroit and Pit kept beating the heck out eachother, Houston and the Cards looked like they wanted to see who could kill the other teams QB first. I gotta tell you around the league the intensity level is up, the Bears and Chargers game was pretty tame.

I think a lot of teams are looking at this year like it is two seasons not one.

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