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Closer look at Chris Williams against the Raiders

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Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus has provided a very nice breakdown of the five sacks the Bears starting offense gave up against the Oakland Raiders.

It's definitely worth a peak, except if your name is Chris Williams.

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No worries it's just preseaon! Chris Wiliams was a total beast in college! Just wait and see what this first rounder does when the season starts! Bear Down!

Chris Williams is the bestest and wonderfulest tackle in the NFL. He played GREAT against the Raiders. Sure, he allowed some sacks, but that was because he was trying to create some mystery and excitement. Just think of the suspense he'll create during the regular season if he gets Cutler killed on one of those long 7-step drops. Will Cutler ever be able to walk again without the help of crutches? Is his career finished? Mystery and excitement for season ticket holders!

After further review of the Bears defense, I've come to the conclusion that aside from our predictable scheme and play-calling, our biggest problem is our poor secondary. Used to think it was the D-line, however they're actually getting fairly consistent penetration. What do we expect? Our two starting corners are better suited to play free safety and all the secondary personnel listed as safety are strong safeties. Hence our corners are bad and we don't have a free safety playing it that position. Our offense is still learning and will hopefully come around a bit. At this point, however, I find the Bears secondary the most alarming. Anybody else's thoughts?

Good info, but had to look to make sure that I had not hit the archive button by mistake.

Hmmm, gosh who new?

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