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Clayton rates Cutler 15th best quarterback

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ESPN's John Clayton came out with his quarterback rankings. He ranked Cutler 15th. Here is his analysis of the Bears quarterback: "Cutler was an elite quarterback in 2008 when he played for the Broncos, but 26 interceptions for Chicago in 2009 moved him out of my top group. With Mike Martz calling the plays, Cutler should regain his 4,000-yard form and re-emerge as the elite quarterback the Bears thought they acquired in a trade with Denver."

He rates Peyton Manning No. 1. Last is Jake Delhomme.

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2 Comments dare you Claton you LOOSER! my jay jay is the best QARDERBAKC EVER!!!!!!!! nothing he does is wring its all the coaches fault ans the line and teh receivers like tahjt stoopid hester. cutlewr is teh best qb ever. i repeat cutler is PERFECT, loosers.

ands i be you looser are thiking weell gee dcar-pton how do you now this? well is quite simple feelas... iam ALLWAYS RIFGHT ANDS OI ONLY GIVE FATCS!!

but you ugys now me old c-roaptin...just trying to t nbe podasauirtbie...

ps thanks to cutler, i gots to put on my pink panties! tee hee!

I don't quite agree with the professor on the top spot, I think theres a guy in New Orleans named Drew Brees who's a little more deserving of the top ranking. All Brees has done over the last couple seasons is become the first passer since 1984 to put up 5,000 yards passing, and oh yeah, won a Super Bowl last season. To me, Brees has been the leagues best signal caller over the last couple seasons, and theres no reason why he shouldn't continue to be.

As far as Cutler at #15, with the 26 picks, its hard to argue. Now, if you break every passer down by strictly their physical attributes, arm, mobility etc, Cutler is easily a top 5 maybe 3, unfortunately, thats not all they look at. I've been saying it all off-season, look for Cutler to put up a lot of picks in Martz's offense early on. Its gonna take time for Cutler and his receivers to get in sync in this offense. When they do, Cutler will put up some monster numbers, I still think he's gonna become the first Bear quarterback to top 4000 yards. If everything goes right, by seasons end, Cutler should climb into the top 10 GO BEARS!!

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