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Clark makes smooth transition to H-back

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Speculation about whether they would be a place in Mike Martz's offense for Desmond Clark has long ended. The veteran has found his role. His transition from tight end to H-back has been so seamless that it's all but gone unnoticed.

"It's like two breeds of dogs that you mix together," Clark said when asked to explain his new role. "If you mix a German shepherd and a lab you don't have a German shepherd and you don't have a lab. But you have the qualities of both. That's the same as an H-back. It's like mixing a tight end with a fullback. You're not either one but you're both.

"At times you'll be called on to play fullback and at other times you'll be called on to be a tight end. It's just however the game plan is going into that week that determines what you're going to be doing and how often you're going to be doing it."

In Martz's offense, H-backs block, catch passes and pass protect. Sometimes they line up in the backfield or one the line and often go in motion.

"It's something I've done before," Clark said. "I haven't done much lead blocking so I'm going to have to work on those skills but I've played a lot of football in my life and I can adjust to that. It's different. It's going to be exciting. We should find a way to create some mismatches out of it."

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Time to trade Clark for what ever picks we can get. It's time to stock pile as many picks as possible

Desmond Clark is a very good player and could fit into this role very well, he has all the characteristics for this position. The one spot I would not put him into however is the snapper position for that last field goal of the game with 3 seconds left and if made is victory for the Bears.

Just one man's opinion.

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