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Chicago Bears sign DT Mick Williams

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The Bears have signed defensive tackle Mick Williams, who originally was signed out of Pittsburgh as an undrafted free agent by the New York Jets.

Williams, of course, played under former Bears head coach Dave Wannstedt. He was productive in college, although he was considered an undersized defensive tackle.

Here's a scouting report of him by CBS Sports.

He was a key to arguably the best defensive line in the Big East, notching five sacks and 17 tackles for loss. He was Big East's Co-Defensive Player of the Year.

The Bears waived/ injured defensive tackle Averell Spicer.

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Mick Williams is a bit undersized at 6-1 282lbs, maybe a year in an NFL gym and he could bulk up to around 290. I think Chicago likes him for his ability to get up field, 17 tackles for loss is getting up field for a DT. The thing is, a big but part of that is due to the fact Pittsburgh probably boast the nations best defensive end in Greg Romeus. And probably the nations best combo at end in Romeus and Jabaal Sheard. I'm sure Mick Williams got a lot of favorable one on one matchups because of the double teams Greg Romeus demands.

Then again, you just never know with these d-lines in college that boast a lot of talent. Its hard to tell who makes who till they hit the pros. For example, take the 2003 draft, who would have thought out of the three d-linemen Penn State put out that year, Jimmy Kennedy 1st round #12 to the Rams, Michael Haynes 1st round #14 to the Bears...sigh, and Anthony Adams 2nd round #26 to the 49ers, who would have known Anthony Adams was the only legit one? So maybe Mick Williams is legit, we'll have to wait and see.

I see Matt Toeaina is getting a lot of 1st team reps at the nose and has had a pretty good camp so far, maybe he'll finally be ready to contribute something for the Bears up front? Chicago should be fine with Tommie Harris and Anthony Adams as their starters. Toeaina, Harrison, and Melton should add good depth GO BEARS!!

Correction, Anthony Adams went #57 overall in 2003, not #26. My bad, again as always GO BEARS!!

Sean, I do not envy you your job of going through all these comments. As a devoted blog-reader here, I get to just skip or skim the verbose or flat out tasteless ones,but you cannot do least be aware that some of us appreciate your efforts. Hang in there.

Paul Manter,

If Sean wrote decent football articles and a little more respect for the intelligence of the fan base, he wouldn't be getting negative comments. None of the sports writers, whether the suntimes or the trib, don't want to write the truth and don't want to challenge the bear organization by writing negative news no matter how truthful it may be. They have no spine. If you want to devote yourself to that, its your business but don't try to prop up Sean which i think is a terrible writer. Check that. His writing ability is ok. He just has nothing to write about or nothing he is willing to write about.
Maybe you can guide him. Why not ask the fan base what he can write about. I'm sure they can give him a list so deep that he can write forever assuming he is willing to do a little research and have some guts.

Chicago got a good one in Mick Williams. I've watched him over the past couple years at Pitt and he was incredible. Hope he catches on with an NFL team if no the Bears.

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