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Chicago Bears Day 7 Summary: Two-Minute Drill

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It was one of the more enjoyable practices Thursday, one made even more interesting by winds that had to push 20-plus miles per hour.

Jay Cutler and the other quarterbacks had some issues during warm-ups, as their balls sailed high above their intended targets.

But Cutler caught fire during his first two-minute drill. Starting around his own 30, Cutler quickly moved his team down the field, connecting on five consecutive passes. Three of them were to Johnny Knox and one each to Devin Aromashodu and Rashied Davis, who was filling in for Devin Hester (soreness).

His sixth pass was a good one, with running back Matt Forte running a post route. But, Forte couldn't get his feet in bounds after making the catch in the back of the end zone. I assume the call was good, because NFL officials were actually working the practice.

After another completion to Davis, Cutler spiked the ball with 17 seconds to go. Then, he closed out the drive with a short pass in the left flat that Forte took in for a six-yard touchdown.

On his next series, Cutler connected with Aromashodu on a long pass, but the receiver couldn't get his feet in bounds and was ruled out by an official on the sideline.

That drive stalled around the 30.

Caleb Hanie completed two consecutive passes, including a 20-yarder to undrafted rookie Greg Mathews. But, Hanie's drive stalled at the 13-yard line.

Other notes and highlights from practice:

* Tight end Greg Olsen made a one-handed catch with a high degree of difficulty, with a defender nearby.

* Bears coach Lovie Smith said Hester was sore but would return for Friday's practice at Soldier Field.

* Linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa had a forgettable two-play stretch. He tipped a pass, which receiver Greg Mathews caught, then he dropped a sure pick on the next play.

* Kellen Davis caught a touchdown from Caleb Hanie in a red-zone session.

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Chicago needs to go with Nick Roach at strongside linebacker this year. I'm not saying that because of Tinoisamoa messing up, its his durability that worries me. The guy has went out on IR 3 out of the last 4 seasons. Roach is younger and probably better at this point in both their careers, just an opinion now GO BEARS!!

Kevin your right but, up untill last season pisa had played in all 16 games 4 of his first 6 seasons and 11 games in one his injured seasons. He also just turned 29 in july so hes not that old and he beat out roach last year in training camp. We want the best LB on the field and pisa is clearly better, did you see him blowing people up last preseason. Pisa may have some injury problems but if he can stay healthy i think hes definately a better LB. Roach is a good backup and he is versatile but if he's our starter then the linebacker group is not as good as most bears fans think.

2 min offense has been a problem for the Bears defense for years.

Cutler is pretty good in the two min offense though. Showed a couple times last year. To bad Pace had a false start in the Atlanta game.

I here Forte is showing some speed. Can't believe Hester is sore the guy is so delicate.

Kevin I thought Pisa was a total beast, what happened?

I agree that Roach should be the guy on the strong side, and if that is the case, I think they need to release Tinoisamoa. I would rather have someone backing up Roach like Shaw, who we already know is a beast on special teams, and has earned the right to be in the mix on defense.

I would be happy if they had Malast, Shaw, and Hillenmeyer as the three backups. I would also like to see Mayberry to get a shot to make the team as a special teamer. The three young backers would be a great foundation of the coverage units, and if they approach the game with the same energy as Shaw, it could be a lot of fun watching the carnage...

The Bears have not been good at 2 minute drills in the past because Lovie did not want to take many chances. The routes were predictable in Turner's offense, and unless the receiver beat his man on a go route, the pass always went underneath. Makes it tough to go 70-80 yards in 2 minutes when you are trying to get there in 6 yard chunks. Martz will at least run multiple routes down the field, and rarely will the defense be able to cover all of them.
I like this aggressive style of offense, and even watching the limited highlights on the Bears site, there are a lot of deep outs, corners, and square ins. If you watch the seam routes, even they are designed to make the defense expect a break, which with someone like Olsen running it, will create some separation (and force the safeties away from the sidelines).

I am looking forward to the Chargers game, if for no other reason than Martz will be calling the game on offense. We may not see much of Cutler, but we will see a lot of the receivers and backs doing the kinds of things Martz wants them to do. Even our vanilla preseason offense will be more aggressive and more diverse than what we have seen for the last few years. The change should be refreshing.

I'm glad the Bear quarterbacks get a chance to see the effect wind has on the passing game, and evidently Cutler seems able to adjust to it. Doubtless a strong arm and short bullet passes can help, provide receivers have the ability to catch and hang on to those bullests.

Creighton, dude, what is your problem with me? Dude, calm down, MSBearsFan came after you on the other page and you act like your gonna blow a fuse relentlessly coming after me now.....I don't get it? Couple things.

First thing, I never liked the Pisa Tinoisamoa signing. I like how the guy can hit somebody, but I've never liked his durability problems. He's never been a Kevin Armstead Beast, maybe a 2nd teamer in his younger days in St.Louis, but never as a Bear. Chicago should have let him go after the injury last season.

Secondly, MSBearsFan had a point, I think Martz knows talent, his track record proves that. MSBearsFan was right about Bruce also, and I don't think you liked that he pointed that out.....I think it hurt your feelings.

Creighton, you act like your some kind of genius, truth is, theres a bunch of fans on this blog that know just as much as you do. You come after me for talking up a Bears player, big deal, I'm a Bears fan, thats what I do. What do you do, You bash every player brought in, and then when they fail, you say, "look at me, I was right the whole time." And the one player you do talk up, Jay Cutler, is a pro-bowl QB? Wow, thats going out on a limb there buddy, cut down every player, then when they fail, say I told you so. And then the one player you actually like, is already a pro-bowl player?? Yeah, thats pure genius. Creighton, I hate to tell you this, but most players aren't gonna be all-pros, a lot aren't even gonna make it. As a Bears fan I'm gonna support the teams players, there are some I don't like, but I'm not gonna bash them and then when they fail say "LOOK AT ME I WAS RIGHT THE WHOLE TIME!!!" You want to impress someone, pick a Bears player, a young one you think is actually gonna make it. When he does, that will actually be impressive. To late to pick Matt Forte or Chris Williams buddy ha ha ha now GO BEARS!!

Kevin what are you talking about? I didn't say anything to you. As for Williams and Forte, Williams was horrible last year and so was Forte. So I was right about them and you where wrong. But you just brought them up not me not the other way around.

I have picked lots of guys, its just they are not on the Bears. Its called the draft I posted lists of players I like every year. Which part of that did you miss sense you talked to me about it a dozen times.

"You want to impress someone, pick a Bears player, a young one you think is actually gonna make it. When he does, that will actually be impressive. To late to pick Matt Forte or Chris Williams buddy ha ha ha now GO BEARS!!"

Kevin point the finger at yourself, you claim every player they draft or sign is a total Beast. Name one you have not liked.

I have said I like Wright and Wootton, I just like them better at different positions SS and 5 Tech. I also said I like Knox. Hey just cause you have been wrong about pretty much everything you have ever written does not mean you need to get mad at me. Not my fault I have documented record on this board of picking players, good or bad. Dude you didn't know how a Tampa 2 worked until explained it to you. You didn't know 2 gap from 1 gap. You know what you know, what Mel Kiper tells you, or any other web site you can glean information from. I actually write original posts using my own insight. I don't cut and paste what Brad or someone else said. So spare me your football knowledge. You know how many posts you have directed at me how many times you have made personal attacks because I didn't like a player and you thought he was a "TOTAL BEAST" and you got all bent out of line like now, and then when it turns out I am righ don't expect not to get hammered for it. You like to dish it out but you sure don't like to take it. You don;t want anybody to play by the same rules, you want your own special rules. Like look your attacking me about the 2 min offense why? I didn't say much about it I said the defense has not been good in the two min drill for the last couple of years. So you get mad and go off about the Bears offense in the two min drill like they are related. Please connect the dots, from what I said and your so called correction of me.

By the way again, just taking things out of this crazy post of yours. You didn't like Pisa? You liked him enough to call him a total Beast.

"Creighton, you act like your some kind of genius, truth is, theres a bunch of fans on this blog that know just as much as you do. You come after me for talking up a Bears player, big deal, I'm a Bears fan, thats what I do. What do you do, You bash every player brought in, and then when they fail, you say, "look at me, I was right the whole time." And the one player you do talk up, Jay Cutler, is a pro-bowl QB"

Tell me when I am wrong and you were right Kevin. Show me the posts and the links. By the way now you are mad at me for liking Cutler? I am not allowed to like players now. So you are mad at me for not liking players and you are made at me when I do like players. I just think your mad cause your wrong all the time and you are trying to take it out on me. Again who was right and who was wrong about Omiyale? Who attacked me for over a year about this guy? Who told me I was an idiot and Jerk and Angelo is the best and Omiyale is a total beast and I am gonna see?" Boy you sure don;t mind making attacks but boy when it comes around again you are all "how dare you speak to me, what did I do or say?"

Kevin I am just treating you the way you treat everyone else, deal with it.

You know what Kevin show me a post I actually worte where I said I hated a player. Show me post where I didn't justify my comments. Not some post where I am joking around with another blogger.

In the 2008 draft you liked Chris Williams, I liked Ryan Clady. I wanted the Bears to trade up with Buffalo to get him. You liked Matt Forte. I wanted the Bears to trade down if they couldn't get Clady or Stewart and go after Mendenhall or Johnson, if they where gone and sign a FA OT. Yeah I didn't like Williams, I said he has beack issues and is soft. He had back surgery his first year in the NF Land missed almost all of his first season. Then he had a horrible 09 season and now Tice has hinted at his makeup maybe being a little soft. So what did I miss here Kevin? You wanted the 08 draft, there you go.

You want me to what Kevin? Agree with you on everything and say oh your great and all the players are great and everything is great? Sorry I am not Homer. I hate to break it to you but unlike you I don't make calls after they happen, I do it a long time before they happen, its not my fault that the Bears have made a lot of mistakes.

I have had every admin that this board has ever had stand up for me and say I justify what I write and have real good insight. I can't say the same for you.

Creighton, when have I ever straight up come after you on this board? Look through the archives, the only time I have ever come after you was after the Colts game back in 2008 during Matt Forte's rookie season. And that was because you kept coming after me about Forte. Creighton, its you who comes after me, relentlessly, go through the archives, after almost all your post you have something with my name in it, some smartaleck comment to or about me. You go on about Brando stalking you, what about the way you stalk me. Again, I never go after anyone on this board unless they come after me first.

As far as me wanting you to agree with me, no, I could care less, everyone has the right to their own opinion. But if your gonna come after me, I'm gonna come back after you. Don't try and turn this around.

And whats this bull about me saying stuff in my post aimed at you? What are you talking about? I tend to disagree with you, that doesn't mean when I post Im coming after you. Look up the term paranoid schizophrenic, you got so many people coming after you on this blog, you think Im doing the same....I'm not. If your gonna keep talking about me in your post, I'm gonna kindly return the favor.

And Creighton, don't give me any bull about taking stuff from other sites, you do the same thing. Who are you, are you some kind of pro scout, you don't get any of your info from other sites, only when your out scouting players...yeah right.

As for your challenge about players I don't like, I never liked the Orlando Pace signing, I wasn't a big fan of the Kevin Jones signing, and I didn't like the Pisa Tinoisamoa signing either. When they became Bears, yes, I would support them, and as a fan I hoped they did good, but I didn't like the Bears bringing any of them in. Go through the archives, I was never big on any of these guys.

And Creighton, I don't know anything about the cover-two? Weren't you the same guy who said Chicago would never sign Julius Peppers because he was a two gap end, he didn't fit in Chicago's scheme? Even though Peppers put up good numbers under Ron Meeks as his defensive coordinator in Carolina in basically the same scheme that Chicago runs?? The same Ron Meeks who was the coordinator under Tony Dungy with the Colts, who, oh yeah, run the same scheme as the Bears. Panthers coach John Fox's preferred style relies on getting a rush with your front four and playing a two-deep zone most of the time, just like the Bears would like to. So having a guy like Peppers coming off the edge would do wonders for Chicago's scheme. Again, you said Peppers doesn't fit the Bears scheme, he was a two gap end. You said because he doesn't fit in Chicago's scheme, the Bears would never sign were wrong. Go through the archieves and read for yourself if you don't remember, but you know you said that.

Again, I don't dislike you Creighton, but if your gonna keep bringing up my name in your post, like you have been for the last 3-4 years, I'm gonna keep coming back now GO BEARS!!

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