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Chicago Bears Day 7 Docket: Upon Further Review

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Hope everyone is having a good morning. I'm still taking questions for the video Q&A, which will post tomorrow. That's probably a good thing, since there's no practice or access until 7 p.m. (at Soldier Field). Shoot me questions at

Bears defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli will speak to reporters today (it's his designated day), then reporters will meet with NFL officials to go over new rules for the 2010 season.

Does anyone have any rules-related questions? I'll try to ask a few today for you.

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What is their impression of how the enforcement of the "assistance" rule on kick blocking has been working? For the most part, they have eliminated the dangerous behaviors, but they are also creating a penalty situation for the leapers behind the line of scrimmage. Do they think this is a good extension of the rule, or should that be handled differently? With the potential kick blocking prowess of the Bears with Idonije, Peppers, Wootton, and possibly Webb if he makes the roster, there could be a lot of situations where we get a mitt on the ball.

if Jay Cutler gets injured do the bears have a complementary backup?
Are they looking for one?
Why don't the bears have a WR 6'5" or taller like sandiego Chargers to get in the air over smaller Safeties & cornerback for the ball.

How is this camp compared to last year in terms of the Offense? Is it more intense and competitive?

how is pisa looking at linebacker? is his knee holding up?

During training camp, when do you think you will see Manumaleuna lending blocking support for our suspect offensive line? I have seen no reports on this.

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