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Chicago Bears Day 6 Docket

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Today is the day many of you have been waiting for: Mike Martz will address reporters.

He didn't talk when the players and coaches reported last Thursday. It will be interesting to hear his thoughts on how the offensive players are handing the new offense. I fully expect him to give a "glass half full" summation, which, frankly, I think is fairly accurate.

I thinkit's been a good start for a lot of key players: Jay Cutler, Johnny Knox, Devin Hester, Devin Aromashodu, Matt Forte, Chester Taylor and Caleb Hanie. I haven't seen Greg Olsen as active as I would have maybe expected. And the offensive line, as a whole, has not been consistent.

We'll also have a chance to talk to Jay Cutler in the not too distant future.

I'll post highlights of their comments, so make sure to check back.

Then, later tonight, the Bears will hold a 7 p.m. practice. Should be a fun one.

Don't forget to submit a player you would like me to interview and send a few questions.
See the link below.

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Now that Favre has played the Queens he'll most likely be coming back (as if he was retiring in the first place). If I was a Viqueen fan or even the players, I would protest against this 40-year-old child. As a Bears fan I am tired of hearing about Favre and my co-worker who's such a Queen fan that he's got a Queens tat, says that he hopes that Peppersw, and Van basch (speel check) inhialate him. Favre has even disgusted some of the Orgs fans. He's nothing but a self-centered, greedy, meglomaniac, who will break that franchise up.

Now as a bears fan. I could care less about the Queens and hope they parish on the field, but I just wanted to note that one person, a player at that, could bring a franchise to its knees.

Sean wont post it so I will. Chicago Bears just signed D-End Maurice Evans. Evans was an undrafted free agent in 2009. Spent time with the Giants and Tampa Bay. He is 6ft 2in 270lbs. Dont know yet who will be cut but should be said at the end of today.

It will be interesting to hear from Martz, he seems to be pretty honest in his assessment of the players, at least in past years he seems to have been somewhat honest without giving up too much.

The O line seems to be working out the kinks and the defense would have had some sacks if tackling were live on Cutler. I like the Cutler attitude though of throwing the ball at T Harris feet, feisty. Now lets see a few brawls with the O line and D line, then we will know progress is being made.

I am worried that already Omaliyale is already being burned by the defense or is he doing better than I am interpreting?

So Brando, are you now a would-be reporter? I guess Sean is a secret agent sent over here to steal Bears' secrets and send them to the Vikings and you're hear to expose him? You go, boy!

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