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Brandon Manumaleuna expected back

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Tight end Brandon Manumaleuna, who had offseason surgery on his right knee, didn't practice Friday at Soldier Field because of an injury to that same knee. But, Manumaleuna expressed optimism in being able to return to practice tonight at Olivet Nazarene University.

Manumaleuna had a long brace or support on his right leg, which covered from his upper thigh to the top of his ankle.

Asked if he's frustrated by his latest injury, Manumaleuna said, "It is because you don't want to miss any time."

Manumaleuna was signed on the first day of free agency, along with defensive end Julius Peppers and running back Chester Taylor. Manumaleuna, who received a five-year, $15 million contract that included $6 million in guarantees, played for new offensive coordinator Mike Martz in St. Louis. Manumaleuna is known for his blocking prowess.

But, since it's not full contact, it's hard for me to tell if he's had a good training camp or not.

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Good to hear. His presence on the field is, of course, of the highest importance with this pass happy offense.

I'm also digging the recent interest in guard Lance Louis. The guy looks like one nasty son-of-a-gun. Didn't he poke some guy in the eye with a stick? Yeah, I think he'll be one to watch out for, if he doesn't poke your eyes out first.

First preseason game is on today. That makes me happy. I can't wait for the Bears' first pre-season game though. Really excited to see what Martz has been working on all off-season.

ahhhh....who cares if manulemaenamanamablahblah is back??? taht looser is sa BUST ans anyways!! ans waht have i been saying? oh yeah taht this iffensew will FAIL. rite it down sense i am allways right ansd i only give FACTS.

butr you ghuys now me old car-pton...just tyring to be posative

ps wehn have i ever been wronfg?? wehn? NEVBER tahts when!

Chicago needs Brandon Manumaleuna to return for his ability as a blocker obviously, but to me, it doesn't sound good. Manumaleuna is around 290lbs, that kind of weight is hard on a persons knee alone, add to the fact his primary job is to block guys who are all of 250-300lbs, thats a lot of pounding on a persons knee, especially someone who is coming of surgery.

The word out of camp is Greg Olsen's blocking has improved, I know I know, this is coming from Bumstead, but I did really read that. Another good is the fact Chicago already has Desmond Clark, who isn't a bad blocker himself.

Chicago has pretty good depth at tight end with Olsen, Clark and Kellen Davis. But Manumaleuna is a big part of the Bears plans on offense, he needs to return. If not, Clark and Kellen Davis will have to pick up the slack. Again, Clark is a pretty decent blocker, Davis is the one who will have to step up his game as a blocker, he's got pretty good size at 270lbs to be able to move someone. I think with Davis its just a matter of having a "want to block," it should be interesting GO BEARS!!

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