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Bears waive Gutierrez, two others

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The Bears waived quarterback Matt Gutierrez, ex-Northwestern receiver Zeke Markshausen and defensive lineman Maurice Evans on Monday.

Gutierrez never appeared in an exhibition game.

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No! Total beast he was! Common Jerry I love you and all but what theheck are you doing?

Hey Neil, any chance Freddie Barnes will make the team?

Hayes here: It doesn't look good, especially with Rashied Davis having such a great camp. I would help if he could catch some balls in a game.

Does that mean 2 more to fall before tomorrow? I thought they had to release 5...

Well, we know they can't drop any more LBs, Safeties, and offensive linemen until they know they have some that will be able to play Thursday. I figured corners, wide receivers, and DL would be the group to see a few cuts.

Now it's time to see what Gilbert and Melton can do in extended time. My thinking is that Toeaina did enough to push Gilbert off the roster to the practice squad, since they will keep Wootton on the active roster. That means Peppers, Idonije, Anderson, Harris, Adams, Harrison, Toeaina, and Wootton as the top 8 DL, and maybe a 9th in Melton if they don't try to stash him on the practice squad this year. I think since he was IR they can still do that. I also would be curious to see whether Gilbert is still eligible since he was only active for 2 games last year. I forget the rules on practice squad.

3rd string RB, Safety depth, WR depth, and CB depth are the most interesting things to watch Thursday. Although I would be happy to see the 1st team offense play the entire first quarter, to see if they can block anybody on a seven step drop...

Could they do the same for Lovie Smith? If the Bengals can eat $8 - $10M on Bryant the cheap McCaskey family could have fired Smith after last season , and all of Bears-Land could be looking at a more promising season.

a lot of things the front office has done, especially this year, don't make any sense at all. starting with the coaching situation. a revolving door- except lovie. now cutler will have to learn a 3rd system in 3 years after they go about 3 and 13 and they fire everyone again. the bears organization must be the joke of the nfl. no o.l., no wr's, no cover c.b.'s. going to be a short season, don't get your hopes up.

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