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Bears skeptical or unfazed by Favre "news"

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Count defensive tackle Tommie Harris among those not buying the latest news concerning Brett Favre.

"I don't know what's going on," said Harris, noting he hasn't watched any TV.

Asked about reports that Favre is retiring, Harris said, "Well, the Vikings got to go on.

"Everybody got to move on. We got to worry about getting the Bears right."

But then, when asked if he would miss Favre, Harris had an interesting answer.

"Yeah definitely," he said. "I will miss competing against him. I mean, the guy has played a long time, did a lot of great things for this league. I sil think he'll be back, though. I know him."

Asked why, Harris said, "That's it.

"I know him. If he would have had a bad year last year, I would htikn he would retire. But he won't end on that noe .I don believe so."

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Who wrote this, a 12 year old? Or a blind man just guessing on the keys?

Yes, if Favre retires, the Vikings will have to move on, but to what? Sage Rosenfels isn't bad, he didn't look bad in relief for the Texans a couple years back. But he's no Brett Favre, neither is Tarvaris Jackson for that matter. Without Favre, the Vikes are probably not gonna be the team they were last year.

To me, Minnesota should have brought in a younger quarterback to groom behind Favre over the last couple seasons, maybe a Jimmy Clausen last april or someone like Chad Henne back in 08. Henne has already lead Miami to 3 fourth-quarter comeback victories and has tied the franchise mark with 17 straight completions vs the Jaguars last season. He's only gonna get better, Henne would be a nice one to have for the Vikings right now, especially with a receiver like Sidney Rice and a runner like Adrian Peterson at his disposal.

I do agree with Harris, Favre will pobably be back, I'm betting he's just holding out till training camp is over, it should be interesting GO BEARS!!

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